What is Acne?

According to the National Institute of Health, acne occurs when a follicle of a skin gland clogs.

Most common causes of acne:

Puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, birth control, food, stress, genes, hygiene , sun tanning and ingredients in make-up can contribute to acne outbreaks.

  • Puberty, pregnancy, birth control and menstruation are sources of hormone. Hormone surges can also create an excess of oils in your skin. The excess oils can result in acne flare-ups.
  • Eating too much food can cause sugar levels to fluctuate too much.  The fluctuation can cause acne. Fatty diets can block necessary nourishment to cells and can activate acne.
  •  Sources of high-fat content can be found in dairy products. Dairy products are made from pregnant cows. Pregnant cows produce hormones that don’t react well with our own hormones. The interaction causes too much oily skin and creates the perfect environment for pimples.
  • Stress can play a huge role in pimple creation. Cortisol is release during stressful moments and this release can signal too much oil production. The increase in oily skin can cause a cluster of painful papules.
  • Blame your parents for blessing you with prolific acne. Take a look at your family phot0 album for pock marked faces and see if you have inherited their troublesome legacy.
  • Hygiene habits could be working against you or the lack of any hygiene could be the cause of pimple occurrence. Over washing can dry out your skin and cause too much oily skin. Avoid soaps with grit and alcohol. Grit will aggravate skin and alcohol can dry out skin causing too much oil production.
  • Over-exposure to the sun is unhealthy. Not only does it put the sun worshiper at risk for skin cancers, but the sun’s heat can dry out skin. The dry skin will produce too much oil and create a perfect playground for pimples to pop up.
  •  Make-up helps to enhance beauty, but can cause blemishes. See list of ingredients that are placed in cosmetics that could prove problematic to your complexion. If any of your products contain these items, you might want to consider alternatives to help improve your complexion.

Ways to get rid of acne:

Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, garlic, Epson salt, tea tree oil, lemon peel, orange peel, oatmeal, honey, green tea, chamomile tea, sea salt and strawberries can be used in soaps or as facial rubs to prevent and heal acne flare-ups.

There is a reason your grandma said get your beauty sleep. She knew that getting plenty of rest would allow your body to repair itself.

Eat healthy to prevent and reduce acne flare-ups. Consume purees instead of juice, eat raw or steamed vegetables and enjoy meats that have very little to no processing methods involved in their preparation.

Take your vitamins. Find supplements that support skin health such as; primrose oil, milk thistle, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B.

yoga1 How To Get Rid Of Acne

(credit: Amy Sussman/ Getty Images)

Remove yourself from situations and people that cause your stress levels to excel. Find different ways to reduce stress.  Meditation, tea times, alone time, reading, yoga and walking through a garden park can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Eliminate foods you have identified as sources for pimples. foods that place high levels of fat content into your system need to be enjoyed moderately or not at all.

Protect your skin with UV sunscreen and limit your sun exposure to prevent conditions that cause pimples.

Choose skin care and hygiene products wisely. There are some natural mineral-based cosmetics that cause irritation and worsen acne outbreaks.  Some products contain ingredients that even the Food and Drug Administration has encouraged manufacturers to remove from products .

See an experienced dermatologist if you have exhausted every possible method to control your acne.  He maybe able to find a treatment or therapy that will ease  your  breakouts.

To get more information on the treatment and prevention of acne, click here.

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