HOUSTON ( CBS Houston) – Major League Baseball quietly has confirmed that if the Astros are to wear their throwback Colt .45 jerseys in this upcoming season that the gun can no longer be a part of the logo. The team is scheduled to wear the uniforms twice.

This is the same MLB that altered the Tampa Bay Rays throwback uniforms last year when they wore the Tampa Bay Smokers uniforms from 1951. The Rays were allowed to wear the uniforms but without the smoking cigar.

Logos are a part of baseball history. That history shouldn’t be changed. Isn’t this the same major sports organization that still allows a hatchet across the Braves uniforms?  So a smoking gun or a cigar is a problem yet a hatchet which was used to skin skulls is okay?

By making these moves, MLB has brought more undue attention to these objects than what is warranted. Yet on that same field that these uniforms are altered is Ryan Braun, and MVP that tested positive for PEDs yet still holds the MVP trophy, and Barry Bonds, a now-retired MVP and Home Run King who has been indicted for PEDs. And Mark McGwire, the guy he beat out for home runs in a season, admitted to steroid use.

The current “Hit King Pete Rose” isn’t allowed in your Hall of Fame and is no longer allowed in the game because of gambling on his own team. Roger Clemens may still be re-tried on perjury charges to Congress and the list goes on and on.  Quite honestly, the integrity of the game died a long time ago as far as I’m concerned. Do you really think a couple of logos are going to hurt?


Sure, I’ll do a shameless plug at this point. I started a company called Awesome Sports Logos, where you can find the uncommon logos I’ve created. They don’t bow down to the codes of political correctness. Not allowing a gun or a cigar on a logo is exactly why I started this company. The gun and the cigar are not relevant items, but history is and MLB is altering history for all the wrong reasons.

Keep up the great work, MLB.  By the way, over 55 million copies of Call of Duty have been sold. But you taking the gun away from the Colt 45’s logo? Now that’s a difference maker.

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  1. Dirk Diggler says:

    That right…..destoy everything that is good about your country.
    Try selling tickerts to the Lastros this year.
    If they lost 100 games last year how many will they lose this year….110, 120?
    Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

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