MEXICO CITY (CBS Houston/AP) — A 7.4-magnitude earthquake rattled Acapulco, Mexico, a favorite tourist destination, Tuesday afternoon, causing widespread damage and toppling hundreds of houses.

The United States Geological Survey reports that the quake’s epicenter was 11 miles underground and 115 miles from Acapulco, in the Oaxaca region, where President Obama’s 13-year-old daughter Malia is reportedly staying for spring break. The White House tells CBS Houston that Malia is safe.

“In light of today’s earthquake, we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger,” Kristina Schake, communications director to Michelle Obama, told CBS Houston. “We would reiterate our request that the media respect the privacy and security of the Obama children and not report on or photograph the girls when they are not with their parents.”

The Guerrero state government emergency personnel reports 800 residential building collapses, though the survey is still incomplete.

“You can definitely have some pretty significant damage for the region,” USGS geophysicist Julie Dutton told CBS Houston, adding they have seen aftershocks in the 5.0-magnitude range since the initial quake.

Residents near the epicenter describe being shook side-to-side.

“It was very strong, but we didn’t see anything fall,” Irma Ortiz, who runs a guesthouse in Oaxaca, told the Associated Press.

Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero ordered the immediate dispatch of help and support personnel to the area. Mexican President Felipe Calderon instructed the immediate transfer of medical brigades to serve affected populations like in Igualapa where houses are reported affected; Cuajinicuilapa, where several larger buildings were affected and in Huajintepec, the epicenter.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says there is no tsunami threat for the region.

Reuters reports that buildings shook and people fled into the streets in Mexico City.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard took to Twitter to say that “no serious damage” has been reported in the schools but there are “several properties with cracks, broken glass, or tilt.”

A woman who answered the phone at General Hospital in Putla Villa de Guerrero told CBS News that there have been people treated for only minor injuries.

There have been no reported deaths from the earthquake.

Los Angeles International Airport officials say the three airlines serving Acapulco from LAX do not report any delays following the earthquake.

Airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles says three airlines have five daily connecting flights from LAX to Acapulco with a change of aircraft in Mexico City.

Castles says four of the flights had departed Los Angeles before Tuesday’s quake and the remaining afternoon flight is still scheduled to depart.

Castles says passengers scheduled to depart to Acapulco should nonetheless check the flight status with their airline before coming to the airport.

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Comments (143)
  1. John Freiheit says:

    Wow that is a HUGE earthquake ! There building codes arent up to snuff either… and right on the coast there could even be a Tsunami coming depending on where it was. WOW hope everyone is ok but I supsect a lot of injured or even dead.

    1. dessertgirl says:

      Puerto Escondido (one of the destinations) on the coast of Oaxaca has very bad undertows in normal weather. You cannot swim on most of the beaches. Even a small disturbance could be very dangerous.

      1. ShockingNews says:

        My God an earthquake? Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

    2. Dennis says:

      The quake was east of Acapulco so the danger of a tsunami is non-existent. Tsunamis are caused by displacement of earth into or under the sea (though movement at a subduction fault under the sea is most likely to cause massive tsunamis that cause widespread damage over great areas). Both the Japan and Indonesia tsunamis were caused by a massive event at a subduction fault. There are subduction fault zones along the Mexican Coast and most of South America. There are also subduction plates beginning in Northern California through Alaska, through the Aleutians and down the Eastern part of Asia and into Indonesia.

    3. Bob Johnson says:

      The earthquake was under land. It won’t make a tsunami.

    4. RS says:

      Six miles deep should keep damage and causalities down. In case anybody doesn’t understand, when the Sun sends out large electromagnetic pulses, it causes the electromagnetic current emanating from the Earth’s core to put additional stress on the tectonic plates as it ripples through the planet. Always expect more earthquakes when the Sun is very active, like it has been lately.

      The Sun is the boss of so many things that happen on this planet, especially weather and natural phenomenon. But since the massive egos that promote global warming can’t even pretend to control the Sun, it’s all about our puny cars and power plants.

      1. says:

        Exactly Right, and it’s not just the Earth.

        I remember seeing photos of the melting ice-caps on Mars. As there are no people or automobiles on Mars why then are the polar ice-caps melting one would ask.

        This question is one that could not be dismissed but the pictures were promptly removed and the story just disappeared.

      2. squirefld says:

        I wonder how long it’s going to take until someone blames the fracking for natural gas, in Youngstown, Ohio?

    5. GRDIII says:

      No deaths or injuries due to the Mexican population all being in the United States illegally

      1. jan says:


    6. Kruel Hunter says:

      I take it that you did not read the actual article since it specified that no damage has been reported and no one was reportedly injured. There has been no sign of a tsunami either.

