hospital gourney Texas Hospital Accused Of Trying To Send Paralyzed Illegal Back To Mexico


GALVESTON, Texas (CBS Houston) — A Texas medical facility is being accused of pressuring a paralyzed illegal immigrant to return to Mexico.

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has been treating Francisco Martinez for three months since a workplace injury left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Since Martinez does not have insurance, the hospital is trying to point him back to Mexico, according to his wife. Brandi Cullen Valderram, Martinez’s wife, told KHOU-TV that UTMB has been telling them that there’s no other option but for Martinez to return to Mexico, even offering the illegal immigrant a free flight back, which he doesn’t want to accept.

The matter is a complicated one for UTMB, though not an uncommon one, frequently occurring in the border states.

“Under state and federal laws, we are obligated to provide emergency treatment without regard to citizenship, legal status or ability to pay,” UTMB spokesman Raul Reyes told CBS Houston. “There are no reimbursement provisions to the laws. Such a patient admitted to a hospital can be discharged after he or she is stabilized, with a patient’s consent or when the patient’s condition requires a transfer to a facility better equipped to continue treatment.”

Galveston is still trying to improve some of its facilities and procedures in the wake of recent deadly storms, especially when Hurricane Ike devastated the area in 2008. There’s also the issue of hospitals being obligated to pay for uncompensated health care, which has had its funding tapped into by the state legislature to help balance the state’s budget.

This becomes a challenge when trying to assist situations like Martinez, said Joe Compian of Gulf Coast Interfaith, a group specializing in health care issues for families in the region.

“The community is still struggling to rebuild its emergency health care capacity,” he said. “We’re also in the unenviable position of Texas having the highest level of uninsured people in the country.”

Valderram tells the station that she and her son are staying in a shelter, while Martinez continues to be hospitalized.

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  1. Feynman says:

    How is it complicated? Send him, and all the other illegals back. It is unconstitutional to use our US tax dollars to benefit non-citizens, and I’m tired of it.

    1. illiad says:

      Do we think that if this was an American, that Mexico would take care of us? I agree. We have enough misery here with Americans who don’t want insurance and get hurt (we foot the bill).

      1. nam_vet6869 says:

        If he was hurt on the job then his employer is responsible for his injury and all medical bills, as well as paying him for a set number of weeks. File a Law Suit against the person and take everything he has for the rest of his life. They hired this man knowing he is illegal and that lets him save money.

      2. Sheri says:

        I agree. This is either Mexico’s problem or the employer’s problem. It should not be the taxpayers’ problem. I feel sorry for him but maybe some church or charities can work out some way to help him for a little while to see if he will get any better. I don’t think it should be the hospital’s problem either.

      3. john says:

        Not the employer’s problem since he was not employed legally and the workers comp insurance co isn’t going to cover somone who wasn’t supposed to b there in the first place!

        A US citizen in Mexico whould have to pay cash up front or they’d be thrown out.

      4. pbj says:

        I love it. nam_vet6869 thinks his employer is responsible for his injury and all medical bills and for paying a set number of weeks. Does he/she think this happened in Europe or somewhere other than the US where employers and the government does take care of these things? This is the US. You’re on your own unless you’re a CEO who has sucked enough out of a company or a Congressman who gets these things for doing nothing..

      5. Bluffrat says:

        The employer may even be uninsured . . .judgment proof . . .and/or bankrupt. This is why I trim my own trees, repair my own home and live in a house built in the pre-invasion 1970’s

      6. Christina Alcazar says:

        Well, if you go to Mexico, Russia or most of Europe, the answer is YES. You would be taken care. I have had it happen to me. No health insurance while over sea’s and I was picked up by an ambulance, seen by a doctor, given medication and then driven home in the ambulance. In most other countries doctors don’t make as much money as they do in the US and healthcare costs are not as ridiculously high as they are here. Our healthcare system is severely flawed.Sir or madam, to me it seems that you have not traveled very much, and know little about how other countries work, but hopefully you are never in a situation like this.

      7. Luna says:

        A respondent here posted the following:

        “File a Law Suit against the person and take everything he has for the rest of his life. They hired this man knowing he is illegal and that lets him save money.”

        How presumptuous, and woefully uninformed this respondent is! How could the respondent possibly know that the employer hired the alien knowing that he was not here legally???

        I live in a border state, and if I had a $1 for every time an illegal used fake identification, I’d be on the Forbes list. Identity theft is a huge part of the illegal alien problem. To which the current administration is turning a blind eye.

        What’s more, once you hire an illegal, just try to fire them. You’ll have la raza, and every other alien support group threatening, suing, or picketing your business. Yeah, that’d be great for the bottom line, huh?

        Oh, and as for the notion of an employer calling ICE to deport an illegal that an employer becomes aware of — good luck with that. Thanks to ‘Big Sis’ Holder, and Obama, ICE no longer makes any effort to deport any illegal without a criminal conviction.

        Of course, all employers should be using the e-verify system at this point. Though, E-verify isn’t really worth a hoot. Just ask the U.S. Citizen who entered Barack Obama’s name and social security number, and got a red flag indicating that Obama was not legally employable. Ooops, another scandal to sweep under the rug.

      8. Mac says:

        Christina Alcazar obviously hasn’t traveled in Mexico very much. They make you pay cash for all services (oftentimes more than once) ! Doesn’t any one remember the US citizen who died in Mexico while raising the cash for a helicopter to get him to the hospital?

        Yes, the UK was very generous to my daughter when she got sick over there. They are a first world country, not a corrupt third world country!

      9. BD says:

        If he doesn’t want a plane ticket, put him on a bus. BTW, law statesw that the hospital has to provide EMERGENCY services regardless of ability to pay. He has been stabilized. This is lnog term care, NOT emergency care. Send his a$$ back and use the savings for the next AMERICAN that comes through the door.
        As for nma-6869, you need a little less free bleeding and some education in business and logic. While you’re at it, take some courses in economics and then come back with your answers.

      10. jt says:

        Dear Ms.Christina Alcazar you have no idea how much physicians make in this country , and it appears your attitude is part of the problem of high health costs in the USA. As a private practicing physician of more than 30 years, I can safely say that you were not very sick if you were not admitted (hospitalized)from the ER and then got a ride home in an ambulance. Ambulance care is very expensive- but maybe you have that best of all insurances- you know, the one WITHOUT premiums.

      11. Jonathan says:

        More like Americans that can’t afford insurance. Remember just because you can live a certain lifestyle and afford certain things does not mean others can. Are people supposed to put health insurance over feeding their kids or keeping a roof over their head?

      12. mtobryan says:

        In Texas, Workers Comp is not required by law. Employers do not have to take care of their employees medicl expenses.

    2. mobildata says:

      The hijacked US government is un-Constitutional

      1. Feynman says:

        Who is John Galt?



      3. God bless America says:

        Watch O’Bummer continie his Chavez type moves.

        Wake up America, it may be too late.


        America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Investigating the Kenyan Occupier in The White House –

    3. NY9Solyndra says:

      Article 4 of the Mexican Constitution guarantees free health care for ALL Mexican citizens.

      Since federally-provided health care is such a great thing, he should be sent back to enjoy it.

      1. Luna says:

        Thanks for pointing this out, NY9. While the Mexican constitution doesn’t explicitly declare that medical care is free, is does mandate that every person does have the right to received medical treatment, when deemed necessary.

