By LAURA REYNOLDS, SportsRadio 610

10. Dogs like everybody. Cats discriminant. I will let you know if I can tolerate you and I reserve the right to change my mind. 

9. Dogs lack dignity. I’m a cool cucumber. (Except when there’s a moth around and who wouldn’t go after a moth???) 

8. My specialty is actively ignoring you and everything you say. You have to train humans early. 

7. Dogs eat anything. I have a refined palate that demands variety. It’s up to you to guess what that is on a daily basis.

6. Dogs play for hours with “toys”. In mere moments I destroy these inferior objects to show my disdain. 

5. Dogs are clumsy. My graceful aerobatics are awe inpiring and vase shattering. 

4. Humans use a toliet; cats use a box and dogs <shudder> yuck. 

3. Sure I can learn tricks, but why would I? How droll. 

2. No self-respecting cat would allow himself to be dressed in an ‘outfit’. 

1. Dogs suffer from coprophagia. Look it up and try not to retch. Enough said.


About Mikey: Mikey is a rescue from the Citizens of Animal Protection. Mikey came to live with his human Laura Reynolds in January 2011. He is approximately 2 years old and weighs 19 pounds. He has been known to takeover Laura’s Facebook News Feed with his “Mikey’s Wizzdom” tidbits. Mikey is currently unaware he’s about to get a roommate. Jack is moving in Saturday. Jack is a German Shepherd rescue from the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

  1. Jeff in Westbury says:

    I know what coprophagia is, but the urge to eat our own poop isn’t what separates the felines from the canines. Dogs take themselves too seriously and demand you do the same. The “take it or leave it’ vibe that cats give off aggravates the insecure who demand similar attention. I own a sweet pooch that if you let him, will suck the life right out of you. All my cat asks is feed me and open the door so he can go outside. Low maintenance vs. high makes for a less stressful relationship, as withwomen. On the single occasion we met I wondered which category you fit. Perhaps your preference offers a clue?

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