AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Gov. Rick Perry has directed Texas health officials to look for funds to cover the cost of the Medicaid Women’s Health Program if the federal government pulls its funding amid a fight over Planned Parenthood.

The governor sent a letter Thursday to Thomas Suehs, head of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, directing him to work with leaders in the Legislature to identify money that can be used for the program.

Perry’s office made a copy of that letter available to The Associated Press before it was released to the public.

The Obama administration is threatening to suspend federal funding for the about $40 million program since Perry says he doesn’t want Planned Parent included because it provides abortions.

Federal funds currently cover 90 percent of the prorgam’s costs.

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Comments (5)
  1. VincentEHatch says:

    When my husband and I planned for an early retirement we were both in our 50’s. Not only were we retiring, but we were moving to Nashville, TN. Since we resigned from our jobs, we knew we would have to buy health insurance and dental insurance in Tennessee. We purchased a PPO family plan, for just my husband and me, through Penny_Health . We paid for the family plan ourselves, initially, the cost was a little less than $400 a month for both of us. Our co-pay was very reasonable at $25 each per office visit.

  2. kris8124 says:

    It’s time to stop the taxpayer funded BAIL OUT of Planned Parenthood and give women the comprehensive healthcare they deserve.

    I applaud Governor Perry for his principled position to follow state law and exclude the abortion industry from the Women’s Health Program as he diligently sought to renew and expand the women’s healthcare in Texas.

    Planned Parenthood is a poor investment of public funds. Planned Parenthood offers only a narrow range of services and is unwilling or incapable of offering comprehensive primary and preventative care. Planned Parenthood cannot treat breast cancer and they do not even have mammogram machines. Planned Parenthood offers no prenatal care.

    The only time a woman will see a doctor at Planned Parenthood is if she is there for an abortion. Women deserve better!

  3. Adele Roberson says:

    Yes, women deserve better and that is knowing they are responsible for their own lives, and living their lives as they see fit. They should make and be responsible for their own decisions.
    Women do not need someone like you and Rick Perry to make their decisions for them.
    The fact that you applaud Rick Perry “principled position”
    tells me more about you than I care to know.
    Rick Perry has not held a principled postion in his life.

  4. JoAnn Murray says:

    The facts speak for themselves. Planned Parenthood should not receive government funding since it only offers limited reproductive care at its clinics. Comprehensive health care centers (FQHC’s) take care of the whole family . Taxpayer money is better spent on them. And don’t forget, Planned Parenthood clinics are also important referral clinics for their very profitable surgical abortion centers. That alone is enough reason to disqualify them from the Women’s Health Program.

  5. Deirdre says:

    So sad that President Obama is putting politics over women’s health. Women deserve better than Planned Parenthood.

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