HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — A Texas man charged with killing his 17-year-old friend walked out of prison Monday after prosecutors forgot to file paperwork for an indictment.

Richard Mendoza Jr., 26, was arrested and accused of murdering Christopher Daigle in 2002 while hunting near Missouri City, Texas. Daigle was shot in the back of the head.

Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey confirmed that his office made a mistake and accepted responsibility.

Daigle was considered a missing person and an endangered runaway when he disappeared on Nov. 7, 2002. In the years following, the Houston Chronicle said his grandmother had bought a burial site and waited for bad newsthat was finally delivered this past August when police found his remains in a field.

Mendoza was arrested shortly afterward, and he was originally held on $250,000 bail. But prosecutors let the 90 days pass during which paperwork for an indictment should be filed.

A judge released Mendoza but will track him with GPS, according to KRIV-TV.

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  1. gram says:

    let me guess they forgot to put a battery in the GPS…..too

  2. Polyanna LaTigra says:

    I bet no one forgot to stick a brand new Mercedes in his garage!

  3. Scott Heind says:

    Very interesting how you chose to place a picture of the White victim in order to give the impression that a White Man committed the murder and was set free.

    Yet another example of the media trying to suppress stories of brown on White crime.

    Here’s what the murderer looks like:


    1. LightlyYoked says:

      I, too, found it bizarre that a picture of the VICTIM was posted with this article, including an even more bizarre “this-might-be-what-he-looks-like-now” age progression picture. What any rational, thinking author of an article like this would understand is that the reader wants to see a picture of the PERP! Especially if the perp has been set free! Seriously, TWO pictures ~ one of which isn’t even real ~ of the victim and NO picture of the perp???

      Little wonder the author’s name isn’t published.

    2. Todd Clemmer says:

      Don’t you love how they don’t include a picture of the killer instead they show a then and now of the victim as if he was missing or something. So blatant.

    3. Incredulous says:

      Wow, unbelievable. I hadn’t read or heard of this story and got it from a Drudge link. I assumed, looking at the picture that this person was the murderer. The day the MSM dies will be a great day for the world…

    4. Roseanna says:

      The voice of riatonialty! Good to hear from you.

    5. pyjapwsvobw says:

      4wlO4B tupuwxxetvag

    6. okrvkq says:

      CHusC1 dvibyxrnhybu

  4. SDRider says:

    How sad for the deceased’s family.

  5. The Sage Waitress says:

    Shows what happens when you leave paper shufflers in charge of things.

    Where is Paul Kersey when we need him?

    1. ma67 says:

      Yes! Charles Bronson was awesome in those movies…..Do you believe in Jesus? Good, you’re about to meet him….BANG!

      1. DigitalBob says:

        Amen. Can’t they charge him with anything else the statute of limitations hasnt run out on? Assault? Littering?

      2. jeff says:

        The statute of limitations doesn’t run out on murder. That’s why they can arrest people for murder decades after they commit it. The way I understood it is that the only time he couldn’t be recharged with murder is when he has already been tried and found not-guilty… double jeopardy, hence OJ and Casey Anthony. Why can’t they simply recharge him with murder and take him back into custody?

  6. Rich Lehmann says:

    Very misleading. He is still awaiting trial. This article makes it seem like he was not going to be charged. All this means if the family doesnt need to cough up 1/10th of the $250,000 to get him out on bail. Which is why a GPS has been attached which is more reliable for making sure he shows up to court than a bail bondsman anyway.

    1. Rich Lehmann says:

      Nevermind. I was looking at this white kid in the picture figuring he was the shooter and that it wasnt like this kid was going to be able to cross over and hide in Mexico. Why do they have an artists sketch of the victim? Wow, this article REALLY is misleading. This murder suspect is as good as gone if he hasnt cut off the GPS and hopped over the boarder already.

      1. Seriously? says:

        Why would they do an age progression of the criminal since he was recently in custody and had a booking photograph taken. Perhaps you should read the article and not just look at the pictures. After all, you dont just look at the pictures in Playboy, do you?

      2. Jimbo Limbo says:

        It is very lazy journalism. That age progression picture is from when the poor kid was classified as a missing person. It’s what they had put out to look for the kid, before his body was found, years later. That picture has NO bearing on this story, they just put it up because they had it. Either that, or there is some truth to the suggestions that they were overly sensitive to the fact that the real alleged murderer is Hispanic, and they did not want to show a picture of him. Either way, there’s tons of Hispanics in Texas, so obviously SOME of them will commit crimes, just as all groups do. It is irresponsible to put up the picture of a murder victim that includes an age progression picture that now obviously goes well beyond the date when he was shot in the head. BAD call, CBS. Why don’t you just poke the kid’s family in the eye?

  7. Geoff says:

    Scott, thanks for adding the real facts. What a misleading story. Nothing on the murderer and little on the legal options.

  8. Jackie S. says:

    I am very disappointed, I was all ways told the boys in Texas took care of their owen. No swamp land in texas?

    1. Jacob Jones says:

      Hello?.. Leaving a body in swamp land is how this mess started.. If you’re not willing to dig a hole, then you shouldn’t be killing anyone.. And it’s probably best to have the hole dug, first, if you know what I mean?.. ;-P

  9. R.S. Billings says:

    The purpose of an indictment with bail is to keep the dirtbag from affording to cough up the dough for his own release. Richard Mendoza Jr. is well aware he will be charged with CAPITAL MURDER. The death penalty is in play. The (alleged) murderer has every reason to flee to Mexico. Mexico does NOT participate in extraditions to the US for death penalty cases. Nevermind the 100,000+ murders in Mexico by their own federal, state and local officials during their current drug war.

