TALLULAH, La. (CBS Houston) – A teacher at Tallulah Elementary School lost her job after not noticing two third graders participating in oral sex under their desks.

The News-Star is reporting that the teacher was fired for not keeping a proper eye on her students, as the incident occurred under her watch.

“The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately,” District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore said to the News-Star. “The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal.”

She added, “We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.”

Both students reportedly received counseling after the incident, which happened last week.

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  1. Herucles says:

    This kind of thing would never happen in my state (California). Certainly not without the teacher being put on paid leave, a full investigation being done, a coverup by the union, and then a nice sererance package to go with their hard earned retirement benifits. Oh, I almost forgot, we would pay for his defense as well.

    1. Sunshine Connie says:

      I bet there in Cali the teacher would be coaching the technique.

      1. Matman says:

        and participating too…..

      2. Ben says:

        This is so ignorant of you people. Do you have any idea what it is like managing a bunch of 8 year olds? I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 I got in the most trouble. It’s like toddler-hood meeting adulthood. I got in trouble for shop lifting, stealing porn magazines from adults, smoking cigarettes. Our society is really rough. Even a good, christian conservative, well rounded set of parents can’t hide the world from their kids. In fact, the smarter they are, its almost more likely they will open their eyes and see the world. Despite my “terrible” growing up, I ended up just fine. I don’t have any STD’s, tattoo’s, never hired a prostitute. I am 24, I own my own business, and currently live out in California because they are NOT toting rednecks that want to put people on the cross for something some kids did.

      3. Ben, what is wrong with you? I never stole anything, smoked, nor drank. In fact, I don’t anyone who did any of that at the age of 8.

        It’s not “hiding the world from you” Ben, it is protecting you from the world. Those are two very different things. This is something that you need to learn.

        Engaging in social aberrant behavior is no unusual for kids. That is true. But that does not mean we should NOT try to prevent it. Habits we learn in childhood(like smoking) can stick with us our entire lives. It is our formative years. Thus, it is of great importance that we import certain values to our children. Personal responsibility, compassion, tolerance, etc. We should also educate our kids on the harmful effects of drugs so they go forth informed.

      4. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

        Solution: home school.

      5. Joeb says:

        Ben, you said you were reading porn at 8 years old. What a little pervert you were. Maybe you should be seeking moral advice from those whom you refer to as “rednecks.”

      6. StateRunMediaExposed says:

        More orchestrated news. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      7. Ben Blows says:


        Per your comment about the “toting rednecks”….

        What we have here, folks, is a lying lberal (yes, that IS a redundant statement).

        You’re busted, Ben – by generalizing with an idiotic statement like thhat, you’ve just shown everyone here that you’re a worthless waste of flesh, and everything you’ve said is probably a lie.

        And you’re probably a leftist teacher to boot….

      8. Robert says:

        Exactly …
        We had lots of Oral Lessons
        They should be punished not for what they did,
        but for disturbing the class
        and not waiting until recess

      9. Paul Revere says:

        Has America really morally decayed this far this fast or am I just seeing things?


    2. Rufus says:

      That would be ‘HER’ defense… Pay for ‘HER’ defense. This ‘Teacher’ was not a male.

      1. Jim says:

        IF this had been a male he would be in prison and would have been fired.

        If a female or gay does this stuff they get paid leave!

    3. linda b says:

      ummm, say what? that thing happens in california all the time

    4. Mimom says:

      This is one reason I put very penny I had into my children’s private education which has more than paid off since they are self sufficient and responsible adults now. Public schools shoud be held accountble for failing. Home school your kids to protect them from indoctrination and perversion.

      1. jo says:

        I had the best time partying with chicks from private school! Uninhibited!

    5. linda says:


    6. john says:

      According to Bill ( the RAPIST clinton) this is not sex.

    7. Andrew In Iowa says:

      I wonder if this would have been handled differently if the two students involved were both male? (Nothing indicates the sex of the students, but I was just pondering).

    8. Melinda says:

      I am a teacher from Georgia. Believe me, this would have Never happened on my watch.

    9. Satan Morningstar says:

      Unless it was a catholic school. In that case it would be burned to the ground and the site sowed with salt. ;(

  2. mf3500 says:

    How about calling the parents in and maybe CPS? How in the heck do 3rd graders know about this??? I have a 3rd grader, this is not even in their spectrum…WOW

    1. Dallas says:

      How sure of that are you?

      1. Matman says:

        if your kids go to public schools, they know about all kinds of sex acts by 2nd grade…never to early to indoctrinate young skulls…..it’s the liberal way….

      2. Oneclickaway says:

        Maybe the kids have smart phones with Internet access – Or the play station portable etc… Too many ways for our kids to be one click away from viewing porn!!!

      3. Rich says:

        Maybe they were watching re-runs of the nightly news when Slick Willy Clinton was Pres. Oral sex ws all over the news then. Maybe their parents were telling about Teddy K. the esteemed senator. Lots of ways a third grader can get exposed to things like that. They could have even been watching a commercial of Network TV.

      4. mewp12 says:

        The problem is that we no longer teach our children any morals. Had this been one of my children she would have ended up in convent school before the sun went down. The boy, military school.

    2. Sandra says:

      I was in third grade in the 50’s, in an upper middle class neighborhood where no one felt the need to lock their doors. I attended a very good school with high academic standards. I knew what oral sex was, I had a vague idea what “regular” sex was, and this was all from having friends with older siblings. Children have always learned these things, from their friends or siblings, from when humans began to communicate. Kids think about it, they are exposed to it in every media, and you cannot prevent their knowledge of it.

      What you as a parent, and we as a society can do is to assure classrooms are monitored by caring, attentive teachers, classrooms are less crowded, so that individual behaviors can be more apparent, and perhaps occasional support from classroom aides or other staff would not be out of line, to prevent a new teacher from inadvertently allowing events like this from occurring.

      1. nickel says:

        I got it the teachers union would like to use this as an example of why we need to give more money to Democratic Hacks and the public sector unions that help elect them so we can “educate” more of our children into situations that are this shockingly disgusting..

      2. bullrider says:

        Sorry to disagree with you on one point, “less crowded classrooms” will not help. I went to a grade school where there were 25 to 30 students per class, and in the Chicago Catholic schools in the 1950’s they had upwards of sixty (60) students in a single class being supervised by one nun. And no sex under the desks.

      3. Susan says:

        You must have grown up in California, too. I was in the 3rd grade in the fifties and I can assure you neither I nor any of my friends even had any idea about sex in any shape or form unless maybe they were sexually abused.

    3. Jack Frost says:

      As a father of three adults, I can tell you this kind of behavior can occur at a very young age, and I think it’s in response to natural feelings of sexuality. Even as a very young child (maybe 7) I heard about oral sex between a small girl and boy (maybe 9). I didn’t understand it at the time, but I never forgot it. I’ve had to confront it when my own children had such experiences. Usually slightly older children had done something (inserted something into a little girl for example. That particular boy also grew up to continue such behavior as his mother once caught him in the second grade with a little girl naked on the couch. It’s regretful, but it definitely isn’t that uncommon, and at an age they usually don’t understand why they feel that way. It’s not about “learning” such behavior would be my observation. It’s about innate feelings. We should have comments by a psycholigist on here.

      1. db_cooper says:

        you’re an idiot jack… the kids are getting online and watching porn. i feel sorry for your kids. they have an ignoramus as a father.

      2. jimmyknowsyou says:

        I absolutely agree with you. Its base human instinct, couple that with kids simply learning from their surroundings. Dont understand why people think sexual activity has to have an age limit. Or why thy think its “evil”.

      3. Wu says:

        Peadophillia aside, kids will explore these things either through other people, the internet, or with eachother. I was a bit notorious in that aspect when I was little. I had these urges that made me want to hug and kiss and tounge girls my age. When I was in a mixed-sex hospital ward, I had my first proper girlfriend, and it did get quite far for an age of 10. I as sure as hell didn’t need councilling afterwards though.

        Should the teacher been fired? Perhaps. How long was it going for? Was she writing a lot on the board, or was she reading a gossip magazine? It’s all about the context, but this news report is a bit skimpy on that.

        Finally coming back to the other comment… pretty sure that was trolling, but it highlights a problem that’s mostly widely reported in America. Kids having sex with kids is not the same as them having sex with adults. One would think this is pretty obvious, but somehow this idea escapes a bunch of people in power there. “Penn & Teller BS” highlighted the issue of one kid, about the age of those in question that had a photo of his classmate that she sent him over the phone. He has been put on sex offenders register because he had in possession an indecent image of an underage child.

        It’s all about common sense and rationality. Sure, we all want kids’ innocence to last as long as possible, but everyone develops at a different pace, and at some point they will lose it. Instead of over-dramatising the issue, things should be explained to them clearly and honestly.

    4. MewTwo says:

      Yeah…back in the day things were much different. We didn’t learn about sex until 4th grade.

      This was 50 years ago.

    5. Nick says:

      You know how they know about this, just look at the culture of the untied states when it comes to sex.

    6. Mary Field says:

      I agree…those children learned how to do this at home, perhaps they
      were or are abused at home or elsewhere

      1. CL says:

        Are you for real? This is quite the allegation to make based on…what exactly? If you think 3rd graders don’t have some burgeoning sexuality you are kidding yourself. On top of that, they are bombarded with an unhealthy view of the body and sex through media and school programs ostensibly designed to prevent STDs without taking into account the spiritual damage done by engaging repeatedly in acts of uncommitted sex.

        If you think this isn’t deliberate, google John Taylor Gatto’s “The Underground History of American Education” or, for a shorter summary, try “Shocking Origins of Public Education”, also by Gatto. Or you could just keep spouting ignorant garbage like this and keep on sending your kids to government indoctrination camps with no clue what they’re being fed there.

      2. CL says:

        Oh, and let’s not forget the lack of fathers in homes while we’re at it.

    7. CL says:

      Oh, great plan. Get more government busybodies involved! The problem is the school/government indoctrination centre environment in the first place.

    8. duh says:

      these 3rd graders are most likely into their teens

    9. Fmv says:

      I ask the same questions.

  3. snapboy says:

    What sort of community has 7/8 year olds performing s3x acts of any kind in a classroom? I would hope that not only was the teacher fired but that the children involved and their parents are now receiving [psychiatric attention.

    1. bullrider says:

      No, the kids and parents will not get psych attention for the kids having oral sex under the desks. BUT let a kid bring a small dull butter knife in his or her lunchbox and the kid gets expelled, the police will be called, and counseling for the parents and kid will be needed to avoid having the kid taken away.