        I also noticed that education, including college is defined as free when provided by the Mexican state. Which makes me wonder why the heck Mexico has been exporting their citizens across our border, while enjoying billions in US remittances by alien workers inside of the US. Could it be that it’s cheaper for Mexico if we pay for the care of their citizens????

        Link to the Mexican Constitution:

      2. bridget says:

        Thank you! 3 months in a hospital?! That is insanely expensive.

    4. k says:

      He should be dumped in the streets, like they would do to us.

      1. john doe says:

        I am an american Iraq war vet. caught hiv when my girlfriend cheated on me. I have no healthcare, and the clinic I went to asked for more money then i have to pay for the life saving drugs i need. I am going to die because of no healthcare, and no money. how is it that this non-citizen can get free healthcare, and i, a iraqi war vet, cannot? i dont even want healthcare… i just want the pills!

      2. mtobryan says:

        John Doe
        Apparently you are NOT an Iraq War Veteran. If you really were, then you would know you are covered by the Veterans Administration.

    5. julia says:

      Why isn’t the Mexican Consulate offering to pay ? Why is the wife demanding free medical care for her illegal husband on the backs of the paying patients? This is just plain wrong. The employer, the family, and the Mexican government need to pony up to either transport this guy or pay his medical bills. Enough with this nonsense. Deportation…Si Se Puede!

    6. indielogic says:

      This is the problem with illegality. When something bad happens, others have to care for you, and it is rubbing salt in an open wound to expect people you’ve been defrauding to do it. I’m betting the employer was illegal in hiring him, to and should shoulder the lions share of the resonsibility. It was a risk they took, and now they ahve to pay the piper, NOT US.

    7. Tessy says:

      I agree … he needs to go back to Mexico.

    8. dude says:

      If it was illegal we wouldn’t be using billions of US tax dollars to rebuild Afganistan, Iraq and now Libya.

      1. Brian Burchfield says:

        please…really ? I thought it was all about the oil, what happened with that arguement ?

    9. miked says:

      thats right drop his greaser ass off at the border hes not our peoblem

    10. Mstr Rick says:

      I agree, this is not complicated. The man is stable, the hospital has done it’s duty. If the guy is Mexican maybe he should consider going back to Mexico. I mean isn’t that why it’s called Mexico, because Mexicans live there? What?

      I think they have 5-6 buses daily to Laredo and I suspect ICE would even provide a ticket gratis, no sin pregunta’s?

  2. heebie says:

    Now the taxpayer will be obligated to pay for this unfortunate man and his family forever. I am sure he will get a huge settlement. This is why companies should be heavily fined and sanctioned when they hire illegals.

    1. Jason says:

      Nobody should be forced to verify the identify of an individual they employ. Government should stay the hell out. Verifying the identity of someone you employ makes as much sense as verifying the identity of someone you sell a product or service to.

      1. pk says:

        So if you hire someone to work on your home, you wouldn’t verify who he was? You realize that by hiring that person, you are taking responsibility for their actions while employed by you and if they get hurt on the job, the responsibility for their medical care…but you wouldn’t verify who they are. Think about it.

      2. OBAMA=FRAUD says:

        This is why we have an ILLEGAL ALIEN as POTUS. Nobody checked him out beforehand and his fraudulent CONNECTICUT SSN just Failed E-VERIFY.

        Google “OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY” and see the official ‘Notice of Mismatch’ letter from the SSA, for yourself.

      3. Feynman says:

        I agree: employers should not be required to verify the identity. The government has no proper role adding overhead to businesses. However, employers should be HeavilY penalized if caught employing illegal aliens. Perhaps then they’ll CHOOSE to do their due diligence, rather than claim ignorance while breaking he law.

      4. Leeroytull says:

        That is patently absurd! You don’t think if you are paying an individual to do something you shouldn’t know who they are or have a basic understanding of who is representing your company? I guess they shouldn’t submit background checks at all for teachers or daycare workers right? That Jason is lunacy. I feel bad for this illegal immigrant. He does indeed need to go back to mexico

      5. Jack America says:

        Jason you are a damned IDIOT

      6. phil says:

        Go ahead and hire that Mexican Crew for your roofing job at your house. If one guy falls off the roof, and ends up like this worker…YOU ARE LIABLE! Most Homeowner Insurance policies DO NOT PAY claims for contract labor. Now…do you think that I would not only verify citizen status, but also workers comp coverage? Wise up America.

      7. Voyager says:

        I take it you do not use checks or credit cards? What do you think the tellers are doing when they ask you to “sign here please”?

      8. RepublicanCapitalist says:

        You are such a moron!

      9. stanleycustom says:

        As a business owner I verify a hire is who they say he is since as the employer I am responsible for his actions while on the job.

      10. RonnieReagan says:

        Bravo Sierra. They absolutely should be verifying the identity. What kind of fool hires a person to do work without making sure they are who they say they are, much less checking references. Go sell your form of crazy elsewhere.

      11. Scott Woods says:


      12. Jim says:

        Here is food for thought… if the federal government actually enforced immigration laws, there wouldn’t be an issue of holding employers responsible for hiring illegal aliens because they wouldn’t be here long enough to get a paycheck.

      13. Brian Astby says:

        Same for voting, right?

      14. Bryan Cook says:

        Jason – I assume you’re in support of a “One-world”, where there are no individual countries…

  3. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    I’m OK with this. Alternately, they could have wheeled him into the parking lot and sent an email to the Mexican embassy letting them know where they can pick up their citizen.

    1. JAMES JOHNS says:


      1. EnolaGay says:

        You’re cracking me up!!

    2. Richard Henkle says:

      I’m fine with the alternative. Better yet, put him on a pool raft and push back across the river.


      2. TEC says:

        Or a shallow grave, he is paralyzed…. he won’t be able to run away.

  4. jeff says:

    just throw him out the window and the seagulls have a nice lunch

  5. CC says:

    Of course he doesn’t want to go back! Hmmm..I wonder how I can get a free plane ticket to Cabo.. would love a vacation!

  6. usa says:

    this is stupid, the writer of this article should have their citizenship status revoked. the title alone shows the cards they have in their hand. Pathetic and worthless. it is sad that this man is in the shape he is in. But that is not the problem of the USA tax payers. it is MExico;s problem.

    1. Scott says:

      I know. The dim wit writer should check out the comments to see how the average real American feels about the ILLEGAL immigration problem.

  7. sendhimback says:

    Send him back.

  8. Greg says:

    Don’t let the door hit your wheelchair on the way out.

    1. Scott the CITIZEN says:

      Hey. if all the illegals leave.. who is going to vote for the next globalist in 2012?? I LOVE paying for illegal immigrants medical bills! 😉

  9. mikey says:

    Mexico has hospitals. Mexico has a government. Mexico has tax revenue. Why should we be responsible for this man. My great uncle, a WWII vet has a tough time getting and paying for healthcare. Explain to me why we should pay for this POS illegal when our own veterans cannot even get adequate care. This is complete Bull%#@t!

    1. jj says:


    2. CKCM says:

      That’s the point! The uber-rich in Mexico are among the wealthiest in North America. because they have no intention of spending their money on the poor, the sick and the frail.They rigorously protect their southern border while sending their poor and frail to enter the US illegally.

