What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled fat found on the butt, legs, abdomen, arms, back and around the neck of some people. It has often been compared to the look of cottage cheese. Cellulite is fat closest to the skin. It can be found on people with average weight and obese body types.

What causes cellulite?

Genes, metabolism, puberty, age, gender, eating habits, skin and amount of activity can determine how much cellulite you retain. 

  • Your family’s genes are  preprogrammed for  how much fat you will retain. Take a look at your family tree and see  what type of body characteristics make up the majority.
  • Metabolism slows down with age. Eating healthy and increasing activity can help speed up metabolism.
  • Puberty can add fat in all the right places for some people. For others puberty can be our worst enemy and can launch individuals into a world of  obesity.
  • Ladies are more likely to add weight than men. Women add excess fat from pregnancy, stress, comfort eating, birth control, marriage and lifestyle changes.
  • Bad eating habits can put the pounds on more easily and make it harder to take excess weight off. Eating more calories than you can burn off can cause cellulite. Starving yourself can slow metabolism and cause more cellulite.  
  • Thin and light colored skin is more likely to show cellulite.
  • Decreased activity can lead to unspent calories.

The only effective ways to fight cellulite:

Eat low calorie healthy foods and exercise to burn off calories consumed. Do not starve yourself. Starvation dieting will make your body save energy by storing fat. Doing cardiovascular and  body sculpting exercises will focus the body’s efforts on burning fat and toning muscles.
Things that do not work for long:

Liposuction and cellulite injections only remove fat for a little while. The person, receiving these treatments, needs to change eating and exercise habits to keep new deposits of fat from forming. 

Many anti-cellulite creams do not work. A multitude of these creams act as moisturizers and only smooth skin to hide dimples, puckers, and lumps temporarily.