BY DAN MATHEWS, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Recently in baseball, when there has been a scandal it mostly involves performance enhancing drugs.  However, the newest talking point has been the comments regarding Cuban dictator Fidel Castro by Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen. 

These comments made by Guillen have forced him to apologize profusely for his actions, caused a five game suspension imposed by the club, sparked protests from the South Florida Cuban community, & made people question whether or not the Ozzie should keep his job.   All for two words that now carry a ton of meaning, “love” and “respect.”  You know how they say baseball is a game of inches?  In this case, it is a case of a couple words that make the difference.

Livan Hernandez is in Houston with the Atlanta Braves  for a series against the Astros but started his Major League career with the then Florida Marlins.  He even won a championship with the club.  But, when the Cuban-born pitcher was approached with the topic, he did not want to get within 100 miles of this topic.

“I don’t talk about politicians,” Hernandez said.  “I don’t do (anything) wrong and somebody did something wrong, so he has to fix what he said and I don’t want to be in the middle of that.”

Obviously in light of the protest outside the Marlins new stadium in the middle of the city’s Little Havana district, that’s probably not a bad idea to stay away.  This is a very dicey situation right now and eventually I think people will forgive and forget.

However, the seat has just gotten hotter for the Marlins to perform on the field.  To steal a line from the movie Animal House, Guillen is now on “Double Secret Probation.”  So, any blowup on a reporter, player, or anyone else within an earshot of a microphone…  And Ozzie could be looking for another forum to say, “Pff…Please!”


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