By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – You know football season is over in your town when the top headline in the morning paper suggests  that Peyton Manning should be your teams next quarterback.

I think it’s a fun conversation to have, discussing the most important Texans, the off-season “to do” lists, the argument on whether or not this Texans team can or can’t afford to keep both Arian Foster and Mario Williams happy and on the roster. However, the notion that Peyton Manning could one day, and it would have to be soon for the 35, soon to be 36-year-old quarterback is just not a realistic conversation to have.

I sometimes think how laughable the things we as sports radio talk show hosts and of course fans alike talk about must be to the people who actually have the power to make those decisions. The ideas we come up with, the things we say teams should and shouldn’t do with their money, ya know?

That’s what makes it fun though, that’s just what we do. We try to bring up compelling topics, and be as objective as possible, whether you choose to believe it or not…LOL.

But, again the notion that Peyton would and could one day be the Texans quarterback is just silly. I can’t think of a more polite way to put it.

If you thought the Texans acted out of character in bringing in not one but two free agents that actually made an impact on this past season’s team, then what would you think of them if they brought in a soon to be 36-year-old quarterback that’s coming off of his 4th neck surgery?

Not only would this franchise be spitting in the face of Matt Schaub, they’d be changing the direction of this team, and they’d be taking away the play calling from one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the league in Gary Kubiak.

You may be fine with that because, well…it’s Peyton Manning.

And your right. As far as I know, that’s still his name. he hasn’t changed it to Meta World Peace or anything, but how the heck do you know what you’d be getting in Manning? You don’t, no one does. It is going to be a very difficult decision for any team that’s remotely close to competing for a Super Bowl.

You think the Texans are actually considering talking to this guy? when they’ve got their own in-house decisions to make with Arian Foster, Mario Williams and plenty others?

That’s laughable.

Any one that says they’d take Peyton Manning over Schaub right now, I think should probably flip a couple hundred pages forward on your calendar.

You don’t know that the Texans can’t win a Super Bowl with Schaub, just like you don’t know what Peyton Manning will do IF he returns to play in the league.

Here’s hoping Colts owner Jim Irsay sees the writing on the wall and speeds this process up, and makes a  final decision on Manning’s future, or lack thereof with Indianapolis. If he doesn’t this thing could get kind of ugly, and I’d rather read about real priorities for the hometown football team.

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  1. JD says:

    Leach was on the field less than a third of O plays…..and didn’t warrant the Texans spending that kind of money. Additionally, everyone and their mother knew that Pollard was gone due to his limited coverage skills.

    Foster and Mario will warant the money. JJ is gone along with 2-3 QBs… that TJ provides real depth.

    I really don’t see Ward being on the Roster with Foster and Tate.capable. They’ll bring in a cheaper 3rd string RB.

    I think Houston will make enough wiggle room with cuts, resignings, draft picks, and trades……All of which, should be easier for the Texans now that Houston has shown they can win and contend in the playoffs.

  2. Jim says:

    Little minds is a big part of the problem. Shaun, you have one. As you indicate, and as demonstrated by past actions, the Texans organization tends that way too. And you missed the critical proviso that Mr. Solomon conveyed, i.e., a HEALTHY Peyton Manning. By many accounts, that may be virtually impossible. But if it is, why should little minds prevent the Texans from having a real chance at winning the big prize? Manning is a football machine – his life truly is football. If healthy, he could pull it off. Schaub is a nice guy, but he isn’t Peyton Manning.

    1. shaun says:

      Jim, Thanks for reading and leaving a reply, I appreciate it. Small minded or not, the only person that knows whether or not Peyton will be “healthy” enough to pursue playing, is Peyton himself.

      My point was that healthy or not, the Texans don’t need Peyton to reach the promise land, the guy has been only twice himself and won once with a team that has dominated the AFC South for the last decade. Granted it’s twice more than that of the Texans, but our hometown football team is on the rise and I don’t think mortgaging the future on a dilapidated Peyton is something they’d ever consider.

      your entitles to your opinion as am I. Thanks for the blast, most importantly the read!

      1. Alex says:

        Despite the hall of fame talent manning has possessed throughout his career, for any team health and age are huge concerns, Texans fans trash Matt Schaub for not being a Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees. The fact is Schaub has had 92.7 career QB rating, and in the two seasons previous to 2012 #8 threw for over 4,000 yards along with 29 and 24tds. Numerous clueless fans on 610 have even suggested T.J Yates as the future starter. These are the fans who quickly forget, or likely never had a clue that in 2009 Schaub’s 4,770 passing yards led the entire NFL. With Arian in the backfield, the passing game isn’t utilized nearly as much as past years. Not to mention the defense has become one of the top in the league. That being said, Schaub is no longer needed to air the ball out in an attempt to come back from large deficits every game as in past years. Now he must simply manage the game efficiently in the manner he has proven he is capable of. To bring in Peyton would be a huge mistake. This team with Schaub likely would’ve been in the AFC championship at worst. A playoff team this year with a bright future ahead, the Texans need not make changes to the QB position quite yet. Arian Foster and Chris Myers are the top priorities for the Texans. The offense has flourished with one of the top running games in the NFL thanks largely in part to both Myers and Arian. Without the two, the offense clearly would not be nearly as potent. As tough as it may be for fellow fans, Mario must be franchised and traded for a 1st and 3rd round pick similar to the John Abraham deal. The Texans must focus on maintaining the players most valuable to them. The defense would certainly be an even greater force with Mario in the mix, but with the impressive showings from Connor Barwin, rookies J.J. Watt and Brooks Reed, and even veteran Antonio Smith earning his first Pro Bowl bid, pass rushing is not a priority for the Texans at the moment. Defensively, the Texans need secondary help much more than another pass rusher, let alone an elite force like Mario who will command $20+ million. The issue simply comes to money and needs. Arian and Myers must be addressed first. Next in line, the Texans must address the #2 WR slot along with a few solid additions to the secondary through the draft and free agency. Andre Johnson is without a doubt one of the top WRs in the game. Yet Andre’s not getting any younger and had hamstring problems all year. Given Andre’s absence throughout the season, Owen Daniels led the team in both receptions and yards with Arian only trailing him by one reception and only 60 yards as the 2nd ranked Texan in both categories. A #2 WR that could cause a new dynamic to the way defenses approach Andre is key to the future of the team. In essence the key to success beyond the 2011 season for the Texans is to maintain the strong foundation which brought success this season, while adding depth to the few positions that the Texans possess a need for.

  3. Damian says:

    “And your right.” It’s you’re as in YOU ARE right. Perhaps I should submit my resume.

  4. texas says:

    you guys on sports talk are funny i do recall peyton saying that when he is released that he will make a deal with the texans cause he likes how there programe is run and how it used to be bad to one of the best programs of all time and not to mention he really wants Andre johnson as his recever cause he can get more tallent from johnson than the rest did so even familly members even said that he is most likly go to the texans if they have enough cap room

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