HOUSTON (AP) — A Central Texas town that the mayor says is two weeks away from running out of water has been given emergency approval to run three miles of pipeline through a state park to draw water from a rock quarry, town and state officials said Tuesday.

Groesbeck Mayor Jackie Livingston said the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department told town officials at a City Council meeting late Monday they could run the line through Fort Parker State Park. But she said construction on the line would not begin until the written contract is received, which should take less than a week.

Towns throughout Texas have been struggling with dwindling reservoirs and water resources as a historic drought parches the state.

Livingston said the town of 6,500 people about 100 miles south of Dallas normally draws water from a nearby river. The river, however, has run dry and the town has purchased a four-month supply of water from a rock quarry seven miles away. The pipeline would bring the quarry water to the town’s water treatment facility.

Contractors have promised they could have the pipeline built within four days, Livingston said. Groesbeck also supplies water to a 1,000-bed federal penitentiary.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regional director Rodney Franklin confirmed the agency had given Groesbeck the green light for the project. He said he is not aware of any other water pipelines running through state parks in Texas. The parks department gave approval for the project after ensuring wildlife and native plants would not be harmed.

“This was a special circumstance where we definitely wanted to help our neighbors out,” Franklin said, noting that agency officials changed schedules and rushed through the procedure to get emergency approval for the project. “This drought is affecting a lot of folks.”

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Comments (54)
  1. Jack Brewer says:

    Don’t worry…the EPA, ACLU will find a way to stop them from getting any water.

    1. Dave Mowers says:

      Not under Rick Perry Texas they won’t. In fact they may get water with a little radioactive waste so there bodies glow at night and the town can save money on electricity.

      1. hillcoguy says:

        Not very bright, are you dave?

      2. Alej says:

        You a Democrat, Dave ?

  2. Tess says:

    What would be really nice, and would provide a good number of jobs, is if the Federal Government invested in a new pipeline infrastructure so that we can direct water from flooded areas to areas with drought. We could place water purification points before the water reaches reservoirs to prevent contamination or tampering.

    1. jay handeyo says:

      What would have been much much nicer is the Perry admin NOT REFUSING to take federal funds aimed at creating jobs in projects to fortify and make significantly better the existing poor water (elec, sewage, etc.) infrastructures…what would have been nicer is the Texan citizenry demanding the Perry admin stop playing politics and meeting the people of Texas’ needs, like water infraturcture….that would have been real nice I think…

      1. bill.1942 says:

        Jay, that’s an idiotic comment. The water infrastructure in Texas should have been taken care of and brought up to speed 60 years ago after the record drought of the early 1950’s. But all of the Democrat governors e had back then sat on their thumbs and played stupid, worried only about Houston and Dallas where most of the votes were.

      2. Teri says:

        Jay he decline Obama’s stash cause Texas would have been beholden to o and his ilk. The little town I live in has been taking grants from the gov. and in return one of the things we”ve had to do is put in the smart meters, and I mean on the fast track. Once you start taking money they’ve gotcha.

    2. freecheese says:

      Tess: Key words on your post: “Federal Government,: “Jobs,” and “Pipeline.”
      The Obama administration just killed 20,000 Keyston pipeline jobs extending from the producer — Canada, to Nebraska and Texas.
      Canada said, if they couldn’t sell the oil to the U.S.A., they would sell it to China !
      Gone are 20.000 American jobs. Thank you Barry Sotero. When you leave this world, I hope they bury you face down !

    3. H0llyw00d says:

      the fed invest in something that will do good???….BA-HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…thats rich 😉

    4. Tim says:

      Tess, I have wondered about that for years! It amazes me how we can pipe oil thousands of miles from refineries to depots, but one half of the country can be in a drought while the other half floods and we can’t redirect any of it to where it is needed.
      I think we have the engineering know-how, now if only we moved some of those dollars on disaster cleanup to a national pipeline, with states and localities supplementing construction, we could better use our resources.

      Just sayin…

      1. Pappadave says:

        Really pretty simple, Tim. If you could recover the enormous costs of building a pipeline from the sale of that water, it would be economically feasible. Since water isn’t nearly as valuable as oil, there’s no way it’ll ever be done.

    5. dbeall says:

      Why does the federal government have to be involved. How about a private industry doing it?

    6. aubreyfarmer says:

      All of the money for the projects would disappear into a black hole of no bid contracts, attorney fees, impact fees and on and on. I wouldn’t trust our government in the outhouse with a muzzle on.

    7. sirsurfalot says:

      What you said makes too much sense. That’s why it will never happen. Half the country is Stuck on Stupid and they are allowed to vote.

  3. Tony says:

    Funny how the bunnies, birdies and bushes instantly take a back seat when a Fed Pen is involved. Gaze at the speed and efficiency at which Government CAN act when it’s their ASSets that might be harmed.

