By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

You know every time Arian Foster scores a touchdown, he bows in the end zone to give thanks to the football god’s, to show his respect he has for the game. He does it because the respect he is showing, is something he hasn’t always had for the game, as mentioned in his great interview he did earlier this year on ESPN’s “E60” program.

Now, I just like many of you am sitting here wondering what in the world have the Texans as an organization done to deserve such adversities to be thrown their way?

First, Foster himself went down with a hamstring injury to start the season, causing him to miss 2 of the first 3 regular season games, then Mario Williams was lost for the year, just when he seemed to be growing more comfortable with his new role of OLB. Andre Johnson just returned to action Sunday in Jacksonville from having missed the last 6 weeks due to a hamstring injury. Danieal Manning missed time because of an ankle injury, he’s back too, but what the football god’s seem to giveth, they also seem to taketh away!

Two games and 3 weeks in the books now, the Texans are minus Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart and down to their 3rd string QB.

Does Brett Favre still sound silly now?

Yes, and not only yes…but hell yes.

I know in football and in sport, and especially football, injuries come with it, but this is just ridiculous. Yet, the Texans have done exactly what Bob McNair said they should and needed to do. They’re in there with the ox, now they need to find a way to get the hell out!

You have to applaud this team for overcoming all the adversities it has been faced with. From many fans thinking that Gary Kubiak shouldn’t have been brought back to coach this season, to Wade Phillips bringing in a new defensive scheme, to the injuries upon injuries…am I missing anything?

I don’t think so, and like you the fans, I’m not asking for anymore injuries, controversies…oh great and mighty football god’s!

Let T.J. Yates and the Texans rise up and at least snatch a playoff berth from you for the first time in its franchise history, a 10 win season would be nice too!

Are we cursed? I don’t think so, but I am running out of things to call what has happened and is happening to this organization, in what was supposed to be a special season. I think I speak for everyone, when I say, If these trials and tribulations, in the form of season ending injuries is what you had in mind oh mighty football god’s…then please! We’re impressed! You may move on, your job is done here!

I would have taken plenty pride in the fact that this team just got there, (the playoffs) the good old-fashioned way…you know, make the fans painfully wait 10 seasons before the Texans broke through.

Maybe two bows is in order for the next time you meet the end zone Arian!


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