HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – A prominent Houston community activist has accused a local CBS affiliate of being a part of a plot to kill him.

Fighting off allegations in a recent KHOU investigation that his activist work for needy individuals took advantage of people, Quanell X shot back at the Houston CBS affiliate, saying that the broadcasts have been a part of a plot against his life.

KHOU reports that Quanell X is defending himself after more than a half-dozen former clients have come forward to accuse the activist of seeking money upfront, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, and doing little to resolve their issues once he had been paid. Because of this, the activist believes the broadcasts are a part of a larger scheme that could put him in danger.

“This is bigger than what the people see,” the activist told KBXX on Monday morning. “This is bigger than people who are just unhappy with Quanell X. The plan is to inspire somebody who looks like me to make an attempt on my life.”

In his talk with KBXX, the activist said the KHOU investigation came in response to him giving exclusive stories to local TV competitors, specifically citing the surveillance tape he had acquired of Houston police allegedly beating a 15-year-old boy.

“Channel 11 felt I burnt them when I didn’t give them that tape,” he said. KHOU has adamantly denied the allegations, calling the activist “flat wrong.”

Quanell X would tell the radio show that there have been three assassination attempts against him during the last decade. He said that none of the assassination attempts have been attempted by another African-American.

“But now this is to inspire my own people to turn against me,” he said. “We didn’t do it, one of his own did.”

During the course of the interview, he called himself “the last, fearless uncompromising, young black voice that’s on the scene today.”

According to the KHOU investigation, several former clients of the activist have said to have paid Quanell X between $600 and $9,000 for his services, which were then not completed to the full extent after he was paid upfront.

“I don’t call him an activist,” Lecia Brooks, head of the Civil Rights Memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told KHOU. “I call him an entrepreneur.” She added: “You’re a community leader during the press conference and you’re an entrepreneur when someone comes to you for help. It’s very unfortunate.”

Messages left by CBS Houston for Quanell X were not immediately returned.


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