  2. dooky says:


  3. SoupySales says:

    It’s Obama’s fault.

    1. Spanky Spankster says:

      Surely it is the fault of Bush or the Tea Party.

      (just saving some libunatic from typing his stock talking point)

      1. John Paulstrom Southwalk says:

        It’s my fault, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

    2. David says:

      No it is bushes fault!

      1. SoupySales says:

        Or, maybe a couple trees, too!! 🙂

        I’m sure Obama will make sure to blame President Bush if he thinks it will help his re-election!

    3. Bonnie says:

      Nope, we all know it’s Bush’s fault.

    4. Marlene Klim says:

      No problem. Remember he’s the one that believes people shouldn’t be punished by having a child. Apparently, that’s how he feels about his own. Who sends a 13 year old on Spring Break. Especially to a country totally embroiled in DRUG CARTEL WARS.

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Can someone explain why the Obama daughter is in Mexico on “spring break” without her parents? I mean, seiously, the kid is 13 freaking years old. 25 secret service? How much is THAT costing us? Barak O’Bozo and Michelle Antionette have consistantly shown the worst judgment imaginable. ANY whim of theirs is OK since we are paying for it…and our press just smiles and carries their water.

    1. Hurricane Bob says:

      My thoughts exactly. My tax dollars at work

    2. SoupySales says:

      Lorenzo, you said my thoughts exactly. I went to Mazatlan with a friend and one parent…when I was sixteen!! And, that was back before there was this much policital unrest in Mexico. DUMB.

    3. Spanky Spankster says:

      This is a political move by Barry.

      Mostly, he’s wooing legal Hispanic voters by sending his daughter to Mexico – a place that no American should be sending a 13-year old for spring break due to crime.

      Also, consider the fact that the cartels have now taken over many resorts and legitimate businesses. If you spend a dollar in Mexico, the chances are good that more than 25% goes to a cartel-owned business.

      Mexico is hurting because of reduced tourism from the USA. Barry is just paying back the cartels who are backing his reelection. They appreciate the encouragement Barry has given illegal immigrants by being lax on them and by promising amnesty in the future. Illegal immigration helps cartels.

      1. SoupySales says:

        You’re right, Spanky. It’s (the tourism advertising) probably payback to the Mexican cartel drug dealers that Obama didn’t deport from the U.S. so to win their vote in the Fall. Which means Obama is exploiting his daughter at the cost of her personal safety.

      2. watchtheborders says:

        She’s got 11 friends with her, and 25 secret service agents providing their security.

      3. littleleers says:

        Spanky, you are so correct. Obama will stop at nothing to give himself (or what he naively believes) is a political advantage come election time. These folks never stop vacationing, but what burns me is that they always take along a large number of “friends”. All of this security protection, fuel burning, extra armored vehicles, etc, on our dime.

    4. dessertgirl says:

      Hope Malia and her friends enjoyed Air Force II! Is there any cost to the friends for the trip?

      1. free man says:

        Gee….. maybe the president could stop spending our MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They could have a stay cation

    5. GETTACLUE says:

      No one with any common sense would allow this. B.O. and M.O are just as bad parents as they are Americans. First Family Gone Wild ! SPEND_SPEND_SPEND_You reap what you sow (stole)

    6. lhedger says:

      i got a 13 yr old can i get 25 secret service agents right away for her spring break?

      1. Sid says:

        hey I can get 24 of my buddies to accept money to go to the beach and watch your kid, but you’ll have to pay us. And it will be expensive.

    7. keith says:

      She went to mexico to get the cheap birth control

    8. Leigh Ann says:

      25 Secret Service to watch Malia and 12 of her little girl friends, all at a cost to the US Taxpayer. I thought we were in a economic slowdown…my bad. I can’t say what I want to in public. It gets you censored.

    9. Marlene Klim says:

      How would you like to be the Secret Service agent that has to babysit a bunch of 13 year old brats. That is worse than walking the dog.

  5. keeble says:

    How does 11 miles underground and 115 miles away count as “near Acapulco”?

    1. hater says:

      Its probably just some sort of foreign exchange program. Obama’s daughter goes to Mexico for a week and Mexico gets to send 20,000,000 people into the US forever.

      1. OBG says:

        Good one! LOL

      2. Suz says:

        LOL I agree

    2. djohnson says:

      How does Acapulco count as a popular tourist attraction?

  6. hooah! says:

    Decent news, considering this might have an impact on the corruption and drug runners down there. On a side note – Biden is an idiot.

  7. NJwilleatyou says:


    1. Sando says:

      Indeed it is!!
      15 trillion in debt
      gas prices thru the roof
      Operation Fast and Furious-gate
      Unemployment at a all time high
      NO HOPE

  8. Lance says:

    Well look who is visiting. The Gods are angry

    1. bryan says:

      no, God is angry. Singular 😉

      1. Phil says:

        Allahu Akbar

      2. fromthegarden says:

        maybe our “Christian president” will rethink his many gods statement!!

