Saturday while emceeing the Rotary Club Scholarship Fundraiser at the George Ranch I met Meredith! Meredith was sitting at one of the sponsor tables with her family bidding during the live auction. She even had the winning bid for a fishing trip that she plans on taking with her Dad!

Meredith also happens to be one of our contestants for the Biggest Winner contest put on by Quick Weight Loss Center…and she is kicking some butt! Literally! In about 4 weeks time, Meredith has lost 30 pounds!

Quick Weight Loss Center totally works! Just mention “Laura Reynolds” and you’ll get the Laura Reynolds’ special…Lose 30 pounds in 30 days for just 30 dollars–exclusive of the cost of supplements. Call 1-888-257-4105!

I’m so proud of you Meredith! Everybody–give Meredith some positive encouragement in the comments section! Let’s cheer her on!


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