Sports writer and author of War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team, Michael Holley, stops by to talk about his book, and what might have been in regards to the Texans.

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  1. Bhaktacharan says:

    I do not necessarily think that one type of hidaerslep is more effective than another. It all depends on the atmosphere of the workplace or of the setting. In this example, I think that Mr. Schue is the more effective leader. He relates to his students very well and wants the best for them. He wants to share the opportunities with all of Glee club, not just with the better singers like Rachel. Mr. Schue continuously places the Glee club before himself. He was offered a job in New York, but I believe he ended up turning it down later. On the other hand, we have Sue, who tends to manipulate friendships and relationships to get what she wants. She enjoys having power and becomes very upset when someone goes against her demands. It is good that Sue sets high standards for the Cheerios, but she can tend to suggest the Cheerios to manipulate a situation to be the best, which is unethical. I would rather work for someone like Mr. Schue, a transformational leader. I enjoy being motivated and being able to relate to my boss. It makes me want to do better and work harder to do what needs to be done. But the reality is that our world is made up both transformational and transactional leaders and other types of leaders as well. We need to be able to adapt to the different hidaerslep styles so that we can learn the most from our leaders.

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