  10. Scott says:

    Get out, freeloader!

    1. And your little dog too! says:


      1. PEDRO says:

        We are taking back OUR LAND –

        You Get Out…Stinkin’ Gringos! WE ARE THE FUTURE!

      2. Scott says:

        I’m sure pedro realizes that America was a country before mexico was. Also, I think we can take on such a tiny people with little effort. Step one would be withholding the HPV medication the mexican population so desperately needs.

  11. Adios Amigo says:

    Pay a coyote to return him back to Mexico it would probably a little cheaper than an airline ticket.

    1. dntninja says:

      the policies and politicians are so stupid ! send his ass back. or trade a barrel of their oil a day for every illegals that are here to offset the welfare,schooling, and healthcare. Then prices would come down for the citizens of this country

  12. jgalt11 says:

    take him to the border and drop him off on the other side of the river, problem solved. trespassing foreign nationals have no rights and no say in this matter.

  13. Mexicosuks says:

    Send this puto back. I am a Mexican. Born in the US and will die here. My 5 year old son was refused treatment for a deviated septum so severe that he whistles from his nose when he is asleep or just running outside. This puto madre and his wife and kid are treated for free. Let me go to Mexico and see if they will fix my daughters breathing problem for free. This is BS

    1. SGB says:

      Is it your son or your daughter or both that have the problem?

    2. Avid Reader says:

      If you are a Mexican than you were not born here in the US. If you were born here in the US, you are an American. Get your head straight.

      1. Scott says:

        Agreed. Multiculturalism fails every time. This is America, not Africa-America or Mexico-America. If they can’t be proud of it they should be escorted out.

      2. JGS says:

        If you were born to illegal parents you should not be entitled to US citizenship period. The child should be seized upon birth and the parents arrested and sent back to Mexico.

    3. mimi says:

      You’re a Mexican but born here…let me guess, your madre is illegal.

    4. Bobby says:

      A perfect example of what happens, when American citizens allow their social systems, THAT THEY PAID INTO, be bankrupted by polticians that are more interested in foreign nationals here illegally, than in their own citizens. Will the U.S. public ever WAKE THE F, UP? Thanks for this great example, Sir.

    5. Bobby says:

      By the way, I hope your son gets help, somehow.

  14. Crosscut says:

    Truck him to the border and Adiós amigo. What’s the deal.

    1. newsreader says:

      The deal is THE LAW. THE LAW states he cannot be discharged without his consent, whether he is legal or illegal. That’s THE LAW. Don’t like it? Then change the law.

      1. juliana says:

        Every time we do make or change a law to stop this sort of thing, it gets overturned by a court ruling.
        Like prop. 187 in California.

      2. horseshrink says:

        Quote me the statute.
        People cannot prolong their hospital stays simply by refusing to be discharged.
        The attending physician writes the order. Patient is discharged.
        Patient can continue to hang out at the hospital as a visitor, I suppose, but he’s going to be moved out of his room so it can be cleaned for the next patient.

  15. Hal McCombs says:

    Funny – if he’d stayed home in Mexico, he wouldn’t be in this situation, now, would he?

    Ship him back in a crate. It’s better than how he sneaked in the first time. And believe it or not, they have hospitals in Mexico (if you didn’t know that, you’re probably a racist).

    1. Bobby says:

      Hal, right on!!!!! OF course they have hospitals in Mexico, yet I’ll bet this story dupes tons of clueless Americans. Of course, Demc-RATS don’t care if Mexico has hospitals or not. They would still argue racsim, if American citizens object– they always do.

  16. CC says:

    The headline implies the hospital did something wrong by offering the ILLEGAL alien a FREE plane trip home. Why shouldn’t he go home? He’s in stable condition and he is again, illegal! Whats the problem here? And honestly, it shouldn’t really be an offer so much as a demand!

  17. sharon says:

    He came here illegally. Why are the taxpayers on the hook? Send him back and collect money spent on his care from Mexico.

  18. Hank Warren says:

    Endless benefits for illegals, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  19. Joe says:

    And where is the problem here? He was treated and stabilized and he needs to be released. Whether that is to the curb in front of the hospital or back to Mexico is his choice. Is it any different for American citizens that are hospitalized without health insurance? Can’t you folks see that the medical costs and the costs of imprisoning illegals is falling on the backs of middle class Americans and destroying state budgets while the corporations use these people as slave labor?

    1. Scott says:

      How is it his choice? He is ILLEGAL. That’s like saying that after being caught bank robbers have a choice of continuing to rob the bank or going to jail.

      You D.A.

      Also, they shouldn’t be imprisoned, they should be immediately deported.

  20. 31337 says:

    so what do we do when the people we trust with making sure the rule of law is enforced stop enforcing it?

    1. Feynman says:

      Stop paying taxes – though that will land us in jail. Perhaps the Atlas Shrugged method is the way.

      1. David Ball says:

        Not if 100 million americans claim ten dependents. We would get all our money back,and there would be to many of us to be sent to prison. The IRS would be overwhelmed and would fail in their methods of intimidation.

    2. sgb says:

      We vote. We get active. We contact the politicians. will help you with that.

      1. Feynman says:

        I’m not even convinced they count votes any more.

  21. Speedy Gonzalez says:

    Meanwhile American citizens who can’t afford health insurance or medical care get ill and die daily. But these illegals are coddled and cuddled and placated and I for one am damnnn sick of it

    I’m a left side paralyzed American from MS as ME, My Family and working help pay my bills not the government. I’m sick of these people to no end and they’re dang lucky I can’t walk anymore, I’ll tell you that much.

  22. snapperboy says:

    Time to say “adios, amigo.” People who are here illegally should be treated with respect – and sent home. No way should the US taxpayer have to pay for this man’s needs for the rest of his life. If an American were similarly injured in Mexico would that country take on the care and feeding for the injured person?

    BTW is the wife here legally? If not, have her pack her bags too.

    1. David Ball says:

      Don’t forget their six kids.

  23. alan says:

    The hospital should send the damn bill to the democrats and demand they pay.

    1. Winn1301 says:

      Great idea…but if they don’t pay the hospital should send the bill to the reporter who wrote this story. Obviously, he thinks you and I should pay, so I’m sure he won’t have a problem paying for this man and his family.

  24. malcoms says:

    Stupid Americans, If you don’t feel sorry for them then you are accused of being a racist and having no heart. And many of you fall for it. Especially White lberals. They would rather spend millions trying to give the illegal free healthcrare and risk shutting down the hospital for others that it serves in the community. Wake up Americans, YOU ARE NOT RACIST IF YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY AND WANT TO PROTECT IT!!! No matter what Democrats or homeland security says.

  25. Craig Eliot says:

    Well he SHOULD be sent back to Mexico. It’s HIS government who should be paying for his medical bills, not ours. We are BROKE! Get it? Now, stop your nonsense!

  26. flyright66 says:

    The term “ACCUSED” in the headline tells you all you need to know about the bent of this ‘journalist’…(I use that term loosely)… How about this?
    ‘Texas Hospital’s Generosity Goes Beyond Legal Requirement’
    Offering to pay for paralyzed illegal’s plane fare home.

  27. LizardLips says:

    Roll him up to and over the border and say, “Vaya con Dios, amigo.”

