By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

I’m guessing a lot of NBA cities are in a similar situation to Houston. In some cases, cities are in some serious pickles. Take for instance Sacramento, which is just simply trying to hold onto a franchise. New Orleans, and I don’t know if the majority of fans want to keep their basketball team, but I have to figure at the very least the NBA would love to find an owner so they could stop baby sitting that organization.

Getting back to my initial point for writing today, I understand this city has its NFL right now, it’s all about the Texans, people are excited and rightfully so. However, there are a lot of Rocket fans in this city, it has been the most successful franchise in this city over the last decade ( no I haven’t forgotten about the Astros trip to the 2005 World Series, even though it sometimes seems many of you have!).

I’m just trying to be that friendly reminder that for those of whom actually care about the overall success and perception of this city nationally, this town needs its basketball this season, in its entirety. Granted that may not happen, but fans are not even 6 months removed from destroying GM Daryl Morey for cutting ties with Rick Adelman, who apparently has come to the conclusion that he’d get more satisfaction out of beating the Rockets with Minnesota than he would sit back in a lounge chair taking a year off before a better gig comes along.

You want the Rockets to succeed nearly just as bad as you want the Texans to. Same goes for those lowly Astros. Why?

Because it makes you feel good about your city, when your team is competing, you want to go to games and rock that Mario Williams jersey, you’ve got that old school Vernon Maxwell jersey going at Rocket games, same goes for the thousands of people pimp’n the Nolan Ryan jersey’s at Astros games.

There will come a time when you may be rock’n a Jose Altuve jersey, a Donatas Montiejunas jersey, and we know about the Texans, if they keep winning, they could sell practice squad jersey’s and people will snatch those up too.

Older players around the league may love the idea of playing only 50 games this season for obvious health reasons etc. But there are organizations like the Rockets that will be made stagnant, even have their rebuilding process pushed back a year because of a lockout. The consequences are simple to understand, but when a month of the season is missed and then some, and a year or two goes by, it sure does make it that much tougher to swallow.

Let’s hope that the optimism that came out of Wednesday’s meeting between the NBA and its players gets the ball rolling a bit and a bulk of the season is not lost or the future of the Rockets isn’t put on hold any longer because of the greed and ignorance that is professional sports.