      Our public schools suck and it is because of Democrats, liberals and unions.

      1. Dave says:

        Your public schools suck because they turn kids into ignorant Republican supporters. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      2. Paul says:

        Considering the teachers unions back the Democratic Party heavily, I doubt that public schools turn kids into ignorant Republican supporters. You might want to ask Randi Weingarten about that.

      3. Dave Suxballz says:


        How is your headache?

        I KNOW you have to have one after working for hours on such a powerful and descriptive statement.

        Now, do us all a favor, and pull a dry cleaning bag tightly over your head.

  4. tom stump says:

    Unusual story… A teacher being fired

    1. DaddyB says:

      It sure isn’t California. Hell, out here the teacher could be under the desk participating and not get fired without some drawn-out process.

      1. fafnir says:

        teacher under desk demonstration fisting a la Van Jones

      2. Duude says:

        Sadly, that’s all too true.

    2. tag says:

      lol. sooo true.

    3. jimpinter says:

      It’s just beginning…..

  5. rufus2009a says:

    The Tallulah Elementary School’s population is mostly African American, 83.5 percent, and it enrolls children from grades preschool to fifth. The overall school rating for Tallulah depicts that it has achieved poor performance scores, ranking 59 out of 62 districts on indicators such as test scores, student achievement, drop out rates and attendance. Wilmore says that the district has now targeted the school and plans are underway to improve its overall educational ranking.

    1. Herucles says:

      Given those test results, seems like they might be learning something that will serve them well in life when they enter the work force.

    2. Nemoque says:

      This does not surprise me. I work with black kids in an after school program, and the kids see their mothers and grandmothers engaged in such behavior. This has beome the “normal” behavior in the black community.

      1. Dawn says:


        This has not become “normal” behavior in the black community. Where exactly is the “black community?”

        Please stop speaking off the top of your head and post something that is true and valid. How do you know these children see their mothers and grandmothers engaging in oral sex? Because you work in an after school program with African American children? Geesh!

        Let’s not stereotype. Not all African American 3rd graders are having oral sex underneath their desks at school. smh…

        The issue is that we as a county are not talking to our children about sex, the appropriateness of sex, that sex is an adult act regardless of what they see on tv, hear in songs and hear their friends say. And some of us are not setting examples by our behavior.

        Please don’t act like this is an issue only within one particular ethnic group.

        And we still don’t know the ethnicity of the two children so let’s not assume they are African American.

        This is why my husband and I home school our girls.

      2. Sutekh says:

        Home schooling is a necessity. That is why the state, with the assistance of industry, has campaigned since the 1960’s for the family to be sucked into lifestyle changes that require mom to work — so she can’t teach school, and the extra money she makes goes to pay off loans to banks for goods and services that would be unnecessary if she didn’t work.

        I quote:

        In California, in 1886 one Zach. Montgomery, a man hwo later was made assistant attorney general of the United States, published vigorous assault on the government school system as destroying parental control. He marshalled overwhelming statistics to show that the expected increase in juvenile crime was in fact following at an alarming rate upon the introduction of the compulsory school program from coast to coatst. He also cited the Biennial report of Mr. John Swett, California State Supreintendent of Public Instruction in 1864, thbat parents must step aside for state teachers. “The vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to teachers is entirely erroneous … If the teacher’s conduct is approved by his employers, the parents have no remedy against him or them.” The CA penal code, in 1886, according to Mr. Montgomery, made it a criminal offense for any parent to even insult a teacher of a public school in the presence or hearing of a pupil thereof. ”

        *Montgomery, Zach, THE SCHOOL QUESTION, Bibson Bros. Washington, D.C. 1886.
        Quoted in THE WORLD UNDER GOD’s LAW,
        by T. Robert Ingram Rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church and Schoo
        lLib of Congress card no. 62-16216

  6. Mike says:

    If it was two boys that were doing it that is so wrong!!

    1. Robb says:

      Do you have a point to your comment/argument, or are you simply ignorant/and/or/stupid?


      1. richhenk says:

        How dare mike express his opinion on the matter. I’m so glad someone put him in his place by calling him ignorant and stupid. Good job Robb, way to keep the discourse civil and open-minded.

      2. Robb says:

        To richhenk,
        The only thing I call to attention is that opinions are either informed or uninformed. I am a conservative (for the record), and so you can agree or not. For those of us who are conservative, we MUST converse in a manner that cannot be picked away by liberals as “mere ignorance” by our posts.
        If this is idea is repugnant to you (or to fellow conservatives), then WAKE UP and educate yourselves.
        Ignorance can be excusable only until you have been shown the truth. Learn to think critically, and not be a reactionary (which helps nobody), richhenk.


      3. Robb says:

        Upon further time and reflection, I must add this:
        My apologies to richhenk for “reacting” in my post. Please forgive me. Hopefully my logic will stand true, and no hard feelings will remain between us.


      4. Duude says:

        Robb: You’ve got issues.

      5. Steve In Tulsa says:

        Mike, do you have a point to Make? Or are you simply an ignorant idiot? Ignorant because you do not know and an Idiot because you cannot be told.

        Where do you get off insulting a person for expressing their opinion? Where do you get off with the hate filled name calling? You need a bit less caffeine or some positive anger management.

        Get a life and quit trying to be the boss of strangers.

  7. George says:

    Fire the Principal and School Superintendent and POTUS.

    1. fred123 says:

      You got my vote; Me. Stephanopolous!!

      1. george says:

        Mr. Stephanoloulos does not advocate firing the POTUS. He would vastly prefer licking the POTUS’ feet, whether under a desk or otherwise.

      2. Dan Shame says:

        Are you sure it wasn’t Bill and George going at it in the Oval Office during the shut down and that Monica took on the beard role for some cold hard cash?
        Now Georgie is hangin with Robin in the morning and everybody knows she’s an A-1 Disney rug muncher herself. George found himself a beard and kids just like Barry. And they all lived happily ever after…..Don’t believe me? Ask Richard Socarides, or better yet, the current Secretary of State.

  8. Annie says:

    It’s terrible how we are more shocked that a TEACHER got FIRED then 3rd graders having *ral s*x (sigh)

  9. LSUtiga21 says:

    Wow. So many things wrong with this story.

    1. Ummm, the 3rd graders having oral sex. Or knowing what oral sex is. Or what sex is. That’s liberalism for ya – continue to sexualize children as early as possible.

    2. The district superintendent actually having to put out a statement saying “The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately.” You think? Why does a statement even have to be made about this teacher’s firing. Anyone who thinks she should not be fired most likely is getting $300,000 a year in union pensions at the age of 37.

    3. “We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.” Do you see how the administrators of these schools think? “Monitor our students”? Hey, how about instead of simply “monitoring” the kids from morning til night – with their government-provided free breakfast, lunch and dinner – you actually teach the kids how to read and write? Maybe then you wouldn’t be the 59th best district in the state out of 62.

    1. George Johnson says:

      I thought the teacher would monitor the kids….. How silly of me!!
      (more government union employees. Now we have a teacher AND a “monitor” in each room. Then we’ll have somebody to monitor the teacher and the monitor.

      1. james g says:

        Monitors will have to have licenses for the job, since not just anybody can monitor. We will need a Federal Department of Classroom Monitors to oversee the program. There will need to be training, rules, special forms to be filled out for each class, and somebody will have to file all of the paperwork.

        So, we will need more money for each school to implement and continue the program.

        This is important, and of course, it is “for the children,” so we must, must, must do it. For the children.

    2. Duude says:

      Principal was upset she didn’t monitor their technique so she could correct it.

    3. Chiorio says:

      My beef is with the comment “monitoring the classroom”. Why wasn’t the teacher teaching. She is not supposed to be a babysitter.

    4. Sutekh says:

      Aldous Huxley predicted that the future tyrannical socialist state of the future would sexualize children at an early age to get them addicted to sex so that they would spend all their time obsessing over sex, into adulthood, so that they had neither the time nor intelligence to challenge the state. Huxley wrote that in 1928.

      That is why we are asking “Will America Survive the 21st Century?; Every radical leftist group that had no existence whatsoever in 1776 has come into play to poison America — and this news story, and most of the reactions to it are proof that the plan has worked better than even Huxley thought that it would. Husley thought that a devastating World War that ground everything to the ground globally on all six inhabited continents would be required, but he underestimated the tenacity and focus of the fanatical left.

  10. W says:

    The very sad thing is that the teacher was fired for not monitoring the children. No mention of no teaching.

    1. Satan Morningstar says:

      Teacher’s Teaching? What a strange concept.

  11. barb says:

    If you are not in your desk…where are you? Couldn’t she see them UNDER the desk? All kids should be sitting in their desks and if they aren’t it means they are home sick or using the rest room or down the Principal’s office or some other place where they have PERMISSION to be! Now if you can’t see someone much less two people under a desk…something is terribly wrong. God help this country and it’s children.

    1. Robb says:

      Although I’m not defending the teacher, how can we condemn her when the teachers’ union has forced her job description to be little more than a baby-sitter, rather than an EDUCATOR. The educational system as we now know it is worthless, since it no longer truly educates, but only indoctrinates. We must stop attacking the symptoms and start dealing with the root causes, namely, the way our country understands “education.”

      1. Matman says:

        …the teacher should sue the school district for false termination. After all, she probably had to teach them “sex education” that included oral sex….good thing they didn’t try to go all the way…then they would’ve gone to the nurses office for their free condoms…..

      2. Robb says:

        to Matman,
        Sadly, you may be too right, IF the teacher was truly a victim (which I doubt). Don’t misunderstand me, there is so much wrong with this account it’s difficult to know how to begin.

  12. Pam says:

    And they say we are not sexualizing our kids too young. Hah! Very sad…9 years old. The parents need to be “counseled” too!

    1. julie says:

      It all Starts with the Liberal Education this Country is getting now….

      1. Reverend Justito says:

        How did abstinence work for Sarah Palin’s kid?

      2. Duude says:

        She went through the public school system.

      3. james g says:

        reverend justito, you are just a cheap shot artist. You really are worthless.

      4. Justito Blaws Deadfrogs says:

        “How did abstinence work for Sarah Palin’s kid?”, Justitio?

        About the same as it worked for your mother.

        I begged her to get rid of you, but nooooooo….

        And now she truly regrets her decision. A loser like you, still living at home, still wetting your bed….

  13. chris says:

    …and so goes our once mighty nation, down the cess pool of “if it feels good, do it” mentaility. We are so pathetic now.