  28. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    The Harris County Hospital District, IIRC, actually did this some years back. (Maybe they just tried….. I’m not positive.) The idea was to reunite the patient with his family, who could take over the “caregiver” roles being performed by taxpayer-funded nurses. (Also he was occupying a (licensed) hospital bed badly needed for other patients in worse condition.)

    What if this guy’s family is also here, hiding under assumed names and SSN’s?

  29. James S. says:

    And this is a PROBLEM? He would NOT have been paralyzed if he had NOT BEEN HERE IN THE FIRST FREAKIN PLACE..

  30. robert Nagel says:

    If it was a workplace injury why isn’t the workers compensation carrier paying for it.If the employer had no insurance then the employer is on the hook for the costs. Perhaps it wasn’t a workplace injury. I think he wasn’t at work at all, he was doing something less deserving of sympathy.

  31. Regulas says:

    Take his illegal butt down to the border and hand him over to the Socialized medicine of Mexico.

  32. Diane says:

    Well…he is from Mexico. He isn’t here legally. He has sponged off the American taxpayers for 3 months already. I don’t see a problem with him going back HOME.

  33. scott says:

    Send him to Callyfornia

  34. jlenta says:

    its really unfortunate, but the guy had to know there were risks in every action he took, first illegally entering the US, and then working on a job, were injuries are probably a high risk….

    Was he just expecting to be taken care of?

    It is a terrible situation for the guy, but the are millions of terrible situations all over the globe… we can’t help everyone in an unfortunate situation, especially if they are illegal, at the expense of the US people… in mexico they woul dlock you up and throw away the key, at least in the US we will send you home….

  35. kimdi01 says:

    PRESSURING? How? Who is paying the medical costs for ths ILLEGAL? I think the hospital is being nice about it, offering a plane ticket for his ti=o get back where he is legal. Put him in the back of a pick-up and drive him to the border, hire a cab to drive him across the bridge and hand him over to the corrupt Mexican border guards.

  36. Mike S says:

    Congratulations UTMB for making a good decision finally.

    I would like to know who his employer was and how he was injured. Then they should crack the employers nuts for hiring illegals.

    Also, at least 30 something comments so far and every one of them says this is not our problem as tax payers and/or that he should be sent home. I’m liking what I see here.

  37. George Johnson says:

    This guy is probably in a LOT of pain. A HUGE does of morphine should solve both problems.
    That, or drive him down there, then toss his ass out of moving car on the way back.
    I’m so sick of this. Do Americans get even CLOSE to good medical care when they’re down there?? NO! America simply can no longer afford to save the world like this. If mexico won’t take him, drop him on their door step. I’m SICK OF THIS!

  38. malcoms says:

    when will Americans stand up and protect OUR borders? we send our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers brothers etc around the world protecting other nations borders, and some die doing it. When will we demand that we are protected? Why are politicians so against protecting OUR border? Its traitorous and they should be arrested for treason.

  39. Bryan Cook says:

    What’s with the “even offering the illegal immigrant a free flight back”? He’s here illegally. Throw his ass in the cargo hold of a FedEx plane and ship him back where he belongs. Why are there even questions being asked?

  40. Dr. Jack K says:

    I think we should recognize the assets that the patient might have. Does he have twice the number of kidneys that he needs? Coulld an eye be harvested? “From each according to his ability”, right?

  41. Damián says:

    UTMB has been treating him for three months. I’m confused…Doesn’t the law indicate that you shall be attended in emergency cases? Again, THREE MONTHS? I don’t think a “treatment” is an emergency any more. BUT Don’t worry, like Obama says…”it’s all paid for”.

  42. Alan says:

    Send him back to the third world were he belongs

  43. Ed Fdnyretiree says:


    Get rid of ALL illegals!

  44. Stormwatcher says:

    This is just one of MANY getting free and very expensive health care at this hospital. You have no idea what it is like down here. The number of babies of illegals born here every month is staggering. They also cannot be turned away. IT’S clearly stated all over the walls of the hospital. Does anyone really wonder why they come here in droves?

    1. Bobby says:

      That’s the kind of people we have over us. We haven’t the tiniest bit of real representation at all. American citizens are Mexico’s ATM Machine. Enjoy.

  45. Paul Battis says:

    The solution to this situaiton is so obvious. Set up a huge ramp a al /Evil Kiineval. Charge folks $25.00 per person to watch this fella jump the Rio Grande River on his wheel chair. This gets him back to Mexico and he gets a nice little pay day to help out with his medical costs. It also jump-starts his new career as a stunt man.

    1. El Gato says:

      And he won’t feel it when he breaks his legs. Bonus! ^_^

  46. john appleton says:

    The employer should be responsible for all medical bills here. End of story.

  47. Ronald says:

    He is a true leach, sucking dry the American tax-payer. He never paid a dime in taxes, yet he thinks we will subsidize his treatment for life. Get the hell out. You are a net-negative on our society, even before you got hurt mowing lawns.

  48. Count Yob says:

    The parasite has found such a good host that he doesn’t want to leave.

  49. Chris says:

    I am with John Appleton. It is not even debatable. Treat him and put up his family and the bill goes to the CRIMINAL employer. He caused this situation in the first place. After the lawsuit for damages send them back, and send a message to those who hire illegal aliens.

  50. Leah says:

    Accused?? ACCUSED? Why in God’s name is that not standard policy. I can’t even wrap my mind around the thought process of whoever wrote this. HI’m sure he’s a valued member of the MSM.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

  51. truth says:

    workplace injury…..make the idiot that hired him pay for care and the plane ride back to mexico

  52. apache says:

    worst reporting I have ever seen. The employer is not named, article is one-sided to make people feel sorry for the criminal, writer even takes a slap at Texas for having the most uninsured. Even the photo showing tattered flags gives the psychological image that America and Texas are broken because of this. No wonder the reporter’s name is no where on this article. This belongs on a blog not a news site. It defines blatant biased reporting. Shame on CBS Houston. A real editor would have crumbled story up, thrown it back at the writer, and told them to clean out their desk.

    1. UTMBstudent says:

      Those are NOT the flags that fly at UTMB. I am a medical student there and pass the hospital every day. The flags are in perfect condition, with a spotlight on them at night.

      Kudos CBS — you lie, yet again.

    2. Bobby says:

      The only solution is to vote Perry in as governor of Texas AGAIN, THAT WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM—OF HAVING TEXAS TURN INTO MEXICO FASTER. ENJOY YOU FOOLISH TEXANS. Haven’t you ever heard of a place called California, and how it went from a super rich state, to BROKE, FLAT BROKE. TEXAS NEXT? VOTE FOR PERRY.

  53. dennis says:

    We have an expression in Atlanta. Delta is ready when you are. Hey I think she is ready

  54. rawheadrex says:

    Send the bills to his employer at the time of the accident. Then take the employer to court. He pays and he learns not to hire illegals.

  55. crabcake says:

    He should not have been here in the first place. If he and his family had any morals or gratitude they would say “thank-you” and go back to Mexico. Doesn’t Mexico take care of their own? If not, then why not?

  56. Blank says:

    Stabilize him and send him home. Texas or Federal taxpayers are in no way obligated to pay for the criminal for the rest of his life. So if he were robbing a bank and slipped on the wet floor we would have to pay forever too? He was injured during the commission of an illegal act and deserves no sympathy from the taxpayers. If he hadn’t broken the law by coming here, he would still be walking.

