vl 3 On the menu today on Vandermeer & Lopez

These are the topics that Vandy, Meltser and I will aspire to solve, address, discuss and kick around:

Our guests include comedian Rodney Perry at 7:30 a.m., CBS sports writer Bruce Feldman at 9 a.m. and more. We’ll also go Behind Enemy Lines at 8 a.m., have an Arian Foster-inspired, cool Top Three (does it include Top Ramen noodles?), Football Picks and these topics along the way:

* Chronicle reports Jim Crane should be approved in 2 weeks –

* Andre Johnson does not practice again –

* Arian Foster wins AFC POM –

* NBA schedules labor talks for Saturday –

* Yahoo reports that NBA players held a clandestine conference call –

* Peyton Manning wants to return this season –

* Cubs will consider Terry Francona –

* Tony Allen gave ramen to kids at Halloween –

* HILARIOUS Jeopardy moment –

* AFC playoff picture right now –

* 9 types of drivers the piss everyone off –

* 11 most disappointing teams in sports history – 
* Bill Belichick audio, not addressing Julian Edelman scenario 

* Several ways to break up with her –

  1. Art says:

    Question about Arian Foster. How have the Texans avoided a Chris Johnson or Peyton Hillis problem with Arian who is hugely underpaid based on his performance? Has management assured him in a manner that avoids the issue or does this speak to the CLASS Arian always displays? Remember we had a big problem with Vonte Leach’s salary demands.
    Thanks – Art in Waller
    Please e-mail me the answer you have about this.

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