    1. xfiler93 says:

      you have that right. our morality is in the gutter nationally. Take GOD out of everything, and this is what we get. pathetic.

  14. xfiler93 says:


  15. Marco says:

    Future New Orleans Saints

    1. Steve says:

      Future Democratic President and White House intern.

  16. ConservativeRedneck says:

    Let me guess. PUBLIC SCHOOL?

    1. Robb says:

      Really? How very pithy of you. Lrn 2 rgu critically, rather than think in bumper-sticker wisdom. This type of reasoning/statement makes all conservatives look stupid.

      1. bullrider says:

        Your clever “SPLNG” makes it near impossible to understand what you mean.

        No loss.

      2. Steve In Tulsa says:

        Robb, you response certainly makes you look stupid, mean, and bossy. Who made you the Brain Police? You are hateful busy body. Who voted you to be the boss of everybody? No one here thinks you are intelligent or nice. No one here would describe you as polite.

        I wish you would stop giving conservatives a bad name with all your mean bossy comments.

    2. bullrider says:

      PUBIC school

  17. sibbes says:

    Wonder if the school notified the parents.
    Ya never know htese days

  18. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    It’s not like they violated the hugging ban. What other rules does the school have for the kids they might not know about?

    1. george says:

      Rule No. 15: Sex permitted only during recess

  19. mac says:

    Demographics please! teacher, students, principal and advisor…

  20. Dallas says:

    If the teacher didn’t notice it, then how did they get caught?

    Dam snitches.

    1. Sid says:

      One hollowed out as the throngs of a climax shook the body, violently.

      1. MewTwo says:

        I hope your excuse for that was that you typed it on a phone.

    2. Duude says:

      Teacher noticed when 3 kids broke out their cameras to videotape it.

  21. theHorror says:

    How bad is it if you’re one of the three districts even WORSE than this one?

  22. raysestman says:

    I love how the school is predominately african american, yet the news article contains an image of a young white kid. The media’s absolute refusal to report anything that may reflect negatively on african americans is deplorable. Yet they have no problem falsely reporting that this zimmerman dude (a hispanic guy) is white. The complete and total pro-minority/anti-white agenda in the establishment media is nothing short of disgusting.

    1. george says:

      @Vanessa: I understand why enslavement of blacks infuriates you, as well it should. But I’m afraid that ALL races and ethnic groups, including Caucasians, have been enslaved at one time or another. Selling the victims of war into slavery was the standard practice throughout ancient and medieval times, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that some of my own ancestors were among the enslaved. But the possibility certainly doesn’t color my entire view of the world. Really, get over it!

      1. Brian says:

        @ George, Vanessa and people like her will continue to milk the racial slavery scam as long as it allows them to be able to blame their failures on something other than themselves. It is as shame. Imagine how much stronger our country would be if they had accountability for themselves.

    2. Noamsayn? says:

      They couldn’t find a picture of a black student actually doing school work.

  23. LydiaLydia says:

    America is being destroyed and liberalism is the weapon of choice.

  24. C Bonroy says:





    Well people, it’s your culture. PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.

    Teen pregnancies, school shootings, births out of wedlock, PARENTS are at fault, believe it or not. And parents are paying the price.

    1. bullrider says:

      And the thing to chase out of the schools is any mention of God or the Bible, at least if you listen to the Left, the Dems, and the unions.

  25. EZ says:

    I was in 3rd grade the first time I had sex, but I was by myself.

    1. Calonzap says:

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, that is very, very funny.

  26. Kelvin says:

    And people wonder how Obama got elected.

  27. JulianusRex says:

    The United States is a sick country.

  28. TattooGirlSpeaks says:

    Teachers name not mentioned. Story does not seem credible. Something is off about it.

    So will this incident be used to argue that sex education for children needs to begin even earlier since they are already engaging in oral sex?

    What do educators and society expect after 45 years of sex education – power of suggestion can not be underestimated.

    1. Matman says:

      “What do educators and society expect after 45 years of sex education”….I expect the teacher to provide a condom….sheesh..didn’t anyone hear about safe sex?

  29. William Stanley says:

    Planned Parenthood should be proud.

    1. Matman says:

      PP is upset because the teacher didn’t provide a condom…..

    2. Duude says:

      Abortion doctors are hoping to get the email addresses of the kids so they can begin an abortion service drip.

  30. nostudme says:

    Fire Hillary too.

  31. roxanneinthecity says:

    Disgusting. I think our country is finished. Progressives. Liberals. Democrats. They all want to marginalize people, enslave them, take hold of power and enrich themselves. By making citizens no better than animals, they are more controllable.

    1. Dave says:

      Um, looked in a mirror lately?

      1. Dave Blows says:

        You’re STILL here?

        Thought I told you to stick your head in drycleaning bag?

        Get out of here, assbreath.

  32. Cogito says:

    Had the teacher notices she would probably joined in.

    1. george says:

      That’s the curriculum . . . reading, writhing, ‘rithmetic.

  33. my son is awesome says:

    playa playa

  34. Uncle Buckeye says:

    I fail to see any humor in this situation. I don’t think that this is the type environment the parents would have selected for their families. I wonder how many federal dollars have been mismanaged and wasted to no avail. Sad, just sad.

    1. Duude says:

      What’s not clear is where they may have learned it. Could be they learned it at home for all we know.

      1. james g says:

        How many people do you know that learned oral sex at home?

        This sort of thing really does identify liberals, because their comments are so idiotic.

        Sure, coulda learned it anywhere…maybe they got it from Sunday school, or from home. Sure, could have been those Martians taught them while they were here from outer space.

        Don’t include the rest of us in “for all we know.” Just admit you don’t have a clue.

  35. walter12 says:

    How does a third grader do that? They must mature very early in Houston.

    1. Nomad says:

      This happened in Louisiana….make sense now?

  36. Bubba says:

    Dont be so alarmed…..the 3rd graders are 19 years old

    1. james g says:

      Nineteen year old third graders…and we shouldn’t be alarmed?

  37. astralweeks says:

    What a wonderful culture we’ve cultivated that results in this behavior by children.

  38. gunther says:

    why does this kid in the picture have to be white? racist reports.

  39. enoughAlready911 says:

    This is one of the undeniable end points of Progressive Socialism.

    Sexualize everyone, every age….it their goverment given right not their parents.

    Remove God from schools, business, home and family.

    Control everything….why would they have to say ANYTHING to fire this teacher?

    Where did they even learn about oral sex? I am in my late 40’s and didn’t really have full details on oral until well into Jr High. Perhaps because “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky?” Mr Clinton you performed a terrible disservice to this countries youth. Kids now don’t think its sex because you and your left Koolaid drinkers “normalized” the idea.

  40. Cat29 says:

    hmm.. how’s they get caught?

  41. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    This story is shocking! I would have that it would be the teacher under the student’s desk.

    1. Matman says:

      surprized me the teacher wasn’t involved…..but then I live in Cali where the teachers love their students, literally.

  42. beefrank says:

    What? Do 3rd graders know how to spell ‘s-e-x’ or even ‘o-r-a-l’? Was the teacher sleeping or drunk? You do not see two students are missing? Thank God for home school.

    1. james g says:

      They weren’t missing. They were in class.

  43. Free Willy says:

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “go to the head of the class”.

    1. tr91752 says:

      or the phrase “getting ahead in class”

  44. Sara says:

    We live in a Liberal Society with no censors! Lack of Parenting!

  45. Calonzap says:

    I’m not sure this actually happened. Does anyone have pictures that I can take a look at?

    1. Matman says:

      are you a teacher by chance?

  46. Worry says:

    I actually think the parents should be investigated for child molestation, rather than making this teacher a scapgoat.

  47. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    The behavior was the direct result of the pressive/liberal/Democratic fusion of the child s ex ed and school lunch program.

  48. TC says:

    Students will receive counseling? Shouldnt that have been done before the oral sex. This story is unbelievable. 3rd graders?

  49. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Did the Principal catch it on his under-the-desk web cams?

  50. scottie d says:

    Wow, this board is a bunch of winners. Oh wait, you voted republican the last election? Make that LOSERS.

    1. Duude says:

      We’re all teachers.

  51. Meremortal says:

    Today’s typical teacher probably thought oral sex in class was fine.

    The fundamental fact about the ideas of the left is that they don’t work. That’s why the left gravitates to and occupies areas of life where ideas that don’t work don’t matter. Government, unions and schools being the main examples.

    In real life ideas that don’t work lead to going out of business because the money dries up. In government, unions and schools people are forced to pay whether the ideas work for the common good or not.

  52. Howsad says:

    How do you know that they were male and female????????????

  53. Cry and Howl says:

    In Louisiana “oral sex” just means they were “talking about it”.

  54. jbspry says:

    As of the census[6] of 2000, there were 9,189 people, 3,016 households, and 2,078 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,396.0 people per square mile (1,309.2/km²). There were 3,226 housing units at an average density of 1,192.2 per square mile (459.6/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 23.22% White, 74.79% African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.19% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.13% from other races, and 1.49% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.12% of the population.

  55. Fred says:

    It’s Louisiana – they were probably cousins.

  56. michaelp says:

    WAIT A MINUTE ! Our own president Clinton, said that oral sex, IS NOT SEX !

  57. Yonker51 says:

    And you thought that sex education in the classroom wouldn’t work! I’m sure they had a condom on a banana close.

  58. jim says:

    As of the census[6] of 2000, The racial makeup of the city was 23.22% White, 74.79% African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.19% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.13% from other races, and 1.49% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.12% of the population.

  59. matken says:

    I just we can assume the parents of these kids are Republican – and related.

    1. james g says:

      Bet they are not republicans. I know you are just trying to be funny, but there is nothing about this story that has anything to do with republicans.

      This is about everything that demorats and liberals have been doing to this country for decades: Teachers who can’t or won’t teach; teachers who have no interest in what the kids are doing because they get paid anyway, and they are in a union (That is why we needed the idiotic statement about WHY the teacher was fired) And how about liberals and their hatred of abstinence programs– liberals prefer to give them condoms and teach them how to use them.

      Or maybe it is about the liberals in Hollywood who have been destroying our culture with filth on TV and in movies. They have been working hard for a long time.

      Yeah, you’re a real funny guy. A real liberal smartass who is no smarter than those 3rd graders.

      Get a clue.

    2. Duude says:

      Yeah, black school. Must be Republicans.

      1. Jack says:

        It was one of those Obama teaching moments straight out of the National Teachers Association protocol.

    3. bullrider says:

      What a stupid comment, matken. It’s not Republicans breeding like rabbits and having babies and going on welfare at age 16. What planet did you just fly in from?