  4. TowerTone says:

    Once again this proves water districts in Texas need to be interconnected like power grids for such emergencies.

    Oh, and that Marvin Nichols reservoir needs to be built.

  5. SockRayBlue says:

    Either get real smart about water in south Texas or rip up your stuff and give it back to the Mexicans.

  6. freecheese says:

    Obama hates Texas. He’ll find a way to have the water turned off. In the mean time, save water by drinking more beer.

    1. truther says:

      wow, im dumber now that i read your comment, i love that this brought out all the racists like rats from a sinking ship. the president has nothing to do with local water issues. and fyi look up what t boone pickens is doing to the ogallala aquifer you all as well as we we used to in Oklahoma until he got his land zoned as a municipality and therefore has water being drawn from it but due to texas laws he can drain the entire thing and he will gladly sell it to us 🙂

      1. crazyrightwingmom says:

        What it really brought out are the real racists like you, calling me, a white mother of a black son who is nevertheless not too blind to see that the FEDERAL Government is destroying our country…OH, and that is headed by the Marxist BARRY S.

      2. Marlinda says:

        Hush up about racism. That’s a lie. You libs need to be sued for hate speech in constantly making that false assertion about conservatives. I want false cries of racism declared to be hate speech. This “hate speech” concept works both ways, pal.

  7. Mel says:

    In this case, man is the endangered species. But, if you read the global reports of violence against people, man doesn’t count. If a guppie was without water, then we would establish a Federal Department of Guppies, hire 1,000 people to take surveys and allocate 30 billion dollars to protect the guppie.

    That is the new way to create jobs. I yield to the idiot in charge.

  8. gsnarks says:

    Gotta love them Texans. They think their god is real and their climate change isn’t.

    1. Liberal_ingenius says:

      So, you’re an Atheist and a tree hugger? Wow, give yourself a hand! Climate change is real, just the 22 year high cycle (based on solar activity) has left TX bone dry. again. Texas is hot, and dry (like Arizona) and was that way before global warming was invented by the Founder of the internet.

      1. joe says:

        So you have an invisable Friend and area Tree Mugger. Texashas plenty of Water but it is Perry and Bush before him, your talking 20 years of R. rulers, did nothing.

    2. Marlinda says:

      gsnarks is an idiot.

    3. Kobayashi55 says:

      Are you naturally stupid or do you work at it? Either way, your ignorance is absolutely breathtaking.

    4. dbeall says:

      God is real and climate change isn’t.

    5. Pappadave says:

      No, they KNOW that God is real and “climate change” (as it’s touted by the loony left, anyway) ISN’T.

  9. truther says:

    dont worry t Boone pickens has somehow due to the arcaic laws of texas managed to buy up land over the ogallala aquifer and will SELL you the water for bottled water prices it will be ok… or we can just go kill him and take back what was never his to sell in the first place, i vote for the second option.

  10. Al Bundy says:

    I like how these fools try to use ANYTHING to immediatly attack Gov. Perry who “just happens” to be running for president. As if it’s his fault one town out of thousands has a water shortage problem and Perry is directly responsible and needs to be hung for it …grow up!

  11. arthur Q says:

    GOOD! No foreign aid for these heathens.

  12. Mike Pinnex says:

    Pray for forgiveness, repent your sins, and give up your evil ways. The Lord will release the rain.

  13. DTN says:

    Your all in big trouble as a nation if you can’t solve a simple water issue!

  14. Charley Nash says:

    The Babylonians and ancient Persians figured ou how to build canals to bring water from where it was plentiful to where it was needed- 5000-years ago, or so.

    Can’t the DC clowns figure out how to make real shovel-ready jobs? What are they shoveling back in the Whitehouse while they spend all the “stimulus” money?

    1. john says:

      I live in ohio,as far as im concerned you can all dryup and blow away.you will never have our water.Move up north where we have plenty of water,or shut the hell up.Just give it back to the mexicans.This isnt a government problem,its a climate change problem.So bring all the industry back up north where it belongs,and you rednecks can stay there.We really dont want you here.

      1. sirsurfalot says:

        Ding Dong. You are WRONG. There is no such thing as Global Warming.

      2. Alej says:

        And when we secede, Yankee boy, and shut off the oil & gas pipelines running north, you jerks can freeze in the dark.

  15. Charles Ray says:


    What would be really nice, and would provide a good number of jobs, is if the Federal Government invested in a new pipeline infrastructure so that we can direct water from flooded areas to areas with drought.”

    You should look up the word “invest”.

  16. Paul in FL says:

    If they can approve this in 4 days in an emergency they should be able to do it in 4 days any time – all regulators should treat all requests as emergencies. If they can’t act in a timely fashion they should find a real job. Over-regulation and regulatory delays are killing this country.

  17. Kim Bailey says:

    Hire Indians to make rain dances and it will rain…….
    However ever since the Katrina Blacks and Muslims moved in God refuses to give Texas water,

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