sexy 161 Voting For Sexy Sweet Sixteen Now Open!
Click on the bracket to see the full-size printable version.

Last week, your votes determined the winner of the four play-in games. Congratulations to #9 Katherine Whaley, #10 Melissa Wilson, #9 Michelle Merhar and #7 Irika Sargent on winning their matchups.

So the voting is now open for the Josh Innes bracket in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen. Voting for Josh’s bracket will close on Wednesday, Mar. 21 at 2:30 p.m. Voting for the Rich Lord bracket will being on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

Here are the matchups. (See photos of the lovely ladies.)

#1 Kristin Kane (Fox26) v #10 Melissa Wilson (Fox26)

#3 Chita Johnson (KHOU) v #6 Lily Jang (KHOU)

#4 Gina Gaston (KTRK) v #5 Lisa Hernandez (KHOU)

#2 Jennifer Reyna (KPRC) v #9 Katherine Whaley (KHOU)

Comments (42)
  1. juan says:

    where are the other 4 match ups

    1. Lannie says:

      I am with you brother !

      1. Pistol Pete says:

        Read the article and don’t just look at the pictures, horn digs, and you’ll see the other bracket votes start on Wednesday. Idiotic, Houston bubba jerks.

  2. Animals of the world says:

    Jennifer vs. Katherine?

    Two hot traffic ladies up against each other!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Why is jennifer losing?

    1. Pistol Pete says:

      Her grossly huge head? The fact she is not attractive? The fact she struggles to speak in coherent sentences? I vote all of the above, but primarily because she is not attractive.

      1. Texans Rock says:

        Bet you’re short, overweight, and unattractive. But hey, its okay to have high standards for the women you spend all your interweb time with.

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    Jen Reyna is beyond unattractive. Do you guys even look at her oblong hear and scrunchy face?

    1. Matt says:


    2. Pistol Pete says:

      1. Texans suck
      2. Reyna is the least attractive person in this event.

      1. KG says:

        Someone is jealous of Jennifer Reyna….c’mon lady we understand, but don’t worry we are all beautiful in our own way

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Oblong HEAD. Sorry.

  6. Lee Chatham says:

    Whaley’s face to Reyna’s face is like diamonds to mud.

    1. Clean and Green says:

      I concur

  7. BignoseChris says:

    Katherine Whaley is really skinny. The camera adds 10 pounds and she is still skinny and she has a nose bigger than mine and mine is large. Jennifer is a Babe but frankly the best looking gal is Lilly Jang.

    1. BradT says:

      lily jang is a total hottie. hands down cutest smile on tv.

  8. katherinewhaleyfan says:


    1. katherinewhaleyfan says:

      FRIEND TRYING TO HELP KAT OUT, she asked me take them down but you can’t delete comments 🙂

  9. katherinewhaleyfan says:


    1. katherinewhaleyfan says:

      FRIEND TRYING TO HELP KAT OUT, she asked me take them down but you can’t delete comments

  10. katherinewhaleyfan says:


    1. katherinewhaleyfan says:

      Friend TRYING TO HELP KAT OUT, she asked me take them down but you can’t delete comments

    2. Vira says:

      Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wetnad to saythat I have really enjoyed reading your posts. In any caseI’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  11. katherinewhaleyfan says:


  12. katherinewhaleyfan says:


  13. Old Skool Ozzie says:

    “Duke” Reyna, like the Duke Blue Devils in this year’s NCAA Tournament, is completely undeserving of a #2 seed, and her lack of game, skills and ability will result in her losing in the first round.

  14. Daniel Honig says:

    Is this contest just for tv girls? Have you all seen Samantha Jordan from KTRH 740? That girl is smoking hot!

    1. Pistol Pete says:

      Agree. If they allowed radio, Telemundo and Bloggers, then none of the KPRC nags would’ve been in the brackets. HEE-HAW!

      1. Aashis says:

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      2. Kamil says:

        Hi Ashley,It’s Cassandra, Russ’ wife I love reading your blog so fun to get a gpimlse into your life. You and your family are beautiful and encouraging! Pray you are all well Keep up the blogging!

    2. Harry says:

      For radio folks I nominate:

      -KTBZ – Theresa
      -KTBZ – Jessica
      -KSBJ – Copellia
      -KKBQ – Erica Rico
      -KKHH – Kelly Kelly

      1. Mark says:

        Dude you should see Samantha JOrdan from KTRH. She would bury all these chicks and then some.

  15. ab says:

    Need Cindy Burbano from Telemundo

  16. BradT says:

    Lily Jang is new to the station. KHOU is doing something Right!!!!!!!!! Seen this picture?,r:17,s:0 Girl smokes them all!!

    1. annamegan says:

      Brad, that photo is in the gallery. Where have you been, bro?! Thanks for reading and voting! –AMR

      1. DL says:

        AMR, when does Kristin Kane ever appear on the air? Since she has won last year I have not seen her once on the air.

  17. Mark says:

    They need radio girls in there. I don’t even know who some of these “finalists” are. I nominate Samantha Jordan from KTRH and Teresa from the Buzz.

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