      3. Spanky Spankster says:

        Obama akbar!

    2. william says:

      I agree is it a sign against the OBAMA family

  9. JERRY says:

    Ummm, didn’t CBS Houston get the memo about not mentioning Obama’s daughter’s travel plans? You’re gonna get a spanking!

    1. erv says:

      they have now recieved the memo. Malia has been erased from the article. Comments will be next.

    2. SoupySales says:

      The story has already been out for a couple of days (or, however long she’s been gone), so too late ! It’s been on The Drudge Report for a couple days.

  10. Don Murphy (@vidiir) says:

    hm, right on cue.

  11. Darla says:

    Mexico starting to feel the wrath of GOD for all their citizens living here on our dime!!!!

  12. Bucky Boy says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!

    1. Spanky Spankster says:

      Or the tea party.

      Or Reagan.

      Or Millard Fillmore.

  13. bob says:

    As long as I can get tacos, i’m good, thxu.

  14. erv says:

    They have now recieved the memeo. Malia has been erased from the articles. The comments are next to go.

  15. Todd says:

    Who sends a 13 year old to Mexico with the parents staying home…. Biden is an idiot

    1. Spanky Spankster says:

      “Who sends a 13 year old to Mexico with the parents staying home”

      Someone who is wooing legal Hispanic voters…

      1. Marlene Klim says:

        Maybe a dud that knows he has about 7 months left til he GETS FIRED. After that, he’ll have to take the kid himself.

  16. Todd says:


    1. who's the idiot says:

      Why? No one else’s kids are off limits it. It’s called FREE SPEECH and it’s NOT just for the left.

    2. Sando says:

      Why, you want her for yourself?
      You big child molester

  17. Sarasota Pete says:

    Isn’t Sahsa the one on vacation?

    1. Pooky says:

      I don’t know. They all look the same to me.

  18. Stephen says:

    I didn’t know they were tracking in Acapulco.

    1. Stephen says:

      Should say “fracking” – dam autocorrect

      1. Syd says:

        T9 socks!

  19. Since when do 13-year-olds go on spring break? Strange.

    1. Lorenzo says:

      Strange? Not if you aren’t paying for it? I’m only surprised she only took 11 friends with her and not the entire families of every Democrat super-pac contributor and cash bundler.

    2. Jeffry Imelted says:

      Contraception available in Mexico for free?
      ……it is an evil Catholic dominated country……I’m just sayin 😉

  20. Syd says:

    Solar Activity people. It was Mr. Sun. Take a look at nooa DOT gov Solar Wind Prediction

  21. John says:

    OK Let’s think about this. The President’s daughter goes to Mexico with 25 Secret Service agents and her friends. Something goes wrong, who are the Secret Service going to protect? What were the other kids’ parents thinking? I expect stupidity from the Annointed One….

  22. suzanne says:

    I resent these blood suckers in the White House always spending somebody else’s money and living like kings. That is what they are used to their whole life long and at the same time spitting at this land and the very people that have given the everything.

  23. Pat says:

    Why didn’t the White House call FOX news to let them know Malia was ok?

  24. Kelly says:

    What I want to know is if there is an adult chaperone?? I mean, someone besides the secret service.

    1. Jeffry Imelted says:

      You’d think the Wookie wouldn’t miss a chance to go on vacation from vacation.

      It’s like the Denzel Washington movie, Creasie is watching little Malica.

  25. John320 says:

    So where is Malia going to take her “black” friends?

  26. Jeffry Imelted says:

    I don’t remember Libs leaving Sara Palin’s kids alone? I also remember the many pictures of the Bush daughters at college, with the press praying for something like a DUI or how they drank all the time.

    Amazing what hypocrites liberals are lol

    BTW, it’s my F’in business that they are spending our National Treasure carting their ass around for their….how many vacations does this make? I think it’s what number 4.
    Let them eat cake Barry FBHO!

  27. teotwawki says:

    Of the 234 words in this story, 82 of them reference Obama’s daughters. That’s 42 percent. Sorry, but Obama’s daughters are a non story in relation to this earthquake.

  28. Billy says:

    Michelle farted?

  29. Jay Yung says:

    Surely it is an Omen of the earthquake that will occur in November of this year. What could be the chance that the very time the Obamas are vacationing that there would be an earthquake? The last time a quake happened in the area seems to have been about 1985:

    “Mexico has a long history of destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In September 1985, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale and centered in the subduction zone off Acapulco killed more than 4,000 people in Mexico City, more than 300 kilometers away.”

