What a great time emceeing at the Rotary Club of Richmond 13th Annual Caribbean Cowboy Fish Fry last night!

I met two Mayors, a zillion State Representatives and even more running for office–well, this Rotary Club gets my vote for providing such a good time for a great cause!

Auctioneer Extraordinaire Judge Jim Richard raked in the auction $$ for scholarships for local kids…but even though the event is over you can still donate!

Get out your wallet and click here!

Thanks for inviting me back–I’ll see you next year!

Note to the Peanut Gallery: I opted out of the bikini with grass skirt. I took one look at the other attendees and put on pants. WOW–I actually exercised good judgement for once! I’m sure my Mom and the boss are relieved. And hats off to Kevin Risner for loaning me the hat!


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