    And while we are at it, throw the employer (if he or she knowingly hired him) in prison for a year for hiring the illegal in the first place. If illegals couldn’t get work, illegals wouldn’t be here in the first place. Fine any landlord or rents to illegals. Fine any bank or offers a bank account or loan and fine or jail any employer who hires them. No housing, no job, no finances, equals no illegals. And no illegals means fewer people looking to fill those positions. LEGAL immigrants and residents’ wages would increase since fewer people would be competing with them.

  57. Danny says:

    What’s with the flags picture? Did CBS choose a file photo of tattered flags or are those actual flags flying at the hospital?If CBS used a file photo, why that one?

    1. mobildata says:

      More propaganda from CBS.

      Do you trust anything these people tell you?

      1. TexanPatriot says:

        It’s the Texans hate brown people thread again….they’re playing it up, because Obama Hates Texas. Next before you know it…it will be George W. Bush’s fault.

    2. UTMBstudent says:

      I’m a medical student there and I can say with 100% assurance, those are NOT the flags that are being flown at UTMB. Our flags are in perfect condition and have a spotlight on them at night. The picture is bunk.

  58. Count Yob says:

    Apparently, Doug Miller was the reporter for this story. Typically, he didn’t ask pertinent questions like Who was the employer? Was he working on the books? Did he pay any payroll taxes? If he was injured on the job then why doesn’t workmens comp apply? But no, I guess Doug Miller didn’t think it was worthwhile to ask those kinds of questions.

  59. Frank says:

    According to the article the injury is work related. Since he is illegal the company or person who hired him should be responsible for his hospital bills and made to pay. How about identifying the company or person who hired an illegal alien then ducked their responsibility for a work place injury. The hospital needs to go after them. if no insurance then employer pays.

  60. JOe Dutra says:

    Send him home where the tax dollars of his country can be spent to care for him. My tax dollars are to be spent on citizens and legal residents.

  61. Bill says:

    Gosh, only one one-way airplane ticket. Compared to welfare, schooling, health care, etc., this would be a cheap way to get rid of all illegals.

  62. crabcake says:

    Great point, Frank.

  63. Bill says:

    If that is how Rick perry takes care of the US flag, you can keep him.

  64. Johnny O. says:

    “Under state and federal laws, we are obligated to provide emergency treatment without regard to citizenship, legal status or ability to pay,” Taxpayers don’t pay for this treatment, the hospitals do. That means the cost of all of our health care goes up or the hospital goes out of business. Times are tough, no free rides!

  65. TexasPatriot says:

    Since when is three months after his “accident” still an “emergency”? Is he housed in the…..Emergency Room? No. He was stabilized. He will live. So he can be released from the hospital, his family can come pick him up, since the INS has no interest in following the law and their duties.

    Let’s look at what is and isn’t emergency treatment. He probably needs thousands of hours of rehab…which is NOT the taxpayer’s problem. He was working a JOB? What about workman’s comp? Oh….what was that….under the table payments to illegals? That’s the employer’s problem…let them reimburse the State of Texas.

    But take him to the border open door, and shove. “Welcome Home!!” as the wheelchair rolls across the demarcation line.

  66. XXYYZZ says:

    The article says that, in a case such as this, the hospital can discharge the patient after he is stabilized. What’s the problem? DISCHARGE him. “Stabilized” doesn’t mean cured.

  67. Chuck says:

    The hospital has already met it’s legal obligations to treat this man under the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

    I’m sorry that the man has no insurance, but that makes him no different than millions of other people in this country. His being an illegal alien is a seperate issue altogether and does not entitle him to special treatment.

    If we follow the rule of law, the next step is his deportation back to Mexico.

  68. matt says:

    If he was injured on the job, his employer should be paying not our taxes or our increased medical bills. After he gets his payments from his employer, he should go back.
    Employers shouldn’t get a free pass on medical coverage because the people they illegally hire don’t know.

  69. Terry Knows Moore says:

    What a mess, send him home, this is not his home… you think Mexico would do this, Nooooo, send him home, period.

  70. Mark Z. says:

    I hope the Obummer administration doesn’t see this. They would want a law that states the hospital is responsible for the patient and their family forever Free food ,shelter, clothing, health care, etc. Someone has to pay according to the democants.

  71. Scott A says:

    Once he is stable it should be mandatory to send him back to his home country. The United States has no obligation to treat him if it is not an emergency. Put him in a wheel chair (I’ll even pay for it) and push him to the border crossing and let his own country take care of him.

  72. David from San Diego says:

    Send Janet Napolitano the hospital bills, as it was her job to deport him long before he was injured on the job. (Notably, a job that otherwise would have been held by an unemployed American.)

  73. Tim says:

    Good for them. Finally, someone doing the responsible thing. The illegal is here illegally. Get rid of him. So sad, too bad. I don’t break into Mexico when I need healthcare.

  74. murphda says:

    Pack his ass full of drugs and send him packing.

    1. Legal Citizen says:

      And his whining wife.

  75. Tim says:

    Lay him in front of the door and call him Matt. Hang him on the wall and call him Art. Put him in the pool and call him Bob. Send him back to Mexico and call him repatriated.

  76. horseshrink says:

    Didn’t make the headlines because it’s a publicly funded teaching hospital.

    Were it a for-profit institution, it would have made banner, front page headlines, with a special expose section dedicated to the evils of for-profit health care.

  77. lizsalander says:

    Of course he needs to go back to Mexico – we can’t steal and keep their people like this – that would be wrong – clearly Mexico needs him to come home, and the hospital has kindly offered to pay for his plane ticket home. I think there are probably two or three of his friends in Texas who also need to go home – their country needs them!

  78. jason says:

    Deport him I say ,but he will just wheel his ass back over again.

  79. Mari Katz says:

    If indeed it was a wrkplace injury he is covered by Workmen’s compensation.

    Thre might be a limit on WCOM coverage in Texas. I do not know. This article is very badly written. Instead of the usual sob story, the reporter should have noted the “workplace injury” and asked the medical provider if the injury was covered by WCOM insurance.

    If he were just hanging out at 7-11 and was picked up by another illegal with a truck and a few tools, that employer would probably not have signed up with WCOM or social security withholding or any other mandatory employer program.

    He should never have even been in this country. But the story is ridiculous. It is just another immigrant sob story. Is the reporter an affirmative action hire?

    Typical, to not check workmen’s compensation coverage. If his employer were a legal resident, then there probably would be WCOM insurance.

    Maybe his job was burgalary and he fell out climbing up to an open second story window.

    1. Avid Reader says:

      Texas employers are not required to carry Workers’ Compensation; it is optional in Texas unlike the mandatory requirement in all other states.

  80. chuck in st paul says:

    So he got injured while committing a crime – illegal presence and no work permit. Send him home. End of story.

  81. radicaltruth says:

    At some point, the productive members of our society will take our talents, innovation, work ethic, and honor elsewhere. The cesspool the lefties have created will be a deserved hell for their power-hungry central planning hubris.

  82. Darrel says:

    Another criminal illegal border violator wiping out the economy of the USA. I suggest either deport, or a massive dose of painkiller to permanently end his “pain”.

  83. Doug says:

    Put his ass in a wheelchair and shove the criminal illegal over the border crossing into Mexico.

    NOT ON MY TAX DOLLARS!!! I didn’t invite this criminal invader into my country.