    4. Matken Izza Moron says:

      Yeah, well, by golly, THAT’S a heavy duty thoughtful comment if I ever heard one.

      Coming out of a bedwetting single-digit IQ left wing kneepadding liberal, that is.

      I think it’s hilarious that YOU out of all people should talk about who is Republican and RELATED.

      You still boinking your sister, bedwetter?

  60. ObamaoZedong says:

    Teacher not paying attention huh? Must be an Obama voter….

    Just another great example of public school efficiency.

  61. Ren757 says:

    But Bill Clinton as our President defined oral sex as not real sex. So by liberal standards, these kids did nothing unusual or wrong.

  62. Al Cinamon says:

    Didn’t Clinton say oral sex is NOT sex? These kids weren’t guilty of anything. So why was the teacher fired?

  63. drcusmc says:

    She got what she deserves. The liberals are out to corrupt these children and hope they will vote for democrats . The moral values of this country have been sliding downhill since the 60’s Pray for us

  64. bulldog49 says:

    What’s missing here? A teacher wasn’t aware of the behavior. Later, the behavior becomes public and the teacher gets fired. What happened in between? Were fellow students clapping and cheering? Selling popcorn? Making videos to upload to youtube? Inquiring mind wants to know!

  65. SunnyR says:

    Thanks, Slick Willy. Your legacy lives on, you dirtbag!

  66. Crosscut says:

    These two kids were held back way too many times.

  67. jules says:

    I’m in my 30’s so it’s not like I’m THAT old, but I never even thought about sex until After we had sex ed class in 7th grade. The idea of oral sex never even occured to me until I was in college. Yes, some people are I’m sure shocked but I wasn’t raised in a house that allowed media with sexual content. My point is, what are the parents allowing the kids to see/do/hear? The ideas had to be introduced somewhere, so where did the ideas come from? Maybe the parent’s should be “fired” also for not watching their kids sufficiently either.

  68. The Walking Tripod says:

    Question: How does a cub scout become a boy scout?????????
    Answer: He eats a brownie 🙂

  69. laura says:

    i remember my husband, then a minister in the Nazarene church, having
    to explain to an adult married couple that oral sex was not “talking dirty”
    to each other.

  70. akwarren says:

    Learning a trade, maybe? And to think that back in the day, we had to make do with typing, shop and home economics…

  71. Mark says:

    I remember third grade. It was nothing like this and we said the pledge in the morning complete with “One Nation Under God”.
    We were taught responsibility, to have pride in our country and American exceptionalism.
    This country is going right down the toilet and I blame liberalism and the fact that we allowed God to be removed from our schools.
    I would say at the rate we’re going, we don’t have long.

  72. Ziggy Supers says:

    ‘nough said’

  73. theebl says:

    With the easy access to all kinds of stuff in many homes, I am not that surprised by this. If you give them prompts, kids will act on things. The teacher should be monitoring third graders more closely.

    This was predicted in Brave New World.

  74. 3 Tracks in the Snow says:

    “District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore also said that a rather large Macanudo cigar was found in the male student’s desk, and that she would be taking that home with her to protect it in case it might be needed for evidence at a later date”….

  75. Hiram Davis says:

    The NEA hard at work, preparing your children for life in a Godless nation.

  76. Sandra_Fluke says:

    We third graders cannot afford birth control.

    1. Jimimpressed says:


    2. cheo says:

      No Worries.
      They have a plan for that.
      Free Sterilization.

    3. Bridget Moran says:

      I wonder how early these children were “instructed” in sex, including oral sex. Kindergarten? Parents need to take back their schools and this Congress should close down the department of education … Soon.

  77. BILL MCNEAL says:


  78. Cindy says:

    Gee, I wonder what the class size was? Perhaps the teacher honestly didn’t see it due to the class size being so big. Maybe there were 50 students in there. Just saying….

    1. bullrider says:

      Chances are in this day and age there weren’t 15 “students” in the class. Back in the 50’s the Catholic schools in Chicago had 60 and more students in a class with just one nun supervising, and NO sex under the desks. Guaranteed.

  79. Fark Wad says:

    It was little Barry and Michele in 1963………

  80. GCA says:

    How is it that third graders are even aware of what oral sex is? This is so very sad and just emphasizes the deep moral depravity into which our nation has fallen.

  81. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    The male kid made the mistake of mixing up names of the girls in his life when he said “Stop it. That tickles, mom”.

  82. Okra Windbag says:

    ‘Dis is Bush’s fault agin……

  83. Fecal McStool says:

    I like to talk about stool.

    1. bullrider says:

      The Occupy Wall Street board is someplace else, FM.

  84. ab says:

    At the school my wife works at in Phoenix two 2nd grade BOYS were found having “sex ” last week

  85. Bear says:

    Doubtful! schools are just exaggerating things that didnt happen. It’s highly unlikely they were actually doing oral sex!

  86. Tell the truth says:

    Don’t show a photo of a white kid when you know darn good and well that it was not a white kid.

  87. BrocinChina says:

    starting early? evil knows no bounds save one-the Christ.

  88. Dirk Diggler says:

    Well, we can thank the esteemed William Jefferson Clinton ( the only second U.S. president to be impeached in U.S. history) for this societal breakdown.

  89. yankeesdaily says:

    Amazing. It’s two black kids and cbs puts a picture of a white kid on the front. Disgraceful.

  90. Rook says:

    Rev. Justito, Rev. Justito, Rev. Justito..You poor brainwashed fool. “First off, thank the Republicans who wasted tax dollars by having a BS witch hunt against Clinton. Not saying cheating was right, but that should have been between Bill and Hilary”.
    The “cheating” may have been between them, but the perjury to congress is between him and us.

    1. Duude says:

      Monica was an intern, aka as an employee of the federal government. Supervisors almost always get fired on the spot for having sex with their employees and especially in the work place. As taxpayers we’re at risk of liability. Monica could have sued taxpayers even if she was a willing participant. So, isn’t it taxpayer business?

    2. bullrider says:

      Rook, you are an example of why this nation’s media has failed so utterly and deliberately. Clinton’s ‘witch hunt’ was because he was being sued in civil court for sexual harassment. He lied under oath that he had not had sex with Lewinsky. It was not about his sex life, it was about his sexual harassment and lying in court about it. Bet you never read much about that in the news media, or the papers put it on page 29.

  91. bad bob says:

    Hopefully see will get her Full pension She worked so hard !!

  92. priss says:

    Good grief! If I were the teacher I would have lost my job, too. I would never in a million years have thought to even consider this as something that could happen between two 3rd graders. I was in about 7th grade before I had any idea that something like intercourse existed. And I grew up on a farm full of animals!

  93. Jan says:

    All this society cares about is not having babies. In 3 or 4 years from third grade, if they get pregnant, the school system teaches these kids that they can have an abortion and do not have to tell their parents. No kidding!
    That is wrong on so many levels.

  94. ben says:

    it was 2 boys

  95. Sandhillguy says:

    Thank you, Bill Clinton, for defining deviancy down..

  96. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    What’s the bid deal? Does this teacher’s job description include looking out for BJ’s? If not, it’ all kool. I mean, we send these kids to school to learn stuff, right? Well, they’re learning. Teach is protected!

  97. Jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    It was president’s day and they were playing “presidential intern”

  98. elcastigador5 says:

    Legacy left by Bill Clinton. This is the result of liberalism. By the way, the teacher was probably watching.

  99. Shannon says:

    OMG…how has this turned into a political or racial thing. In most cases when a child that young is that knowledgable about sex they were molested. Why arent we focusing on that and on what a travesty this is. I really fear that our country is not far from a civil war with all of the comments I read on various forums.

    1. james g says:

      We are focused on the problem. You just don’t want to admit what the problem is.

      There is a big gap between children being molested and children engaging in oral sex. But, you want to make that giant leap across the gap. The story is right in front of you, and you want to theorize that it was molestation earlier in their lives.

      Yes, there would seem to be serious parenting issues here, and there needs to be a formal police conversation with the parents. But this story is about children doing it in a school classroom, and the teacher had no clue.

      We don’t have any evidence of causation. We have proof of incompetence. We have proof of young children who don’t know right from wrong, who engage in oral sex (Not likely their first adventure, either) in front of others in a classroom. And the teacher is clueless. That is what this story is.

      Yes, there is obviously a problem in the homes of these children. But this didn’t happen at home. And it didn’t happen outside of school, or even in the school bathroom. It took place right in the classroom with a teacher present in the room.

  100. Nancycap says:

    What about counseling for the other students who had to watch this? And how did this come to light? a child reporting what happened to her or his parents?
    I will bet this teacher never noticed because the teacher had no control of the classroom and students were out of their seats all over the place. Maybe the public schools here need to be destroyed as they were in New Orleans where private and charter schools have now sprung up with the corresponding increase in student achievement.

    1. NancyY says:

      So it is the teacher’s fault that peoples’ kids are undisciplined, unsocialized, and run all over the place? What? Maybe it’s time that parents took responsibility for the behavior of their children. The fact that two children would think it was acceptable to perform sexual acts in the classroom is disturbing – and it reflects on the parents of those children, not on the teacher.

  101. blkthorn says:

    I wonder where they learned that from…Must be from all them holsome shows they watch on tv now days. Hollywood is a wondful baby sitter.

  102. Voice says:

    The video of this is on motherless.com

  103. aichtuttle says:

    Welcome to Liberal Decadence Land!

    1. bullrider says:

      The public schools were intended to help BUILD this nation. They are instead destroying its future. Well done.

  104. maxtor says:

    3 graders having oral sex and she didnt notice it?? is she legally blind?? how could 2 kids have oral sex in a school room and the teacher not see it? how did she find out about it?? this is ridiculous!! she dont need a job if she is not paying attention what is happening in her class. if i was a teacher, i gurantee you i would know what every child is doing every minute in my class. i am a hard ass and they would toe the line in my class but i am an old army veteran and believe in making children behave. 3rd graders having oral sex!! unbelievable!! where was i at when i was that age….wonder what they do behind closed doors nowadays?? evidently somone was well schooled in sexual behaviour. probably from the parents but some parents have sex in front of their kids or let them watch…have heard of it many times.

    1. tr91752 says:

      You’ve obviously never taught school. When you have 20-30 kids you can’t see every one and everything at all times. The teacher would have to sit in her desk, have all the children sit at their desks with their hands on the desk. Maybe then the teacher would know what’s going on
      You might be a “hard ass” but once you got in the classroom and find the list of things teachers can’t do anymore for discipline, your bad ass wouldn’t mean a thing. Talks cheap.

