By Job Tennant, Sports Radio 610

The Texans may have bigger concerns than their third-string rookie quarterback. While the quarterback position is the most important position on the field and the difference between Schaub and Yates is a drastic one this season has been all about the Texans defense.

The team named Brian Cushing the team MVP but there is a strong argument that no one has had a bigger impact on the team than Johnathan Joseph. However, he missed last week’s game and did not complete the practice on Tuesday. Nothing is official yet, but the Texans are saying that he has a sore ankle.

Without Joseph the team’s strength could quickly become a weakness. The Bengals are featuring one of the brightest young stars in the NFL with A.J. Green. As a rookie he recorded more than 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns. Included in those 1,000 yards are several that he caught in spectacular fashion over Joseph when the Texans played the Bengals several weeks ago.

Despite the fact that Green did make some spectacular plays he didn’t take the game over like he could have because Joseph was there to keep him in check. If Joseph does not play the Texans will have a much more difficult time trying to match up with Green.

In four games this year Green has posted at least 100 yards and has had 10 receptions against the Broncos team that has since become a very good defensive team with Champ Bailey as their lock down corner.

For the Texans to win they will need to keep the game to a relatively low scoring game, which means they need to keep Green under-wraps and that will be a formidable task if Joseph is not 100%. For now Texans fans can only hope and wait to see how good Joseph will feel this coming Saturday.


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