HOUSTON, Texas (CBS Houston) – A local man was robbed at knife-point while walking his dog. Since he did not have his wallet with him at the time, the perpetrator decided to take something else of value – the puppy at the end of his leash.

Darin Carey, 39 of Houston, was taking his dog out on the afternoon of Feb. 15, when he was reportedly approached by a man hiding a knife inside of the raincoat he wore.

“He said he was going to stab me unless I gave him my wallet,” said Carey to KPRC-Houston. “I put my hand in my pocket and said, ‘I don’t have a wallet, I’m walking my dog.'”

Jodi Silva, spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, said that the dog was a Shih Tzu named Toby.

“Because the victim didn’t have a wallet on him, he then demanded the dog,” Silva told CBS Houston. “[The suspect] then fled on bike.”

She added that he was described as a black male, between the ages of 45 and 48, and appeared to weigh between 180 and 190 pounds.

“He was wearing a black cap, gray pants … and the raincoat,” she said.

When  the thief is caught, he will be charged with aggravated assault due to his possession of a knife.

Carey told KPRC-Houston that he has posted fliers in his Midtown neighborhood, in hopes of being reunited with his beloved pet.

“I just want him back,” said Carey. “I want my little angel back.”

Comments (3)
  1. Drew says:

    You can have my wallet, but I draw the line at my pup.. I take my chances at that point..

  2. concerned citizen says:

    What kind of person gives up their dog? He should have kicked this guy’s ass.

  3. Dirk Diggler says:

    The article is incomplete. The assilant was also riding a bicycle. So you have a black man ( why not an Afican-American) riding a bicycle wearing a raincoat armed with a knife robbing a white male in Midtown? Where is the hate crime here? Black crime on white or white victim alleges the robber is black?
    Either way the nitwitted victim should have scooped up his 10lbs dog and run away. What a coward!

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