    What other legal filings has this prosecutor forgotten? His staff does have some culpability. But it all rests on Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey’s incompetence.

  10. enoughAlready911 says:

    Common sense has left this country.
    Political correctness executed by complete idiots is what rules the day.
    Perfect description why this country is in the mess its in today.

  11. Just An American says:

    Anyone wanna bet that the people who “forgot” in the office probably identified more with the ethnicity of the perp than the victim?

    I’m what liberals like to refer to as a “minority”, however I choose to simply identify myself as an American. During the 60’s and early 70’s, I was subjected to racism. I’ve never carried that forward, and it appalls me to see “white” people subjected to the same type of hidden and overt racism that once plagued me.

    1. anonymous coward says:

      hecho en la mexico, Normally, federaly take out is shot
      in back of head, no mess, no bother, period.
      Any one guess why 100,000 people die in mexico.
      Narco shoot, federaly shoot, policia shoot, poor citizen
      can only run away today.

      1. Just An American says:

        No, no hecho en Mexico. Hecho en Estados Unidos. But I agree, nothing left for the average guy to run away.

        Maybe we should start shooting back.

  12. BigBoa says:

    How is it that stuff like this only applies to crimes like this?

    Just disgusting. Like the mighty Boa keeps telling you. Eradication is the only answer.

  13. BigBoa says:

    Just An American,

    The mighty Boa salutes you. It is unfortunate that you have had to suffer due to the idiocy of others in your race. That you still identify as “American” is something to be proud of. Hopefully you will not endure more……

    1. Just An American says:

      Thanks, my fellow American.

  14. D. Garmin says:

    “A judge released Mendoza but will track him with GPS, according to KRIV-TV.”

    Arriving at destination.. behind bars.

  15. ryenotzinger says:

    CBS: It is DECEPTIVE to place TWO PICTURES OF THE VICTIM! You are “twisting” this to look like white on white crime!

    YOU SHOULD BE SCRUPULOUSLY HONEST and post the pic of the MURDERER (if room for only one) or BOTH of them. But NOT two pics of the victim!!! Why would you even do a ‘timelapse’ of how the murder victim would look like now? HE HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS! That NEVER done with a long dead person and NEVER when the OBJECT of the article is the PERP!! Such a pic ONLY serves to inflame the public (unnecessarily) and to HURT the victim’s parents (again, for no reason other than to serve SOME EDITOR’S PERSONAL AGENDA)! [I certainly hope that such deception is not the agenda of CBS.]

  16. DigitalBob says:

    “Hey Mendoza ! How about you and I go hunting while you are awaiting trial??”

  17. jnsesq says:

    Nope. Nuttin’ wrong with the criminal “justice” system. Are we really so ACLU/morally hamstrung as not to be able to correct clerical oversights in murder cases? Any outsider must be laughing at our impotence.

  18. Bob says:

    perfect job for DEXTER

  19. Jimbo Limbo says:

    Get the picture of the age progressed VICTIM off of the site!! How disrespectful can you be? He WOULD have looked like that?? No, he never had the chance, because he was murdered! He was left to rot in a field! I understand, you had the graphic (because he was classified as missing for some time, before they found his body) but that graphic is useless in this news story. Take it down. Put up a picture of his accused murderer, or nothing.

  20. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    This is because government is made up of of low IQ degenerates that watch TV, drink fluoridated water and are probably on 4 or 5 big pharma prescriptions. No surprise here. Just mentally deficient people that tell you they are your government and are in control. They can’t even fill out paperwork. Another product from the government schools.


  21. Moth Man says:

    Why do so many people notice the blatant media bias against Whites yet never examine just WHO owns/controls the media? Check out an article by Joel Stein called ‘Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon’ in the LA Times to see for yourself who is producing this hateful “news” and “entertainment.”

  22. Barack Obama says:

    How about a picture of what the alleged perp would look like if he were a gringo?

  23. ironhorzmn says:

    Despicable. You didn’t have the guts to show the SUSPECT who was Hispanic, so you posted the VICTIM’s face?

  24. bob says:

    Texas man charged with killing his 17-year-old friend .
    geeesch with friends like that who needs enemies

  25. mr_bill says:

    This story is misleading. It makes it sound like the accused is getting off on a technicality. There is no statute of limitations on murder and the DA can bring charges at any time.

    What is happening here is that a suspect cannot be held indefinitely without charges being brought. This is a protection I’m happy to see we have, although it sometimes means that humans will make mistakes and fail to secure an indictment. The bottom line is that if a grand jury hands down an indictment against the accused, he will stand trial and isn’t getting off on a technicality here, he just can’t be held in jail any longer, pending an indictment.That said, I would prefer to see this guy sitting in jail and the DA’s office should have to answer for dropping the ball.

  26. keven beeken says:


    we are the minority not people of color as like to be referred to, most don’t even identify as being Americans there is a group of Mexicans nationals that believe the southwest and texas belongs to mexico, we as white Americans need to become the Borg

  27. Bates Eye Exercises says:

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