If you’re a Texans fans, you’re going to love this country song by Zane Nordin.


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  1. Zane Nordin says:

    Thanks for postin’ the song! – I’m thinkin’ of re-titling it ‘Texans Roll’ To hear more local songwriters or to learn more about songwriting please check out houstonsongwriters.com

  2. Zane Nordin says:

    RIP AL … GO TEXANS! Get ’em next week at Baltimore!

  3. Zane Nordin says:

    Two in a row and the TEXANS are on a ROLL!!

  4. Zane Nordin says:

    Three in a Row!! Way to Go!! Texans are goin’ to the Super Bowl!!

  5. Zane Nordin says:

    We are making a better recording of the Texans Roll song and it should be available soon … GO TEXANS!!

  6. chris says:

    can you post this for download somewhere. I want to blare this on my radio when I pull into the parking lot at Reliant.

  7. Zane Nordin says:

    The Texans Roll song will be available for DL on CDBaby and iTunes soon … THANKS! GO TEXANS!!

  8. TEX says:

    Here’s a link to the updated version of this great song. Share this with everyone you know and take it viral. all the way to the Superbowl!!! We need 70,000 fans singing this at the games. GOOOOO!! TEXANS!!

  9. Zane Nordin says:

    TEXANS ROLL! is now available for download!

  10. Zane Nordin says:

    TEXANS ROLL! is now available on iTunes!! GOOOOOOO TEXANS!!!!!!

  11. Zane Nordin says:

    THANKS to everyone for listen’ to our song!
    FEAR THE BULL in 2012!!!!!!! GOOOOOOO TEXANS!!!!!!!

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