By MARC VANDERMEER, SportRadio 610

A franchise record five game winning steak. A dizzying five games over. 500 and a defense that inhales quarterbacks. The Texans have a lot going for them. But this injury virus is threatening their greatest season in a frightening way.

When Matt Leinart was knocked out of Sunday’s win over Jacksonville late in the first half, the Texans barely blinked. The defense surrendered just three more points and the offense did just enough to get the Texans a 20-13 victory.

Five games remain in the 2011 regular season and the story continues to unfold like a movie in which the heroes keep having to overcome adversity.

You get the feeling that a fully healthy offense would result in the Texans waltzing through the playoffs. But the injury bug has now eaten through two layers of the depth chart and, for now, a rookie shall lead them.

It speaks volumes of the entire organization that despite the losses and missed games of Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Mario Williams and Matt Leinart, to name a few, the Texans keep rolling.

The defense is crushing opponents with the aquisistions of Johnathan Joseph, Danieal Manning and the drafting of Brooks Reed and JJ Watt paying huge dividends. In the Jacksonville game, Wade Phillips was handed a 10 point lead by half time and you had the feeling it would be enough. It was.

But what happens from here remains a mystery. Will T.J. Yates certainly start the rest of the way? Who will be signed to help shore up the position? And will Tennessee be able to close the gap of it’s two game AFC South deficit with the Texans hurting?

All good questions. All to be answered down the stretch of the most thrilling and challenging season we have ever seen this franchise go through.

vanderblog Vanderblog: Injury Virus Threatening Texans Greatest Season


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