    2. zooly says:

      To educators, this gives a whole new meaning to “groupwork” or “cooperative learning”. So sad.

  105. Rowdy Boots says:

    Investigate the parents–this is obviously the result of parental neglect and abuse

  106. billrow says:

    74.79% African American go figure

  107. marco says:

    If there is sex education at that school, then the principal should take the heat, not the teacher. Teach the tykes how to do such things and then start firing people when they do it? Better to let the children keep their innocence for a while, and punish the school committee for being nitwits. The world sneers at our country for not having any brains, and it’s beginning to look like it’s actually true. It wasn’t so 50 years ago!

  108. billrow says:

    The third graders were 18.

    You know what is long and hard on a black? Third grade.

    1. Jerry says:

      I am assuming no pun intended.

  109. Voice of Reason says:

    Thank you Bill Clinton.

    1. cheo says:

      I would also like to thank the Main Stream Liberal Media.


    Go to:


    For more informtion on this school

  111. texazzs says:


    Student Enrollment Distribution by Race / Ethnicity
    Tallulah Elementary School Student Race Distribution
    Number Percent
    American Indian – –
    Black 333 83.5%
    Asian 3 0.8%
    Hispanic 10 2.5%
    White 53 13.3%

  112. TheTruthHurtsYou says:

    Looks like these kids are the future Sandra Flukes that will want the taxpayers to pay for their birth control when they get older. Oh, Oh, the Obama sheep will get mad at this comment. The truth hurts!

    1. bullrider says:

      Obama said, “If I had two sons, they would probably look just like these two.”

  113. Max17 says:

    Had the school been visited by Oblamer’s ‘Fisting Czar’ recently?

  114. Mr. Know it all says:

    The school is 83% Black–13% White, Rap video’s have taught these kiddies well!

    1. mameshki says:

      Was the teach white or black? Was it black on black or white on white or black white combo. I wonder if the teacher would have been fired for breaking up the tryst for undue sexual harassment.

  115. hubba bubba says:

    bill clinton’s legacy

  116. SadNation says:

    No Dad, porn easy access, 1 out of 3 kids are molested, schools teach sex ed in elementary school, no morals are taught, mom may be prostitute and kids are home watching, etc. What a messed up world. We need the morals of God put back in society.

  117. J says:

    yeah… and its Santorum who;s the wacko for telling us the truth that porn is harmful to our society. Especially to women (who are used, abused, and discarded) and children who always seem to get caught in the cross-fire.

    1. Rachel says:

      so true.

  118. JuanV says:

    When do the swallows return to Houston, err.. I mean San Juan Capistrano?

  119. skyhook says:

    must be a high noise level in the classroom

  120. iambicpentamaster says:

    Gummint Skook Idjuts,

    Slick Willy says it’s not sex.

    It was only a Lewinsky…

  121. lcky9 says:

    This is SICK… WHERE did these kids learn about this stuff.. a third graders are 8 and shouldn’t be thinking of SEX oral or otherwise .. Nice job at making kids sex addicts with all this PROGRESSIVES BS they think exposing kids to is healthy.. and WHAT is consulting going to do 90% of them are liberals who think ALL kids should be having sex by 3rd grade..this needs MORE than the firing of the teacher..

  122. Chuck says:

    Check out Google Maps, there’s a mental health hospital that ajoins the school’s property!!!!! how appropriate…..sent the entire school staff there!

  123. Tyrone says:

    “Oral sex” is not “sex”….ask Slick Willie Clinton.

  124. Brigmaster says:

    Third grade?????? How many years did these kids fail we surely can not be speaking of 8 year olds

  125. pstein says:

    Looking at your posts…it is no wonder this is happening with 3rd graders.

  126. Texasbil says:

    3rd Grade? This is disgusting. Anyone who makes jokes about this is disgusting. You need to look at yourself and figure out how in our society could this happen. It has occurred because our government wants us to totally stupid and under their control. They are causing this problem with our children by letting students run wild in class rooms and the teacher’s are stopped from being able to do anything about it. Wake up America and vote these people out of office.

  127. donna says:

    Ah, the Clinton legacy. Good job Bill.

  128. Marco says:

    Check out parent comments and the demographics for this school on Great Schools.

    Just another day in the hood.

  129. Guillermo says:

    This is just the most memorable, and the most eternal part of the Clinton legacy. If we had not voted the Democrat into the White House in 1992, there would be no third graders having oral sex under their desks at school. The Clinton Presidency is the dirty joke that won’t go away — ever.

  130. lukuj says:

    Ok, I admit I’m a prude, but I would have fainted if I saw 2 3rd graders doing this under their desks. I was in college before I knew what it was! Thank goodness I taught where 3rd graders were 8 years old and more interested in playing soccer, football, dance class, video games, and drawing. Makes me appreciate the kids and parents in my local school where I taught. No way kids who do this in 3rd grade will get through jurior high or high school without getting pregnant if one of them was a girl.

  131. Realist says:

    Why is everyone so shocked? They teach this stuff in 3rd grade sex ed now. The teacher is probably a left wing wack job and thought the kids were doing nothing wrong.

    1. Rachel says:

      Sadly and most likely you are right.

  132. Liberal Nutcake says:

    Awwwwwww! That is sooooo cute!

  133. RoccoP says:

    Two third graders engaging in Oral Sex….future candidates to run for office on the democrat ticket. The American school system never ceases to amaze in a negative way!

  134. DC Mom says:

    These comments are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am so glad I do not live in Texas. My daughter is one of two white children in her public school class, taught by an immigrant from China. It is such a wonderful environment, and she is thriving while learning that goodness comes with different backgrounds, colors, and languages. You are missing out on such an enriching part of life.

  135. I am curious to know where the children learned to do that. I’d like to rule out the schools’s library, where some books contain oral sex descriptions, courtesy of the American Library Association. Does anyone know?

  136. d sander says:

    now we have it not the x generation but the xxx generation. welcome to the future.

  137. bogie7129 says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!!!

  138. stacie says:

    Did the young man in question use his Cigar?

  139. amazed says:

    So if Clinton is responsible for sex in schools who’s fault are the guns?
    And just out of curiosity, which would you all rather have in the hands of kids at schools; guns or condoms?

    1. Rachel says:


      1. Rachel says:

        It’s not either/or…it’s neither/nor. Niether guns NOR condoms belong in the hands of children. But thanks to the “anything goes” leftist trash running our schools and our inner cities, they have learned all kinds of bad behavior. Because it’s encouraged.

  140. Joe the Heating Man says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…..I haven’t laughed this hard for a long while. ALL OF YOU all are really great at making me laugh. GREAT COMMENTS!

  141. muneshadowe says:

    I guarantee that in no time flat the education association will have her back her job.

  142. MRUSPM ChrisSommer says:

    AND this is the teacher’s fault????? I was kissing a girl in 1971 behind a chair the teacher was reading a book in…..WHY do we feel it’s required to TRASH an authority, when maybe they really had no clue, keeping an eye on the 29+ other students???? SO lets put camera’s in all the school classrooms of the USA!!!! Blah 8-(

    1. Rachel says:

      Give me a break! I was a teacher for a couple of years.. I noticed when they were chewing gum and put a stop to it…I think I would have noticed if kids were having sex in my classroom! …no matter how many kids were in there. This teacher must be asleep.

  143. Mitt R. says:

    Obama will comment about it early next week most likely, especially if they were black kids!

  144. puffpuffpass says:

    This is a great school. Check out all of the stats:
    At least everyone is getting a “free” lunch.


  145. Henry says:

    Police and child welfare org should visit their home and interview/investigate their parents. The kids learned from what they witness or, worst, they learned from their own sexual engagements with someone in the household.

  146. StayAwayFromTheWeave says:

    And Michelle Obama had her license to practice law suspended by the state of Illinois. Her records have been conveniently sealed, but ocal, legal scuttlebutt has it that the suspension was FOR EXTORTION–along the lines of Jesse Hyjackson and corporate extortion. Hint: Threaten to bring a malicious and fraudulent, lawsuit of alleged racial discrimination against a corporation; and then settle out-of-court FOR MILLIONS. Betcha never saw THAT one in the media!

  147. Earl says:

    Sadly, the 8 year old probably has a bigger d*ck than I do.

  148. James Woods says:

    Things sure have changed since I was in school. When I was in school we had sex that went on; in the senior years.

    Now it’s elementary school; does that tell you anything about our society?

    Says enough to me.

    Children today are exposed to way too much too early and the only people you have to thank for it is the lack of real parents in society. We have too many breeders and not enough parents.

    As others alot smarter than I have said. Animals can reproduce; real men and women can become PARENTS.

  149. weimardog says:

    Jeez, I didn’t get my first bj until the 4th grade. Look at all I missed out on. Maybe it had something to do with going to an all boys school.

  150. weimardog says:

    Folks, I think some maybe missing the most important part of the story.
    By getting a bj instead of going all the way, an unwanted pregnancy was avoided. This the product of a liberal sex education policy.

    1. jeremiah says:

      Where is Ms Fluke when you need her? Free contraceptives for third graders!

  151. JET99999 says:

    The school district outlawed social promotions in 2005. The boy is 17 and he’s been kept back 6 different times, and the girl is 15 and she flunked 2nd grade five times.

    Just teen third graders. No story here at all.

  152. ilsoony says:

    what the hell!?!?!?! third grade???? what is going on with kids these days?????

  153. Hahahahaha says:

    I’m sure it was 2 black boys preparing themselves for a life in prison.

  154. BERG SCARPHOS says:


  155. Rachel says:

    this is so depressing! That’s not something that comes” naturally” to an 8 yr old. Learning from their big brothers & sisters who were weaned on Clinton? Thanks,Bill….nice legacy.

  156. Charybdis says:

    I’m sure they received the counseling from Planned Parenthood, who taught them how to do it correctly.

  157. just as I thought... says:

    73% black in the school. What more do you need to know?


  158. Grinder says:

    What’s the big surprise here? Blacks reach puberty sooner than whites or asians because their lifespan is shorter overall. They get that earlier growth spurt that makes them seem like better athletes in their youth.

  159. jColes says:

    Really…eight or nine year-old children having oral sex? Really? Unless they have some serious hormonal issues boys that young generally can’t get a sex-related erection.
    Those childen could have been doing what kids have been doing since people became people — play-acting their curiosities about the other gender, like ‘playing doctor’ — but having real oral sex is almost out of the question.
    In any case, any teacher who doesn’t notice such a commotion in the classroom should not be in that classroom.

