As heard on Monday Night Football

Jim Gray caught up with sportscaster Bob Costas before Monday Night Football. Costas discussed Cowboys coach Jason Garrett’s accidental icing of his kicker, defended his stance against over the top celebrations, and gave his take on the polarizing Tim Tebow.

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  1. TexRex96 says:

    Costas should know better than this. I don’t mind that Tebow is a Jesus freak or even this bizarre fervor over his every move. What I mind is his fan club, dismissing opposition to him as “odd” or “because of his faith,” intentionally glossing over more legitimate reasons to dislike him. For the second straight week, ESPN’s Chris Berman suggested on-air that if you don’t like Tebow, there’s a problem with you. Now we have Bob Costas insisting we must respect his faith. Well, no we don’t. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, but I don’t like his proselytizing. I don’t like that he’s a friend of Focus on the Family, a virulently anti-gay hate group, and I don’t like his high-profile work against women’s reproductive rights. The NFL is supposed to be devoid of controversial politics, inherent in its brand, yet Tebow nation from Costas to Berman is concertedly looking the other way so they can milk this story. It’s Tebow’s right to use his celebrity to wade into these hot-button issues, but it’s my right to dislike the kid and his harmful ignorance.

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