  84. Scott in Cottonwood says:

    Send him back. Leave him on tarmac. Next move-Mexico

  85. Don't you have a heart says:

    Where is that smart Mr.Perry on this ?

  86. Thomas Muir says:

    easy answer, report him Texas state police, ICE, Immigration, whatever… if they will not react, bill texas for his care.

    1. Thomas Muir says:

      University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston get a new flag, contact the local VFW they’ll help with the details.

      1. UTMBstudent says:

        Those are not actually the flags that are flying at UTMB. Our flags are in perfect condition. I am a medical student there and pass the flags daily.

        This is just psychological propaganda to give a pointless article some emotional edge.

  87. Kathleen3 says:

    Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon did not hesitate, and our government did not protest, in having 3 of our border patrol agents tried and imprisoned for performing their duties in detaining illegal alien drug smugglers. Turn about is fair play. Demand the corrupted and evil Mexican president, Calderon, make arrangements with our corrupted government to personally visit this paralyzed illegal alien, reimburse tax payers for his health care costs and those incurred by his family members, and then escort this illegal and his family members back to Mexico.

  88. Galveston says:

  89. Jack says:

    I agree, he should have every benefit he would get in MEXICO that would be accorded to an American who entered Mexico illegally to work.

  90. Rod Anders says:

    How about a simple solution? A law that says the Mexican government will be charged and pay for all expenses of Mexicans who are illegally in this country. This will help finance any additional measures we might take to keep the riff-raff out.

    1. Scott says:

      I’d rather just deport them all.

  91. Sick ofSPICCKS says:

    TAKE the SPICCK and DROP HIM at the BORDER!!!!!



  92. mike says:

    send him packing let his home country mexico take care of him!!! if your an american and want to live in mexico you have to prove you will not be a burden the mexican people….. well we are sick and tired you them being a BURDEN to the American tax payer

  93. Get Over It says:

    and why is this a crime?? why is it newsworthy??

    i swear, you liberals will try to make anything into a crime.

    send him back to is country, let them spend their tax dollars on him!!

  94. JamesWhitey Bulger says:

    This one is easy. Have his EMPLOYER pay the medical bills.


    1. Lynn says:

      Excellent! Make them pay for skirting the damned law and not hiring an American.

  95. T Berry says:

    Americans sure are a bunch of cowards

    1. Lynn says:

      Americans aren’t freeloaders though. Well, REAL Americans aren’t.

  96. Robert says:

    Send him back.

  97. howard steinski says:

    As an American, I feel sorry for this illegal. Americans on this side, illegals on that.
    But in 10 years, it will not be the case. It will be rebels on this side, pro-democRATs on that.

  98. Lynn says:

    Send him to Massachusetts or one of those bleeding heart liberal states that likes illegals.
    In fact we should offer free bus fare to any illegal that is willing to move his family.

  99. Dave says:

    I think of stories like this one every time Obama brings out his propaganda and lies about stimulus money being needed to hire teachers and repair roads. Deport the illegals and there would be plenty of money for roads, firefighters, and teachers!!!!! I wonder how many roads could have been repair with the money this one illegal immigrant’s hospital costs. I wonder how many teachers could be hired if no illegals received ANY public benefits.

    We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending and mismanagement problem!

    If the government deports all illegals, stops spending money on companies like solyndra, and cuts teachers six figure pensions and we still have a lack of money…..THEN we can consider raising taxes. Of course there wouldn’t be a money shortage if the government functioned properly.

    Rick Perry’s coddling of illegals leads to problems like this. That’s why he dropped like a stone in the presidential race. Americans are SICK of illegals draining our government budgets.

  100. SallyJesse says:

    Eric Holder and Barack Obama should pay for his medical expenses out of their own pockets!

  101. UTZ says:

    As a doctor in Texas, I’m so sick and tired of people (both illegal AND uninsured LEGAL) people stealing healthcare and not thinking twice about it. Yes, I said STEALING. If I was to go into a restaurant, eat, and walk out and never pay my bill, that would be called THEFT and I would end up in JAIL!! However, walk into a hospital, use their medical care services and equipment, walk out healthy again and then never pay your bill…. that’s considered acceptable and it’s not ever looked at as a crime. It’s even more annoying to see these uninsured people and illegals tell you they can’t afford insurance (and yes, many legitimately cannot…and those are NOT the people I’m talking about) and you notice they have a shiny new iPhone and set of keys to their new BMW… that’s called a poor life choice and budgeting and I’m really tired of caring for those patients.

    1. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      so, pUTZ, if a person with MS cannot get insurance, is that a poor life choice? You must be some pointy headed liberal Phd of Education. Dufus.

    2. mimi says:


      I can kinda see your point. But when people have to travel to India to receive affordable healthcare, there is a problem. Not saying its your fault, but even with insurance, I went bankrupt when I received medical treatment in the U.S.

  102. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

    Okay, okay! Let him stay. Give the plane ticket to a stupid liberal.

  103. irishsmile says:

    Mexican politicians including Vincente Fox preach to America about how we should treat illegals…. do you hear Mexico offering to take their citizen back for treatment?

  104. ENOUGH says:

    When is this country going to wake up and realize that the Federal Government of the United States is no longer serving the American people as it was designed to do in the constitution????????! The vast majority of voting taxpayers are AGAINST supporting these ILLEGAL aliens. Yet our government is NOT enforcing the law as they were elected and paid to do. They are completely derelict in their duties and need to be removed and forced to return their salaries to the taxpayers…NOW.-

  105. Mark In ATL says:

    I never got past the first paragraph, I say no to the plane ticket, let him/her ride the bus back. Make shure to bill Mexico for the treatment since they were so concerned about their drug runner to get our corrupt gov’t to put our agent in jail for making his arms hurt, no problem with that here.

  106. DENNIS says:

    give this illegal mexican in the texas hospital a shot of propofol….give him a triple dose..put him on a bus and drive him to the norder….and send his wife back..

    1. Mark In Atlanta says:

      Have Dr. Conrad Murray give it to him…

  107. Rob Frey says:

    His situation is an awful thing, but he is an illegal alien. Broke the law getting here broke it working here and now is getting free medical. On none other than the American citizens, this is extortion of American generosity. Nothing is free and my freedom as an American is not free to the world I can’t afford it any longer. This is a great example of why our health care costs are going sky high prior to obamacare, which made it even worse. Control the illegal occupation and fix part of the problem, I don’t hate Hispanics i have no qualm. I even think there is much reform to streamline immigration, we can’t give everybody our society it’s crashing in part because of this issue. Millions of illegals, i am sorry we can’t afford you any longer, i greatly understand but we are going hungry also we have to feed ourselves first. Please go home. Janis had it right when she wrote the words (freedom is when you have nothing left to loose) it’s metaphoric for what is to come if we don’t stop this train. We can save no one with out saving our selves and our families first.

  108. Ben Doverhereitcomes says:

    Now we’re talkin’ . I knew I liked Texas for some reason (not Perry). Send ’em all back. That one’s easy pickins. The rest of ’em run.