    1. Harry says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. My Mom caught me playing with mine on my 4th birthday and told me that nice boys don’t do that. I knew it stood up and felt good before that; so, yes, they do work at an early age. Thankfully, it is still working 70 years later, and has no plans on retiring soon.

  160. jColes says:

    Oh, please, folks…give the racial nonsense a rest…In case some of y’all haven’t noticed we Americans are a tiny, tiny minority of the world’s population and right now we as a nation are under attack from every conceivable direction and quarter…If we’re not together as a people we’re done for…we will be overwhelmed.
    If we’re not a big family — brothers and sisters in liberty regardless of race, ethnicity and all the other factors — then we’re prey for the predators. Families can have their feuds and squabbles, but in the end families come together when challenged & threatened or they go extinct.
    As far as I’m concerned, if a person is American (meaning a citizen) he or she is my brother or sister….I may not like everything that ‘sibling’ but I’ll stand with him or her against all outsiders.

  161. Patrick says:

    Has anyone noticed that this article fails to inform just how and who discovered the kids having oral sex? Did it go completely unnoticed and was talked about later? And if so, how were they able to prove it? Or did the teacher discover them during the act, and if so, how is that neglecting students? No one remembers what it was like in 3rd grade, apparently. It was rather difficult to keep track of us. 😉

  162. Bonnie says:

    Haa; what’s the world coming to; in my day, this sort of thing was kept for the bike shed; anyone up for a game of Dr & nurses, kids will be kids it only becomes something it is not, when you impose the aspersion of the narrow minded onto it.

  163. fit2btied says:

    Good money says those kids were black.

  164. Namretupad says:

    The only really surprising part of this story is that the teacher wasn’t the one performing the oral sex on the students.

  165. Jimbo says:

    Either they saw someone in person doing this or they saw it on a porno dvd. Either way it’s down right disgusting and really does symbolize just how low we have sunk as a society.

  166. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Well, all that sex ed. is working real well. The government wants to raise your children, like the results??????

  167. Airmail56 says:

    Enjoy this link folks! http://cofcc.org/2012/03/cbs-houston-libels-white-students/

  168. ShuckanJiive says:

    Now you know this hadda’ been fuggin’ ni66ers.

  169. cheo says:

    Based on many of the comments.
    The science is settled.
    We are seeing Bill Clinton’s legacy.

  170. Tom says:

    Maybe they should give out free condums at noon along with the free funch. If you object, your at war against chidren.

  171. Mike says:

    I ‘ll tell you what is insane. The media shows a white boy, but I would bet money it was black kids

  172. Barry Soetoro says:

    As long as they get free contraceptives and abortions, I say let them rut all they want.

    – The Left

  173. Uptown says:

    To any Democrats on this thread just remember: Oral sex is not really sex. It is a harmless, healthy non sexual act that is totally innocent and has nothing to do with sexuality. At least that is what you were trying to tell the world until its your own daughter on her knees.

  174. OsamaBinLadenWear says:

    Someone asked how these kids could have learned about oral sex at such an early age. Remember President Clinton?

  175. PJSolarz says:

    This is the liberal values system . “Awww… leave them alone… they’re just experimenting”

  176. Lordrobot says:

    Kids do the darndest things… by the way, what kind of counseling was this? I hope it included same sex counseling and a sack full of condoms to go.

  177. bathtub says:

    So, twenty year old LaSean was sitting at his 3rd grade desk when 7 year old Latesia gave him oral sex. I thought by third grade all students knew how to put rubbers on bananas. So what’s the problem?

  178. Nino says:

    I have never read more outrageous comments than these on this article. How can we be so down on children doing what comes natural? Sexuality is a human trait and if society didn’t condemn it we would be better for it. Why can’t children have sexual feelings? This is one of the problems with society today – condemnation of natural progressions. I am not saying children should not be protected from those who would exploit their sexuality for their own purposes…this should be done, but to blame natural progression on other than normally curiosity and feelings is definitely a perversion. But get real people, we are human and therefore we are sexual – even at an early age. Suppression leads to far more problems than acceptance and understanding.

    1. Robin Scott says:

      You don’t allow children to have sex because they’re too emotionally immature to handle such things. Progressive education is straight out of hell and all the people promoting it should be on the sexual offender lists.

    2. Atomic_koolaid says:

      Think you are saying let than mate like dogs at will and it’s natural and why stop it? easy. To say now, but you will want to blame someone other than your lib mind when you have to shake the 3and 4 year olds from humping your leg,or worse next time your at the store….try to see it from a class perspective…do you really want a society when sex is just a natural act…do you want your daughter or son growing up to believe that sex requires no morality or feeling?…think hard and try to see the real impact of what you wrote…it’s pretty stupid.

  179. psadie says:

    The children were given counseling, oh great that solves everything! How about abuse of these kids by a family member or someone close? They do what they are taught and shown just like a toddler who knows nothing of the world other than what they are taught. They are blank sheets of paper, be careful what you write on it!

  180. Chris says:

    Probably a girl scout putting to use one of those pamphlets planned parenthood gave them.

  181. Mike Obama says:

    So what’s the issue. The girl just wants to be popular. probably learned from her mother. I don’t care how old the boy is, they are not going to pass one up.

  182. Satan Morningstar says:

    So? What grade did they get? And were they just judged on safety or on technique?

  183. algoa456 says:

    The oral sex was performed by blacks. Why are they showing a white school child?

  184. Fred says:

    I call BS…I’m sure the teacher didn’t report it because he was videotaping it.

  185. american says:

    what do you expect from blacks ?

  186. Guarantee you the counseling created much more trauma than the act.

    1. Harry says:

      Yours is the most sensible comment so far.

  187. Boise Mike says:

    The benefits of early sex ed. Isn’t this what the liberals have wanted all a long and what the conservatives have been warning about? Thanks to all the liberals that have made this possible!!! A$$holes.

  188. Rick O'Shea says:

    It must have been male/female because if it was would have gotten a big promotion.

  189. Ablubud says:

    They were in training to become priests.

  190. stopthe says:

    If the teacher didn’t notice it, how did it get reported?

  191. paul ford says:

    obama lets his 13 y.o. daughter go on spring break. it’s called BAD PARENTING. brain dead, clueless, useless people. no morals, no values, no ethics, no decency.

  192. Boo Radley says:

    Why is it a problem if two third graders from Louisiana having sex? I know lots of 20 year old people who have sex.

  193. Joe Blough says:

    Don’t get so enraged because they were third graders. Heck, in Louisiana the average third grader is 17.

  194. Robin Scott says:

    We need to bring censorship back and protect our kids. We’re allowing evil to dictate our society. Satan’s greatest trick was in convincing man he doesn’t exist. Well he does exist and our nation is falling bacause of it.

  195. 11-06-2012 says:

    Tawanna can you use the word” handsome” in a sentence.While sucking off Abdule I gets tired an haf to use my han som.

  196. retiredcoach says:

    Did you notice that the gender of the students is not mentioned? Was it a boy and a girl- or 2 boys- or ?

    Also- from where did a 3 rd grader even learn about oral sex? Mom and dad teach him/her? TV ,movies, video or video games?

    All examples of the depravity and immorality of the culture!

  197. Paul says:

    I want these kids to have free birth control! Oh, they already do they just choose not to use it. Keep your pants on, your legs closed, and give BJs and you won’t have to worry about getting knocked up.

  198. Sooner says:

    Poor kids.Tough break for the teacher.I keep hoping for a change.LOL

  199. Cej says:

    They must have just had a class on how do get ahead in the welfare system. Mo babies = Mo money. Next is Pimpin 101.

  200. James says:

    This is disgusting. Society is going to hell in a hand basket and I don’t want any part of it.

    If fricken perverts could keep their sexual impulses under control, it wouldn’t be spread amongst the youth as a parasite.

    Unfortunately people these days can’t keep their legs shut and keep it in their pants. Its like a plague. A plague that must be stopped before we become a society of perverts.

  201. JustAGuy says:

    Ahhh yes! The Sandra Fluking of America!

    Just give them free contraceptives and call it even.

  202. redruffansore says:

    Had it been two boys or even two girls, this would have been lauded as a progressive step forward but alas it was hetero and this of course was the crime, not their age, or that it was in school or that the teacher was a clueless dolt.

  203. Citizen kk says:

    Um…..isn’t this normal in Louisiana?

  204. Uncle Bernie says:

    They had to be black

  205. jimmie says:

    Oh Get Off of It…they were just playing an innocent little game of President and Intern

  206. indianwithoutacasino says:

    this is just stupid…..what kind of people are these anyway?

  207. indianwithoutacasino says:

    was it part of the sex education class? a live demo?

  208. bill ding says:

    The kids were preparing their oral report

  209. NeedOldSchoolTeachers says:

    Blaming the TEACHER!!!!

    What was this teacher doing while these 2 were NOT sitting @ their desk?
    I couldn’t even take a nap @ my desk when I was in school, let alone get it on with a class-mate @ the disgusting age of 8!!!! He/She should have lost their job!

  210. Donald Schmitt says:

    Some Democrat, most likely a product of the public school system, proposed a number of weeks ago, that children should start (public school) at the age of three. And the “big bad wolf” said, “The quicker to indoctrinate you my dear.”
    Time and time again I hear teachers comment about “co-parenting” their students. Then you tie it all together with Hillary”s It Takes a Village. Long story short; it is all intended to get them to vote as grownups for one party – and only one party. Maybe a 50% dropout rate is indicative of the guards fleeing the prison.

  211. Thereaper says:

    Looks like these parents haven’t been taking their kids to church.

  212. Thereaper says:

    The barriers between childhood and adulthood have crumbled. Sexual material is too easily available to children of all ages today.

  213. Swifty says:

    Obama said that boy could have been his.

    1. Harry says:

      Yeah, maybe he knows something we don’t. His records are all sealed, you know.

  214. Timant says:

    Tallulah Elementary is a mostly black school. Why did CBS choose to use a stock photo of a white boy?

  215. JakeD says:

    I thank God I had an innocent childhood… and great parents.

  216. Monkey Business says:

    Gee I wonder what race they were ? Obama and the liberal sex education nonsense has gone o far !

  217. Paul says:

    I am as upset about this as all of you are. However here is an angle no one seems to consider. That is that the age of puberty continues to fall. I read of a British study around the turn of the century that onset of puberty was around 17.5 years, when I was coming of age { the mid 1960,s} it was about 13 or so. Now young girls are menstrating at 8 years old. Chronollogicly , emotionally, mentally they are children, chemically they are adults. It may not be a moral thing after all. Hormones are powerful. This is just an observation, I have no real solutions, a possibility might be a way to safely delay puberty.

