HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – A Houston man has sued an area fertility clinic as a result of his ex-girlfriend allegedly stealing his sperm from used condoms to artificially impregnate herself with twin boys.

Joe Pressil, 36, has accused his ex-girlfriend of stealing his sperm in 2007 and using a fertility clinic to perform an artificial insemination on her shortly after the two broke up, according to a lawsuit brought about by Pressil. He is suing Advanced Fertility and Omni-Med Laboratories for the severe mental anguish he has suffered as well as the economic harm he has faced due to substantial child support payments.

“I was very, very devastated,” he told KPRC-TV. “I couldn’t believe that this fertility clinic could actually do this without my consent, or without my even being there.”

In 2007, Advanced Fertility, a Houston fertility clinic, obtained Pressil’s sperm sample from the ex-girlfriend, who claimed to be his wife, according to the lawsuit. Pressil told KPRC that she went to the clinic three months after they had broken up. The in vitro fertilization, which took place without Pressil’s knowledge or consent, resulted in the birth of twin boys.

“I did notice a little bit because she would take the condom and ask me to discard it,” Pressil told the station, adding that his ex-girlfriend said a condition she had required that a certain condom had to be used when they had sex. “And usually, a male would discard their own property, but she would always take the condom and she would run off out of the room and I just didn’t think anything of it. And I didn’t think that anyone could use a condom and bring it to a clinic to get an in vitro.”

Pressil, who is now a resident of Allegany County, N.Y., according to the lawsuit, didn’t find out about the children until February of this year, when he received an Omni-Med Laboratories receipt for cypropreservation of a sperm sample in the mail. The sperm in question turned out to be his own.

“Pressil was listed as the ‘patient’ on the receipt even though he had never been to (the clinic) nor ever sought treatment for male infertility,” the lawsuit stated.

But the clinic’s legal counsel has called Pressil’s claims “suspect” and “disingenuous,” saying that Pressil had blood work done and signed consent forms for the procedure. Pressil has admitted that he allowed the woman to sign on to his health insurance as a domestic partner when the two were dating, but believed his insurance was being billed for the woman’s fibroid condition.

The ex-girlfriend’s lawyer told KPRC that Pressil is attempting to avoid paying child support for the twins, further denying that Pressil’s former flame ever took his sperm from a condom to perform such a procedure. After giving birth, the unidentified ex-girlfriend sued Pressil for child support, which she was granted after tests confirmed Pressil to be the father.

“He knew about the whole process,” Derek Deyon, the ex-girlfriend’s lawyer, told the station.


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