  109. stargirl says:

    there was a similar case in stuart florida several years back. an illegal named luis jimenez was in an auto accident in 2000 which left him brain dead. martin memorial hospital cared for him for over a year. staff treated him very well, even brought him a birthday cake. his medical bills were over a million dollars. he showed no prospect of improvement. the hospital isnt set up to be a nursing home, so eventually they contacted his home town in guatemala, which agreed to care for him. the hospital chartered a plane and flew him down there at their expense. his cousin sued the hospital for false imprisonment, but eventually a jury found in favor of the hospital.

    1. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      His brother was obviously coached by Acorn. Glad his sorry azz is in Mexico where life is so wonderful.

    2. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      His brother was obviously coached by Acorn. Glad his sorry azz is in Mexico.

  110. Jerry Frey says:

    This country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, was never intended by the Founders and those who served in the musket wars (from 1754 – 1865) to become the asylum, the end zone, for the world’s economic, political, and social problems.

  111. Texan by birth says:

    I cannot believe the shoddy reporting here. Texas has the most underinsured population in the nation because it is becoming filled with illegal aliens! And I cannot believe they used that photo with the tattered flags! That photo was obviously taken after one of the hurricanes and put up with this story to make Texas and the “heartless” hospital workers look bad.

  112. Snowdude says:

    Besides the illegal issue, does anyone think its time to replace the flags at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

    1. UTMBstudent says:

      Those are NOT the flags that fly at UTMB. I am a medical student there and pass the hospital every day. The flags are in perfect condition, with a spotlight on them at night.

      Kudos CBS — you lie, yet again.

  113. tatafreddy says:

    Bill the Mexican govt for services rendered a Mexican citizen. If bills are not paid net 30, have US Government deduct somehow from the Billions USA is providing Mexico via foreign aid of one sort or another. I would even allow the hospital to bill intermittently instead of after the care plan is completed. Hospital is having to foot $$ up front. Yes, I know this is still taxpayer provided funds, but at least we redirect some of the foreign aid to hospitals where care has to be provided. Bailey-Hutchison, Cornyn, and the representative from the hospital’s distict should force the issue with the Executive Branch.

  114. Jenny Taleya says:

    The Mexican government needs to issue every citizen a Mexican express card that charges everything they use here back to Mexico.

    Mexican Express … don’t leave home without it.

  115. Tyrone says:

    Good for the hospital….or they should get pre-payment from Mexico.
    My wife was injured last year while we were in Mexico……at the hospital ER, they wouldn’t even see her, until we presented her passport for identification and a credit card on which they charged $1000 towards the ultimate bill. THE MEXICAN WAY……why should they get free (paid by taxpayers) care here? THEY SHOULDN’T!!

  116. tatafreddy says:

    Regarding my earlier post on Billing Mexico…I just sent a note to Rep Ron Paul in whose district UTMB is located. I’m not from his district but if you are a constituent he might be better at working out the issue. Send him a note at

  117. Oliver Clozoff says:

    In a rational world, “accused of” should read “applauded for.”

  118. Smelly Cowboy says:

    Texass is a gittin’ soft. In tha good ole days, the godd ole boys woulda made a crippled Messikin walk back home. Heh heh heh. PS.. I’m jokin’ folks.

  119. tiredofit says:

    Just wondering why the state of Texas taxpayers should be responsible for this illegal aliens medical care. Shouldn’t our federal government that refuses to enforce our laws be responsible for his healthcare OR deportation?

  120. Sothe says:

    Ah, beautiful, so not only is he sucking the system dry, his wife and spawn are also sucking up freebies at the shelter.

  121. MW33 says:

    Get injured in Canada, they may patch you up, and then immediately send you packing. My cousin was injured skiing, compound tibia fracture. They dressed the wound, splinted it and sent him packing. And yes, he had American insurance. His wife had to rent a van and drive home to Detroit from Quebec. He could not fly, for obvious reasons. It took over a year for him to properly heal due to the terrible initial care he received in that great socialized medical system north of our border.

  122. MW33 says:

    Send the illegal home. Enough said.

  123. Chris says:

    Looks like it’s time for his enabler wife to get off her fat a$$ and go to work!!!

  124. Galvestonian says:

    UTMB does so much good for Galveston and the surrounding area – why is this story trying to make UTMB look like they’re the bad guys? If this guy and his family walked into a store and started taking stuff without paying for it, we would call it stealing and he would be arrested, yet somehow taking free healthcare isn’t theft? UTMB should just foot the bill? No wonder our economy is crashing.

    And what is with the flags? I was just down at UTMB the other day as a PAYING customer and their flags looked fine to me!

    This whole article is bogus and biased, start to finish. So much for integrity in reporting…

  125. Brian Astby says:

    The workplace where he was injured should be responsible for all his bills as one of the consequences of hiring an illegal.

  126. Marsha says:

    They need to fly him and his wife and kid back home. The guy who hired him should be in jail. If this had happened to one of us in Mexico we would have been left to die and then your family would be called to come pick up the body. Sick of this double standard, send them all back.

  127. John says:

    Send him home. Let Mexico take care of him. They would do the same for us.

  128. stechatte says:

    Hurt on the job? Sound like a Workman’s Comp claim? Unless something has changed recently, Texas courts have upheld the “rights” of illegal aliens to claim any and all worker benefits. In such a case, the hospital bills would all be the responsibility of the employer. This story is a sham!

  129. me says:

    Have compassion for him. However block illegal immigration for those who will break the ststem in the future.

  130. Voter says:

    What does Gov Perry say about this?

  131. Ralph Chapman says:

    Mexico or the City of Houston can pick up his tab for life. If Houston want to be a santuary city then let them pay for it. Not the US Taxpayers. If the field was not wide open for illegal workers and the department of Homland Security and Department o Justice would do their real jobs and spend a little less time on attacking the states. Maybe this would not happen.

  132. Japheaux says:

    Send the economic terrorist home…today….end of story.

  133. sailordude says:

    is that the flag flying at the hospital? Who flies a tattered flag like that? How can you NOT notice that? Whats wrong with Americans to let that happen?

    As far as the illegal, he needs to hire a lawyer and get some representation because he was hurt while working and the employer is liable for that. That should make people think more about hiring illegals, it should come straight out of the employer’s pocket since workers comp was not a factor. BTW was he working at one of Romney’s houses?

  134. HWLone says:

    Why is it complicated you say it is a work related injury, just send all bills to the employer. Let these crooked employers know they cannot illegally use these criminals and then shovel them off to taxpayers when problems arise

  135. SirGareth says:

    RE: “Not the employer’s problem since he was not employed legally and the workers comp insurance co isn’t going to cover someone who wasn’t supposed to b there in the first place!”

    PURE B.S. This is very much the employers problem and if criminal charges can not be mounted certainly civil charges can be filed and there is NOTHING in civil law that would prevent the citizens from suing the employer for all costs associated with the employers negligence.

    Its time to stop giving these employers and both of our major political regimes a pass on the wink wink nod nod they give to illegals.

    Take our country back.

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      Ya know, SirGareth, you may be on to something here:

      Want to stop the flood of illegals into the USA problem quickly?

      If an illegal is injured on the job, the employer, and ONLY the employer, is completely and fully responsible for all hospital bills, civil suits, etc. Insurance is null and void if the injured party is an illegal. All assets of the employer, from his home to his retirement fund, is up for grabs.

      And he can think about that while he’s sitting in prison for one year for having an illegal working for him and injured on the job.

      Think about that, cantalope farmers in California, or chicken farmers in Alabama, or house builders in Texas, or roofers in Florida… still want to hire that illegal?

