babe bracket Unveiling The 2012 Media Hotties Tourney

Click on the bracket to see the full-size, printable version.

Voting for the four play-in games is now open. But before you vote, browse through these photos to get a good look at who’s in our bracket.

There are two play-in games on either side of the bracket. Voting ends on Friday at 5:30 p.m. CT.

Josh Innes Bracket

The winner of #7 Rekha Muddarej V #10 Melissa Wilson will advance to face #1 Kristin Kane.

The winner of #8 Rita Garcia V #9 Katherine Whaley will advance to face #2 Jennifer Reyna.

Rich Lord Bracket

The winner of #7 Irika Sargent V #10 Casey Curry will advance to face #1 Mia Gradney.

The winner of #8 Patricia Lopez V #9 Michelle Merhar will advance to face #2 Dominique Sachse.

Comments (61)
  1. Rob in Houston says:

    (1) How do you NOT have Chita Johnson as a 1-seed? WOW!
    (2) How do the Houston natives not have 1-round byes? There totally need to be some Opening Round games to give Sachse, Jang, Whaley, and any other Houston natives a bye.

    1. Josh_Innes_Sucks says:

      Sachse is not a Houston native. Just pretends to be. Plus, she’s too old and unsightly for this tournament.

      1. houstonhog says:

        you are correct, too-much plastic surgery on Sachse as well.

      2. Tristar says:

        Sachse may not have been born here but she went to Memorial HS and UH.

    2. SId Delicious says:

      Chita and Freeman have more black roots than Kunta Kinta!

    3. Animals of the world says:

      Sachse is from Atlanta, so no.

  2. Fire_Josh_Innes says:

    Dominique is too fake! Way too much plastic surgery! Jennifer Reyna all the way!

    1. Josh_Innes_Sucks says:

      Agree on your sachse take…but Reyna has a head as big as a blinp and is not an attractive woman.

      1. CBG says:

        Were any of those photos of Sachse taken this century?

  3. Snack says:

    Deborah Wrigley…

    dark horse candidate…

  4. Snack says:

    I’m voting for Clare Nevaraez…traffic never looked so good!!!!!

  5. cypress says:

    You misspelled Lily’s last name in the bracket. cmon’ now…

    1. Snack says:

      Hey…let’s start a new bracket…

      Worst looking media chick in Houston…

      Deborah Wrigley…#1 seed in all brackets…LOL!!!

      1. ProfessorLove says:

        I think Jacquez, Freeman, Reyna and Sachse would get those #1 seeds….

      2. houstonhog says:

        she’s got my vote, hardest women to look-at, on Houston media.

  6. Ray says:

    Whaley should have been seeded higher but the Josh bracket is stacked.

  7. D Rod says:

    Nefertitti is a snob!!

    Jessica Wiley got SNUBBED!!!

    1. Snack says:

      Nef is HOT!!!!!!

      1. Pistol Pete says:

        She looks like she was performing in Montrose when Michael Berry was denting bumpers (allegedly).

  8. D Rod says:

    Didnt Dominique just get a divorce? She’s already engaged again??? DAMMMN

    “I aint saying shes a Gold Digger”

    She doesnt deserve the high seed that face is getting tighter than a fat woman’s stocking

    1. ProfessorLove says:

      Yep. She’s 50, all about presenting an image when really she’s a fake, and she’s now engaged to some 80 year old sugar daddy. (Who she was dating while he was still married…)
      I guess following the Anna Nicole Smith playbook of fake everything and marry for money is in style.

  9. Brownie says:

    In most pictures and on air appearances by Reyna, her fake right boob is always about an inch or two higher than the fake left one.

    1. Animals of the world says:

      Something is wrong with you…her boobs are perfect!

  10. Costanza says:

    Chita’s sportin’ quite a pooch belly in thqat onbe picture in the gold skirt.

  11. handsome bob says:

    you guys are blind!! adele uchida is one of the hottest women in the entire city, but she is always overlooked

    1. Snack says:

      Seriously? Hee-hee…

  12. AUSTIN 3:16 says:


  13. CBG says:

    Shouldn’t Sachse be competing in the Seniors Tour?

  14. Old Skool Ozzie says:

    This is more like an NIT field than a NCAA field. Where are the radio babes? Or the real TV babes? Notable snubs on first glance include Lisa Chavarria, Kristine Galvan and Sally MacDonald. For KPRC, only Courtney Gilmore, Alexandra Lewis, Irika Sargent and Rachel McNeill should be here. Radar the Weather Dog should have been included before you added those other 3. Good job not inviting Bomke and Raley to the dance. Gradney should be excluded too – has she even been on TV in the last 5 years? If so, she should be a play-in at best.

  15. AUSTIN 3:16 says:

    sonia azad and jessica willey also got snob

    1. Snack says:

      Too skinny…

  16. Dbob says:

    Yeah let Dominique sneak inot my room at night. MMMMMMM

    1. Snack says:

      She couldn’t handle the pressure…LOL!!!

  17. R says:

    You snubbed Jessica Wiley from ABC13

    1. Snack says:

      Take the makeup away from all the candidates and you’ll move Nef to the front of the pack. Most of these chicks looks come from the MAC store in the Galleria…LOL!!!

      1. SId Delicious says:

        Are you kidding? Take Nef’s makeup away and you can see an Adam’s Apple.

  18. jackrabbit713 says:

    Hey how are ya going to leave out Natalie Bomke very sexy from fox way better then some of these girls on here.

    1. Mark says:

      She was one of the top best last year. For this reason she gets a break.

      1. jackrabbit713 says:

        Ok thank you for info she is very sexy .

      2. SId Delicious says:

        Bull. Bomke’s busy preparing for the KentuckyDerby and her jockey wouldn’t let her enter this competition.

    2. Pistol Pete says:

      Bomke looked hideous in that bleached blonde hair…but her current mop of fake red hair is 100 times worse. She should stick with ber natural black hair since on her best day, she’s only a 2-of-10

  19. Mark says:

    Go Chita and Jennifer! I know Jennifer was robbed last year, IT MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!

    1. SId Delicious says:

      robbed? she’s like a non-winner at the Oscars….she should be gratefull she was even nominated!!

  20. Freebird says:

    I predict that Jennifer Reyna is the Ron Paul of this contest. So well liked but will never win.

    1. SId Delicious says:

      Ron Paul is better looking…

      1. Freebird says:


  21. KevinK says:

    this is def. a disappointing list. where’s Chavarria??

  22. Dave Grohl says:

    I know there’s this excessive talk about Nef and all, she’s beautiful but where’s all the talk for Chita? Goodness? Ever seen her? She should’ve gotten the #1 seed.

  23. AUSTIN 3:16 says:

    lisa chita katherine one of them should win

  24. Chico says:

    Where’s Jessica Willey? Theres a hottie!

  25. Ryan says:

    Wheres the telemundo girls?

    1. Snack says:

      Great point…those chicks are flaming HOT!!!!

  26. Kayla says:

    Everyone needs to vote for Erica hope you did

  27. Barbara says:

    Chiita Johnson is such a beautiful lady and Houston is lucky to have her… #1!

  28. Bone says:

    Nefertiti !!!

  29. Mykola says:

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