  218. baldowl says:

    I also would like to know why you’re using a stock photo of a white student with this story. I know Tallulah, and those weren’t white kids doing this. This is another example of black dysfunction, glossed over by the media.
    Wake up, white people.

  219. brian elliot says:

    Long ago and far away.. 5 or 6 of us little 9 year olds were constantly masturbating in class and Mass (catholic school). We were all taught how to do it by an older boy. It was exquisite pleasure but of course accompanied by catholic guilt. We all turned out OK. But one of the priests at the school was a pedophile.

  220. DixieRecht says:

    Student population is 83% black.

    Proof: http://public-schools.findthebest.com/l/38523/Tallulah-Elementary-School#tabs-2

    Yet the stock photo shows a white student. What a poor job of reporting. If the media would tell the truth and not try to obfuscate, perhaps they would garner more respect.

    The real fault to be found here is witht the parents, not this teacher. Good lord knows what she deals with on a daily basis and to think this could happen in the back of a classroom unbeknownst to her is reasonable.

  221. Scot Samurai says:

    Tallulah, Louisiana racial composition:
    Black alone – 5,938 (77.5%)
    White alone – 1,468 (19.2%)
    Hispanic – 172 (2.2%)
    Two or more races – 54 (0.7%)
    Asian alone – 18 (0.2%)
    American alone – 7 (0.09%)

    Estimated median household income in 2009: $21,645 (it was $17,142 in 2000)

    Tallulah: $21,645
    Louisiana $42,492
    Estimated per capita income in 2009: $11,368
    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Tallulah-

  222. VERITAS VINCIT says:

    The debauched perverts in the U.S. Department of Education have already implemented a GAY SEX-ED CURRICULUM FOR KINDERGARTENERS. DON’T FORGET: N.A.M.B.L.A. (NORTH AMERICAN MAN/BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION) IS A BONAFIDE, REGISTERED LOBBY(!) ON CAPITOL HILL! THEY HAVE A SINGLE STATED GOAL TO LOWER THE AGE OF SEXUAL CONSENT TO 0 YEARS OLD! (Google or Bing N.A.M.B.L.A.–VERY HORRIFIC AND DISTURBING INDEED!) THOSE DIRTY OLD F@GS WANT AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF “PREPARED & COMPLIANT” PRE-SCHOOL BOYS! And if the little girls get in on the action too, then NAMBLA will throw their hetero-pedophile brothers a bone…So Folks, think of this 3rd grade incident as simply “in-class lab work” for the 4th year curriculum of Federally mandated elementary school sex education…HEY AMERICA, DARNELLE AND D’NEISHA CAN’T READ, WRITE, OR CALCULATE–BUT THEY SURE CAN COPULATE!!! THEY BOTH GET AN A+ ON THEIR ORAL EXAMS!

  223. whitebacks says:

    I don’t know what makes me sadder. This story or the people commenting on it. My favorite thing is that people are still talking about this being a left, right issue. If you still think we have a choice in this country YOU need Togo back to school because you are not done learning?

  224. Moe Howard says:

    Why is a photo of a white child shown when both childen were black?
    Why does CBS hide the race of the children, and even misdirects?

    Sick, sick sick.

  225. RB Esq says:

    I don’t believe in spanking my kids, but if my kid pulled that stunt … I might make an exception!

    The teacher should not only be fired, but charged with child neglect and endangerment!

  226. Call Me Crazy says:

    I didn’ read any where in the story were the two the same sex? Just wondering

  227. John Galt says:

    The “We Recommend” links under the article have a link to another article hosted here at CBS titled:
    “Voting for Sexy Sweet Sixteen Now Open!”

    Am I alone in thinking CBS Houston is part of the problem?
    What sick person at CBS “recommends” sexualizing 16 year olds?
    Why are they not in jail?

  228. JDS says:

    why the white kid as the stock photo?

  229. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Didn’t the Prophet Mohammad marry a third grader?

    1. Paul says:

      I believe it was a four year old, but you might want to check it out.

      1. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

        A toddler? Really? I guess he preferred younger girls.

  230. Monica Lowblewsky says:

    I didn’t realize they were studying the Clinton Administration in 3rd grade these days…

  231. Tony says:

    Anyone else care to acknowledge that the two 13 year olds were indeed black since it was a predominitely black school? Why show a picture of a white student? Isn’t this supposed to be a free Country? Why then is the media trying trying to propagandise this story?

  232. Beachguy53 says:

    Is this part of the “Head Start” program?

  233. Beachguy53 says:

    Maybe they were practicing an air raid drill?

  234. gman007 says:

    they were just doing what they learned from the planned parenthood website.

  235. Cindi says:

    What people don’t realize is that the children of today are like the teenagers of yesterday although most teens of the past wouldn’t have tried to do that. Kids today think it is a badge of honor to do something as sneaky and disgusting as they can because THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT. Our society gives them counseling instead of the expulsion which they deserve. No wonder our society is so messed up. The teacher, already overworked, should not have been fired but should have been given a medal for having to put up with two kids like that.

    1. Paul says:

      There is a continuing errosian of standards in our society and a constant lowering of of what is acceptable behavior. This is the result.

    2. bullrider says:

      The “teenagers of yesterday” long ago were expected by their early teens to conduct themselves as adults in every way other than drinking and sex/marriage which was for later on. The children of today know how to toy with their genitalia. That is no sign of being advanced at all.

  236. Kim Bailey says:

    Fact: Black Children start having sex at the age of 3.
    Blacks have 90$ more testosterone than humans

    1. Rick Dillard says:

      And the award for idiot post of the decade goes to Kim Bailey! Having trouble locating that Percentage key (%) huh? Back to the foothills with you dummy! Tell your daddy/granpa hello for me.

  237. vanman2010 says:

    Sounds like billy clinton is back in school!

  238. 'Nother Son - 'O - Ursus says:

    Re: “The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately,” District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore said to the News-Star. “The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal.”

    My Significant Other just commented: “I don’t think I knew what oral sex was at that age”…

    I agreed, noting that the ONLY reason I knew of such things was because I was a ‘boy-toy, non R.C.C.-division’, enjoyed by various adults during the 3rd. & subsequent grades…
    until I was old/big enough to become a health hazard to molesters.

    Like a certain Senior Catholic Cleric currently making the rounds, Mexico city, trying, no doubt to shore up his crumbling Vatican-castle’s walls, (believer defections, tithes lost, vocations lost / never even considered in the first place), my parental units did absolutely NOTHING, (NO police/NO VD-screening), post assault, to correct the situation / protect ME!

    Statute of limitations issues leave me no options at present except for the
    ‘traditional’ kind…which would place ME in front of a grand jury!

    The republican effort to wage war on woman is one nasty, sorry superficial example of moral relativism!
    They will pay dearly for their legislative assaults, come this November’s, (…and 2016’s), presidential / other elections!

  239. rj21 says:

    hmm, under a desk; sounds like a lost opportunity for a “Show and Tell.”
    maybe that is why the teach got fired!

  240. Kim Bailey says:

    Blacks start having sex at 3 yrs old.
    Just like in the jungle.
    Keep them away from your precious White Human kids.

    1. Rick Dillard says:

      It always amazes me that you “Stormfront” types are always led here by a gay/jewish guy’s website. Ironic! Kim Bailey, you are truly a waste of flesh!

  241. CraigS says:

    Perhaps the kids were role playing. One was President B J Clinton. and the other was Lewinsky>

  242. Halston Thurgood IV says:

    The racial makeup of the city was 23.22% White, 74.79% African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.19% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.13% from other races, and 1.49% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.12% of the population.

    Hmmm, I wonder what race those kids are….

    1. bullrider says:

      The city is 23.22% white. Hey, SOMEONE has to be paying the taxes.

  243. homeschoolmom says:

    Another reason why I chose to homeschool my 4 girls!

    1. Paul says:

      I applaud you, but the sad thing is you are paying for schools you do not use and do not believe in.

  244. ESQ says:

    Houston, we have a problem.

  245. driveby_poster says:

    Sure thing – keep Bill Clinton, but fire the teacher.

    Makes sense to me.

  246. alanwillingham says:

    Was this two males, two females, or a male and female? Also, how could they be under two desks at the same time? Finally, were these students held back for several years and are actually of legal age to give consent?

    Finally, how does someone under a desk have oral sex under a watch? ; )

  247. stevecomptonart says:

    How old are kids in the third grade? 8? Puberty starts at what age? 11? Either these kids were pretty advanced or someone needs to send a social worker to the home!

  248. Oral says:


  249. Oral says:

    GOP is waging a war on todlers

    1. bullrider says:

      Oral is waging a war on intelligence.

  250. Oral says:

    Shauneekwa and Trayvon be gettin’ their freak on!!!

    1. bullrider says:

      Now THAT made sense.

  251. Ray says:

    Race and family income is very relevant to this story.

    94$ of the student in the school are on reduced lunch.

    Tallulah Elementary School Students by Ethnicity:
    American Indian – 0 (0%)
    Asian – 7 (2%)
    Black – 367 (80%)
    Hispanic – 10 (2%)
    White – 74 (16%)

  252. Joe Doakes says:

    I’m sure they will get an A+ in Sexual Education . . .

    Do they have an A/P class . . .

    1. Jim says:

      The sex-ed teacher would grade this behavior as part of “show & tell”.

      They probably make all the kids get naked one day a week (casual Friday) so the can get used to body parts!

      Teaching somebody else kids about sex is CHILD SEX ABUSE.

  253. Gracie Jake says:

    What’s going on at the homes of these kids? Someone had better check. This is a learned behavior.

  254. Casin says:

    Thank Bill Clinton & M’BO’L for that!

  255. Mrs. Fudd says:

    These parents need to be investigated. There is no way an 8 year old should know what to do regarding oral sex. That is wrong in every way. I don’t care how sexualized the media is,…..if 8 year olds know what to do, they are seeing it somewhere and that is SO wrong.

  256. Howard Feinski says:

    I don’t recall ever having gotten under a desk during class except for supposed nuclear bomb drills.

  257. JoeDay says:

    What are the details? Was it Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy? Because that could make a difference in today’s world. Only the Boy/Girl scenario would be wrong. Any other combination would be that they were just exploring their true sexuality and is perfectly OK. In that case, the teacher should be given an award for supporting the liberal agenda. Then again, i wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the kids were 12 or 14 and still in 3rd grade. I’m shocked by very little anymore

  258. picomanning says:

    A more disturbing thought is that the teacher did indeed watch the students have oral sex and did nothing to stop it.