    Here is hoping that the folks of Mexico in their quest to survive don’t get in the way of the “Vacationing Obamas.” With time passing so quickly until Papa gets voted out of office, these vacation buffs have many sights to see before they will no longer be able to enjoy the royal treatment afforded by the American taxpayers.

  30. Steve says:

    How many 13 year olds are given the privelage of going to Mexico on Spring Break? I wasn’t, parents could defintely not afford to send me to, well anywhere, on spring break. But as long as the taxpayers are footing the bill, guess Obama is just all right with this. And, isn’t spring break a college thing?

  31. Lunch Lady says:

    Since when do thirteen-year-olds go on spring break? And what of this particular thirteen-year-old? Does she need a break from the rigors of being a spoiled, pampered White House brat? PEOPLE ARE STARVING IN THE UNITED STATES (and in Africa, in case there’s no interest in one’s home continent or country). Right wing = Left wing. Unless we break from the partisan ruts we’ve dug for ourselves, we as a nation will continue our descent to ultimate decline. That said, glad to hear that Mexicans (the ones who love their country and live in it) are OK

  32. Lisa Pell says:

    private school vacation to mexico- nice

  33. Russ says:

    My parents didn’t let me go to Acapulco and drink underage (in U.S. terms) until I was 20; that was 13 years ago. My only fear back then was getting either hit by a speeding Volkswagon beetle (i.e. every taxi) or getting Montezuma’s Revenge; I did not escape the latter…thanks Senor Frogs.

  34. SunnyR says:

    These Brats are no longer “off limits” when their father brings them into a bogus tirade about Contraception and when a 13 year old is being sent on a frivolous “Spring Break” trip to Mexico that is going to cost he Taxpayers a few MILLION dollars!

    This entire ignorant administration is ONE AND DONE! Most people in this country can’t even take their kids to Grandma’s house, 60 miles away, with the sky-high price of gasoline and the idiot in the WH is oblivious to their suffering.

  35. Richard says:

    OBAMA must go….that being said, give his 13 year old daughter a break….cheap shots against young teens disgust me…

    1. Marti says:

      So Richard, you’re disgusted. Who cares? Malia Obama has NO BUSINESS going on a taxpayer all-expenses paid vacation. She’s not elected to anything. She is NOT off limits anymore buddy. She put her number 11 shoes right in the big middle of it. How many 13 yeard old 6 foot tall amazons get these kind of lovely things gratis the taxpayers? Not nobody not ever until the Obama’s came to town. They are a family wrecking ball that needs to be dumped in the dirtiest river in the world.

    2. Sando says:

      Obummer made their daughters public figures, so they are game.
      And you sound like a child molester, pretending to protect 13 year olds.

      1. Johnson says:

        Despicable. I’m a Brit, and you RIght wing cons are the most racist people to walk this planet. Four more years, cannot wait until Obama is re-elected.

  36. Some Guy says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  37. pat says:

    Malia is staying not that far away from the quake. Let’s make sure all are okay instead of snipping!p

  38. dee says:

    ”We would reiterate our request that the media respect the privacy and security of the Obama children and not report on or photograph the girls when they are not with their parents.”

    Did CBS not get this message? LOL.

  39. G says:

    Why is the presidents daughter included in this story?
    Was she the only person in Mexico at the time of the earthquake?

  40. Gary Johnson says:

    Perhaps it will close the border…..

  41. Foff says:

    Yeah respect Malaria’s privacy. Like the media did with the Bush girls, right? HYPOCRITES.

  42. Will (ishigum) says:

    I was hoping to get more information about the EARTHQUAKE CBS…

  43. danspence says:

    Breaking news…………..President Obama just signed an emergency executive order which bans all earthquakes, he says this is easily achievable so long as the rich pay their fair-share in taxes

  44. momo says:

    Thank goodness Malia is safe after that terrible earthquake. I appreciate that CBS putting our minds at rest that this precious little girl is unharmed. oh yeah, and I hope the little people are safe too.

  45. miked says:


  46. jschm says:

    The Presdients daughter is safe but CBSNEWS took the article down.. Guess it is suppossed to be a secret that she’s on an 8th grade trip with 12 friends and 25 secret service agents.

  47. ChiefThunderCloud says:

    Sounds like Michelle may be in the area. Oh that’s right thunder goes with rain.

  48. Sando says:

    Who cares what happens to MALA OWAMA and MUCHELLE.

    They are spending so much money on trips before they go back to the getto.

  49. Practical says:

    Why the HELL would a thirteen year old go on Sporing Break. Why would 25 taxpayer paid security guards be involved, plus travel and other costs?

  50. J9 says:

    I hear his daughter won a wet training bra contest….

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