By LAURA REYNOLDS, SportsRadio 610

New Years is a time to make resolutions. I think no matter what the resolution, there’s always a part of us–no matter how tiny–that is anxious, nervous, scared or doubtful about accomplishing our resolutions. It’s that little nagging doubt that can unravel the strongest of will power. What if I could help remove that doubt, give you the confidence to succeed and allow you to ‘boost’ your will-power whenever you want? That’s what hypnosis can do! Sure we all have heard about the comedy club acts where selected audience members are ‘hypnotized’ and spend the rest of the show clucking like a chicken on command. I’ve got to admit I was skeptical when I was approached to endorse Allied Hypnosis. I wasn’t skeptical because of the aforementioned comedy routines but because I am a Type-A, high-strung, people-pleaser, over-extended stress ball! I was worried that I WOULDN’T be ABLE to be hypnotized.  

When I got to Allied Hypnosis for my first session with Dr. Marty, I had freaked myself out so badly about my fear of ‘failing to be hypnotized’ that I was practically hovering above the chair I was trying to sit in! I had no idea what to expect AND on top of that I was worried that I’d flunk and lose the station a client! So my stress was a bit amplified that day! First, I’ve got to tell you that I could listen to Dr. Marty talk all day. I asked every question that popped into my mind about hypnosis and let me tell you it is just fascinating how hypnosis can help with so many things. Things such as ADD/ADHD, infertility, test-anxiety, fear of public speaking, quitting smoking, over eating, alcoholism and more! The premise is this…when you truly want to make a change, hypnosis helps you by removing all doubt! 

So back to my first session with Dr. Marty…I sat in a comfy chair, there was soothing music playing and then I just followed Dr. Marty’s instructions. We started with breathing in, holding the breath for 2 seconds and as slowly as possible releasing the breath. After I got the rhythm down, he had me choose a spot on the ceiling to focus on. He told me that the rest of the room was slowly fading away and that the only thing I could still focus on was that spot on the ceiling. I literally could see/feel the room melting from my view. I wondered in my mind how that was happening but there was such a peaceful, relaxing feeling that it didn’t really concern me and I continued to focus on the spot on the ceiling. It gets really difficult to describe what happens throughout the rest of the session simply because I feel my words are inadequate. I was aware of everything happening around me. I had a few slow, lazy thoughts go through my head from time to time but it didn’t concern me because I was too relaxed, calm and content. I imagine it’s like what happens to people who’ve had an out-of-body experience. I could hear and think about what was going on but I felt that any nagging thoughts or concerns were petty and not worth thinking about…so they’d just float away. I don’t think I could have moved a single muscle nor did I want to.  

Dr. Marty told me that when I feel stress to imagine walking down a beautiful sun-lit path. I see a field with a cow grazing and an old barn in the distance. It’s the perfect summer day. I have nowhere to be other than to enjoy my walk. This is the image that I think about when one of the guys at work is making me nuts. I really felt the sunshine on my face. I felt warm. I felt the world was perfect. 

The hypnotic state was like a waking dream-state that I didn’t want to end and even right now I crave getting back to it…but all good things must end at some point anyway. Upon waking…I felt so peaceful and so calm. I really felt that everything was ‘right’ in my world. Driving back to the station I was absorbed in how clearly focused the colors, buildings and cars were around me. I felt like I could reach thru my windshield to touch them. Back at work, little things that might have bothered me were just released as petty, insignificant thoughts. In a later session, Dr. Marty gave me the tools on how to do a self-trance which I use to help me fall asleep or avoid killing co-workers. Will I cluck like a chicken on command? Only when I want to! LOL.  

Do I recommend hypnosis—ABSOLUTELY! It has affected my life in such a positive manner that I want everyone to experience it! I’m excited about my next session! Want to know what other patients have experienced at Allied Hypnosis? Go to www.facebook/AlliedHypnosis. You can also check out their website: Plus there’s a seminar coming up on January 13 at the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce too! For info on the seminar call 281-812-3322. You can call 281-812-3322 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marty and his Clinical Associates at Allied Hypnosis. Feel free to email me with your comments.


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