  259. Bubba says:

    Future (Democratic) president!

  260. Paradox says:

    The teacher didn’t know??? What b.s. I really think the pervert teacher told the kids to perform the act.

  261. Erudite Hillbilly says:

    How could something like this happen in a community that is 75% African American!?

  262. libertarian one says:

    Its too late now. Our society has already passed the point of no return. The only salvation other than Christ is either a horrible world war or a pandemic that wipes out most of the population and those who are left reject the moral decay and start over again with the knowledge of what caused the apocalypse. But in time they will forget and go back to evil ways and it will cycle again.

    1. bullrider says:

      Sad to say, you are probably correct. Our society and civilization are being destroyed, there is no more ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, and anything that is logical or makes sense must be destroyed lest it be used against the forces ruining our nation.

    2. Paul says:

      I understand your anguish, but considering the outrage we are seeing on this websites comments proves that moral beliefs aren’t dead.

  263. Mike Mann says:

    Maybe they learned it from a priest?

  264. malachi says:

    gotta hope it wasnt the TEACHERS DESK they were under.

  265. Jon B says:

    What do you call a democrat with half a brain? Gifted

    What do you call a democrat with no brain? Normal
    What do you call a democrat that teaches kids about oral sex? Mr. President

  266. JOSE says:


  267. Indy says:

    After Clinton getting a BJ from Monica Lewinski the dems said it wasn`t considered sex anyway. The teacher considered it good feel time.

  268. Diego Roswell says:

    Nobody wants to read your stupid articles or the inane comments that come with them regarding the state of the public school system in America today. Unless you are going to actually report on the abject waste of money and useless system of public education we have in this country, please stop with the sensationalism. No one wants to read your pornographic fantasies about children. The teachers unions are 100% to blame for the poor performance of the teachers, period. As long as the media, politicians, tax payers and parents continue to kowtow to these useless hacks, we will continue to be raped by their wasteful ways. Do your job CBS and report the news.

  269. Marc says:

    Please people stop acting so shocked. It is called liberalism. The liberal wants porn; the liberal wants sex ed in the classroom; the liberal wants free birth control from everyone. Liberals want abortion on demand. Stop acting amazed and disgusted. This is what YOU want America.

  270. The Bruce says:

    I’m surprised the school didn’t bring in sex councilors to discuss proper technique.

  271. barry1817 says:

    so in a strickly satire comment, what is the problem. Planned parenthood would be so proud, no problem with unwanted pregnancy, and according to past president, this behavior might not even be called having sex.

    That is perhaps how far we have falledn, and the harm that we are doing to children, by encouraging this behavior on all media outlets and then getting excited and upset when they just parrot what is all around them.

  272. Amused Arcadian says:

    Who said it was a boy and girl?? Even in Loosyanna the LBGT agenda marches on

  273. janvones says:

    These are 8 or 9 year olds. I am sure the school’s response would be that were they using condoms it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. But why is only the teacher being disciplined? How about the kid’s single mothers and their baby daddies?

    1. Jim says:

      They don’t know which of their customers is the daddy!

  274. sandy daniels says:

    thats what happens when you glorify sex and despise the Lord God, Wanna blame somebody look in the mirror. as Far as the “reverend” perhaps he should read the Bible before claiming that title.

  275. Bill says:

    This is what humans are

  276. Laker says:

    One would assume that these behaviors were something they learned in their homes, has anybody investigated?

  277. BradCS says:

    These kids are going to need counseling from the counseling, Kids experimenting and using bad judgement is nothing new.
    The teacher probably has to watch over dozens of children and can’t see everything at every moment.
    Tell them to knock it off and move on with life!

    IF the teacher didn’t see it then how do they know it really happened. Adults questioning children about sex acts is far more disgusting, damaging, and creepy then what the kids did with each other.

  278. Patriot says:

    VERITAS VINCIT: I agree 100%. And OH, BTW…are white kids the only one’s whom learn how to accomplish oral sex at an early age? Just asking… 🙂
    hey Teach: What’s REVERSE discrimination?…dohhh Just askin’!

  279. Jeff says:

    Have any of you driven through TALLULAH, La.. Not surprised at this story. The place is a hell hole of the universe. I’ve got a good black friend in La who warned me to never drive through Tallulah after dark if your white; particularly white girls. Driven through twice at night & never will try again. Definitely not a tourist attraction.

  280. cb2000a says:

    Wow..I am rather stunned. Maybe someone should check into the home life of these kids and see it there is any sexual abuse going on.

  281. whats-going-on says:

    It definately has to be they are acting out something they saw because when I was in thrd grade I didn’t know what to do with it beside the obvious body function…geez a total breakdown of civi society is happening…and the teacher doesn’t notice?

  282. whats-going-on says:

    I’m convinced you are seeing a total cllapse of the black subculture in America….no values, no morality, no family, violence, criminality no decency…its unbelieveable….look at haiti and africa and you get an idea of the sope of the problem we face in America

  283. Paul Begala says:

    I luv the way they show a photo of a white kid in the lead in….lol

    This is totally TNB….Probability that the kids were “n|ggers” = 99%

  284. tim says:

    That is why I home school..

  285. Aurum says:

    Students should’ve been expelled and let their useless parents deal with them.

  286. bob says:

    I see they are misleading the public again by showing a white student.

  287. Count Yob says:

    Notice CBSHouston shows a file photo of a white student for an incident occurred at a predominantly black school. Don’t be misled by the media’s racial spin tactics.

  288. Julie says:

    No doubt a product of text books that now have Johnny and Steve, and why Darla has two mommies indoctrination. Then again, if it were two boys doing it the teacher would be sent for “sensitivity” training. And if true the “students” were black and an image of a white child was use, that does smack of racism to me.

  289. Ron says:

    Was it a “White Hispanic” ?????

  290. Fred Lopez says:

    but the kids were not punished
    you know they were obamas…………. the end of America

  291. SomeDude68 says:

    Two elementary school children were caught having oral sex underneath a desk at Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana. According to GreatSchools.org, the school in question is 80% black and only 14% white.

    The station shows an unrelated stock photograph of a white student. Instead of simply censoring the race of the perpetrator when a black commits a crime, media outlets will actually show an unrelated stock photo of a white person to try to trick the public into assuming the perpetrator or perpetrators were white.

    Why the misdirection?

    1. Howard Feinski says:

      To be politically and culturally correct, the child should be halfway in between so that neither race gets blamed. OK, wait, why doesn’t that work?

  292. Voice says:

    Probably two little future dime pieces.

  293. Mohammed Ali says:

    Everyone is missing the obvious. In order for a young child to even know hos to do this is because an adult is doing it to them. They should have been removed from their homes and placed in child protective services. Jimmy the Greek was right, they have watered down the gene pool.

  294. John says:

    This school is 80% black. So why is CBS choosing a stock image of a white student?

    Do not believe the media lies.

  295. Peter J. Fusco says:

    And people poke fun at Rick Santorum for wanting to get rid of pornography on the Internet. I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever thought the kind of filth that is presented to people, and to which the least bit tech savvy kid is exposed, falls under the protection of the First Amendment. Parents who are naive enough to believe their children are somehow protected from such soul-numbing trash by schools should be sent to clinics for the terminally stupid. You tell me…is this not the world turned upside down? Eight year old children engaging in an act they could only be copying. America isn’t sick, it’s effectively dead.

  296. vmatt says:

    Two words: home school.

  297. Sad State says:

    Sad world we live in now……not only do these types of things happen. Some “upstanding” citizens think it’s funny. Some think it’s normal. Some think it’s okay because it’s available to kids, and heaven forbid we restrict freedom of speech.

    When we took Morals out of life — we took common sense too.

    Tough conversations with kids have to happen at a younger age than ever before. Sorry but it’s true. Have those conversations — and let them know of the consequences of participating in things that are beyond their ability to handle.

    Give you kids dreams to pursue. Then let them know what can stand in front of those dreams. They’ll be able to figure out what to do….but talk to them, be there for them, don’t let them put themselves in tough situations.

    Keep your eyes open, tell them “no’ when your gut says “no”, and let them know you will love them no matter what. Better to help them deal with one bad issue instead of making them think they have to hide it, and then it gets progressively worse…..

    The future scares me — mostly because of the kind of comments I’ve heard on here…..

  298. Tom Roberts says:

    Was putting congenital cannibals into the white kids schools really such a good idea? Has it improved graduation rates? LMAO

  299. Osamas Pajamas says:

    If the kids didn’t learn about this practice from friends or relatives or from the internet, you can always count on the Democrats who run the public schools to teach your little kids about sex. By the way, what was the geneder of each of the students in this classroom sexual encounter?

  300. charles says:

    3rd grade? I could not understand sex at that age. I wasn`t even able to have sex to begin with because my body wasn`t mature at that age.

  301. Mary says:

    I read where the students involved were black. So, why is a stock photo of a white boy used in this story?????????????

  302. mostPeoplearePrettyokay says:

    I am lucky to have both sides of America in my family – a very socialist dad and a very libertarian brother – so I do get a lot of these arguments. What saddens me more than the polarization of our country is the demonization of the opposing side.

    Most people I run into – conservative or liberal – want the same fundamental things: decent jobs, safe neighborhoods, a bright future for their children, good health for the families and some sunshine on the weekends.

    Come on people. Turn off the TV and radio hosts!

  303. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

    I bet one or both of these kids had been sexually abused by an adult and was acting out.

  304. Joeb says:

    Third graders having oral sex! What kind corrupt society have we become. There’s filth everywhere – on tv, the Internet, magazines, hip-hop/rap music, and the underclass who walk the streets with their underwear down to their knees. This is absolutely disgusting. Don’t blame the teacher for not controlling that band of perverted monkeys.

  305. michael says:

    The media reports that shortly before the discovery was made, Bush was seen leaving the school. Though no actual footage was taken, the inference is that this is clearly Bush’s fault.

  306. Linda says:

    How does a third grade public school girl know about performing oral sex? I would check out the home she comes from – maybe this girl has become the toy of incest and she is doing what is done to her. Investigate the home and it would be suggested that the social services physician examine the girl to make sure she is intact and hasn’t been a sex slave at home or in neighbors’ houses.

  307. Jim says:

    I bet the majority of kids in this school are in welfare families and 25% of them have no idea who “daddy” is!

  308. MTB says:

    I thought President Clinton argued that “oral” sex is not “sex”? He was an idiot just as the teacher is an idiot…just as public schools are run by the idiotic teachers’ union…