By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

Before I even walked in to Reliant Stadium yesterday I was hearing the chatter about the ridiculous amount of Pittsburgh fans on hand to watch the game between the Steelers and Texans. You had to be under a rock not to notice the presence of the fans of the men in black and yellow, If I had to break it down into a percentage, I would have to say about 60% of the people actually in the stands were Texan fans and close to 40-percent Steelers fans.

I turn on the radio this morning and I can’t believe I’m actually listening to callers actually question the loyalty of Texans fans. The largest crowd in team history was on hand to watch the Steelers and Texans on Sunday, granted a large portion of them were in fact fans of the black and yellow. However, this team has sold out every single home game in franchise history and merchandise sells like crazy. It’s the best NFL location for tailgate parties, and I completely understand there hasn’t been much to be excited about or proud of than those anecdotal details.

I know there are constantly empty seats throughout the stadium at points in any given home game, and there were plenty of empty seats yesterday. It’s not because the fan base isn’t loyal, it’s not because people just flat-out don’t care. I believe it is because there are simply a number of people who go to games to be seen not necessarily in the stands but in those fancy suites and in the concourse (you know who I’m talking about).

However, that’s not really the point. When people say irresponsibly that fans aren’t loyal enough I ask you to consider this. If you say that or think that based on the turnout of Steeler fans Sunday at Reliant, have you ever considered that some fans may have sold those tickets in advance to Steeler fans because after a dismal 6-10 last year the mindset by many was not when this team gets good, but if? I would venture to guess there were plenty of fans that looked at that game on the schedule and said “no way they win that one, why bother.” There are plenty other things to do in Houston on a Sunday than watch the Texans get beat to a pulp by the Steelers, right?

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Football is a business and fans recognize that. Many have their own business in buying tickets to sell a fan of ANY team that want to travel and see their team, it’s all about how much money/profit they can make.

There are obviously a number of reasons why there were so many Steeler fans at yesterday’s game.

Ever notice how many Cubs, Cardinal, Braves and Red Sox fans there are at Astro games…when they’re good?

It’s lazy, it’s irresponsible and down right DUMB to think that the Texans fans base has turned disloyal. This team is 3-1, flexed its muscle against a Steeler team searching for its identity, came up with 4 HUGE defensive stops in the 4th quarter after a very “soft” 3rd quarter.If anything, this fan base is at an all time high…forget about the franchises first win over the Cowboys…what? Did you think that team was going 12-4 and to the AFC championship game in its first year? Pssssh please!

The excitement around this team is maybe the best it has ever been, and rightfully so. They have a chance to make a lot of noise within the AFC this season. It is true, they will always be under the microscope by fans and the media because this team has always disappointed. It can and should be different this season. Having said that, this team will find out just how hard it is to play winning football without Andre Johnson…yes they’ve done it before, but teams around the league respect this offense and this team now that the defense has stepped up, improved and shown how effective they can be. This team has a bit of a target on its back, and without Andre Johnson, Oakland looks a lot tougher Sunday than it did even with Andre.

Enjoy the win against the Steelers, they came in searching for an identity, and after the 17-10 loss, that’s something they’re still looking for as well as handicap stickers for Ben Roethlisberger (left stadium in walking boot), James Harrison (injured eye), Aaron Smith (injured foot) and Rashard Mendenhall (we know his brain is injured, but who knows why he didn’t return after scoring on a 3-yard run in the 3rd quarter).

Comments (2)
  1. MT says:

    SHAME ON the season ticket holders who sold their seats to Steeler fans!

  2. Mike says:

    I am a season tix holder from day 1. It was an embarssment to have so many pitt. fans there waving those ugly towels. If season tix holders want to sell their tix then they should not renew their tix next year. What kind of true fan are they.
    You have season tix and our team is winning. How the hell are you going to sell your tix and not go to the game yourself? Even if you make a couple of bucks. Half of the stadium fans like myself are diehard fans. The rest are those fickle fans. If you are going to sell your season tix when your team is winning, do me a favor and do not renew your season tickets next year. I know there are some die hards waiting to get those season tix.

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