      I didn’t think so.

  136. Dave Shaffer says:

    Send him back to his own country and let him leech off Mexico. It’s only right.

  137. AlexU says:

    Where’s the complication. If he was hurt on the job then the hospital should be billing his employer.

    1. hammer says:

      employer ? hurt on the job? hmmm if he’s an illegal he’s not allowed to work here!

  138. Barley Booth says:

    There is a public healthcare system in Mexico, adios amigo!

  139. Visitor says:

    @ “Christina Alcazar” comments above, who claims that in “Mexico” someone from another country will be “taken care of” with medical care, etc.

    NO, that’s outright not true. Having traveled to Mexico with someone else who fell quite seriously ill while there (came down with typhus after eating fruit from a Mexican street vendor), I had to promise to “pay cash” to a physician even to get him to see the person, then at the doctor’s office later had to again “pay cash” to get emergency treatment for this person, who was then shown the door after basic treatment and both of us told to return to the U.S. “where you got that from” (referring to the typhus which I clearly didn’t have and the other person clearly didn’t arrive in Mexico with). You get nothing in Mexico you don’t have “cash” to pay up front for, including emergency medical care, and no promise of offer of any followup care afterward.

    1. Dennis D says:

      My daughter ( 18 Months old at the time) broke her arm in Bermuda which has UKs National Health Service. Not only did they charge me and bill my insurance company they also refused to set her arm because she was crying hysterically. Nurse Ratchett was so nasty I had to cut a cruise short and fly home with her to a real doctor.

  140. Pat Johnson says:

    American? no insurance? can’t afford 3 months in a hospital? Where do I sign up to become a criminal-illegal ?

  141. Rudolph Smith says:

    Send him to Marthas Vineyard,I hear it’s a great place for Re-Hab…. When they do return this Illega and his parisite family back accross the river , they need to take back his wheel chair.. It’s taxpayers property…

  142. TheRealKingMax says:

    Christina Alcazar babbled the following:

    “Well, if you go to Mexico, Russia or most of Europe, the answer is YES. You would be taken care. I have had it happen to me. No health insurance while over sea’s and I was picked up by an ambulance, seen by a doctor, given medication and then driven home in the ambulance. In most other countries doctors don’t make as much money as they do in the US and healthcare costs are not as ridiculously high as they are here. Our healthcare system is severely flawed.Sir or madam, to me it seems that you have not traveled very much, and know little about how other countries work, but hopefully you are never in a situation like this”.

    Then Christina, if you think that these other countries have it right, then GO there, NOW.

    And STAY THERE. Don’t come back.

    Illegals out of the USA – NOW.

  143. greg says:

    Yes – he’s illegal and mexicao is where he belongs send him back – if you need a driver I’ll come down and drive him over the boarder. What a drain on taxpayer money – sorry but we need to draw the line and eneough is enough – illegal aliens should get NO Benefits from our government……..

  144. ImLEGAL says:

    This wouldn’t be news if he was legal..

  145. Ric says:

    Pack the man into a truck and cart him off at a mexican hospital.

  146. Ben says:

    Yeah! Let’s just let paralyzed human beings die to save less than 1/1000th of a penny of my tax dollars! Yeah! You people make me throw up in my mouth a little. I’d rather have a country full of paralyzed illegal immigrants I have to foot the bill for than ANY of you.

  147. Samuel says:

    Illegal aliens, this is what can happen if your irresponsibly cross the US border and work illegally. If you get hurt, you are on your own. Try asking your own government for assistance. America is not charity for Mexicans.

  148. jeff b says:

    There should be at least 1 hospital in all of Mexico. They need to take care of their own. Send him back along with the rest of his famile and the millions of other illegals!

  149. sickofit says:

    He’s been getting free care for 3 months, it’s not like the hospital tried to get rid of him after a day or 2. They have also offered transportation which he has declined. IMO all has been done that can be done for this guy. Remember the Alamo and boot his @$$ out.

    1. Bobby says:

      THE AMERICAN CITIZENS= NATION OF SHEEP WITH NO REPRESENTATION. Apparently illegal foreign nationals have more representation than the average American citizen.

  150. American citizen says:

    The headline is a joke. The hospital is being accused of helping the illegal immigrant move to where he belongs. Maybe the writer thought it was wrong to send him in an aircraft instead of a Chevy pick-up. Illegal immigrants frequently enter Mexico’s southern border on their way to the U.S. Mexico actively shoots those illegal immigrants with automatic rifles using live ammo (not bean bags that U.S. Border Patrol uses. Mexico does not give them free medical care. In the U.S. if a citizen crosses a street outside of a crosswalk he can expect to receive a jaywalking ticket with a monetary fine. If a Mexican illegally crosses the U.S. border carrying illegal drugs, Texas will prosecute a U.S. Border Patrol agent for “wrongfully” trying to stop that activity.

  151. Legal Citizen says:

    Why are we even having this discussion? I am sick to death of illegal’s crying and whining over what they’re NOT getting. I am also sick of having to explain every day to these people and the ignorant left why I don’t like my hard earned tax dollars spent on this group and what ii is spent on. Everyone here illegally should be shipped back immediately. If they want to come back, great. But they better do it the right way which is the legal way defined by law. Does this administration even govern under the constitution anymore?

  152. abbeyconway says:

    GOOD! Send him back. He will only cost us MORE money!

  153. Mstr Rick says:

    I agree, this is not complicated. The man is stable, the hospital has done it’s duty. If the guy is Mexican maybe he should consider going back to Mexico. I mean isn’t that why it’s called Mexico, because Mexicans live there? What?

    I think they have 5-6 buses daily to Laredo and I suspect ICE would even provide a ticket gratis, no sin pregunta’s?

  154. Bobby says:

    How big a SUCKER, is the average American? Have any of you ever been to Mexico? Do you imagine Mexico is poor? Do you really believe they have no hospitals? It’s easier to burdern, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, the plain American taxpayer than to simply admit this is Mexico’s problem, not the U.S.’s We are the biggest dupes in the world. Mexico City has got to be laughing hysterically at the stupid Gringo. In fact, so do the Mexican La Raza groups right here in the good old U.S.A. What a nation of sheep.

  155. Bobby says:

    It blows me away about how deluded most Americans are in thinking they have any say at all left in the various states they live in. Just do a simple thing. Take a look at this blog. Nearly every comment is against illegal immigration and all the treason it involves. How much it ruins the systems Americans have built. It’s clear the elite in this nation, couldn’t give a rats ass about what the average Americans thinks or what their fate is. Wide open borders, Wall Street nation robbing scandels, NOTHING BOTHERS THEM ON HOW ALL OF THIS AFFECTS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN. IT’S MINDBOGGLING!! VOTE FOR RINO’S RICK PERRYOR MITT ROMNEY, OR EVEN RE-ELECT OBAMA, THEY WILL MAKE SURE IT ALL CONTINUES. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

  156. Caroline Flores says:

    Hey guys, May be the U.S. much greater off sticking to Syria’s Assad?

  157. Jesse Urso says:

    Hey guys, Is going to be the U.S. greater off staying with Syria’s Assad?

  158. Josiah Swinford says:

    Hey folks, May possibly be the U.S. significantly greater off sticking to Syria’s Assad?

  159. acide says:


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