Without question cosmetics are a great way to conceal blemishes, enhance beauty and  boost outward appearance.
Over time make-up usage can take a negative toll on your skin. Listed below are five common ways make-up ages your skin faster.

1. Ingredients in make-up can work against your skin.  Zinc oxide, dimethicone and propylene are several ingredients commonly found in make-up. These  ingredients can create a thin build up on the skin. The oils and sweat can become trapped under the build up and cause pimples.

Some customers have had complaints about mineral make-up containing  Bismuth Oxychloride. This ingredient can cause irritation that leads to peeling.

2.  Roughly applying  make-up can torture skin. Rough handling can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear from harsh handling.

3. Some cosmetic users believe that just because their make-up contains a sunscreen they can over expose themselves to the sun.

4. Too much make-up can prevent skin from breathing and tanning evenly. The result is a dull toned and unhealthy looking pale face.

To prevent products from aging your skin prematurely:

1. Drink water to help keep your skin youthful and plump.
Your body uses water to flush toxins from the skin. When you are thirsty put the soda down and reach for a glass of water instead.

2. Do not wait before bedtime to wash cosmetics off. The longer make-up stays on your face, the longer it will clog pores and the more likely skin blemishes will occur.

3. Exercise to help keep your body toned. Exercising will cause you to sweat and release the toxins that have found there way into your pores. Burning calories also helps keep skin looking firm.

4. Eat unprocessed healthy foods. Healthy foods are building blocks to your body. Your body will used what you have consumed to repair damage to the body.

5.  Facial treatments, massages and beauty treatments can help heal damage done by make-up.

6. You don’t always need to wear make-up. Take a break from full coverage make-up. If you feel you need something, try lip gloss and just eyeliner.

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