Are pesky swarms of mosquitoes ruining your outdoors experience? Don’t want to spray insecticide around your children, beverages and food? Here is a simple mosquito trap that does not require poison.

Read instructions below to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard.

The mosquito trap uses the pests’ breeding environment against it.  Mosquitoes love to breed in water. To break the cycle of procreation and kill the parasites;  fill a bowl with water and gently stir in a little liquid soap. Do not create bubbles. Leave the bowl in a shady area away from children, pets and foot traffic. Bowls can be placed where you have noticed swarms.

How It works

The mosquitoes will try to breed by standing on top of the water’s surface. Liquid soap added to the water will cause the mosquitoes to sink beneath the surface and drown. The mosquitoes will die before they can breed.

The video below describes how to kill mosquito larvae:


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