As we head into the 2nd week of the NFL regular season, one can’t help but to wonder whether or not we can expect to see the same intensity on defense as well as the sloppy play on the offensive side of the ball for the Houston Texans.

Regarding the former, as someone who has been out to every practice since training camp has opened, I can tell you with the most utmost certainty that the fire that you saw on opening weekend will still be around on week 17. This defense has been inspired by their new DC Wade Phillips. Most importantly, however, this defense doesn’t think that they are the bad asses that offenses are going to fear on Sunday; they know it.

You should keep in mind that this defense has only showed maybe 30% of what it can do. Wade Phillips has yet to toy with hidden coverages, 0 blitzes or any of the fun D-Line stunts that are available to him. But don’t expect to see many of these until week three, when this team is challenged by a playoff caliber team in the New Orleans Saints.

Offensively, there were a total of three turnovers in the first week of play, one of which kept the defense from getting their first shutout in franchise history. Of the two interceptions, one came off of a tipped pass that Andre Johnson wasn’t able to get a handle on. I can’t blame Matt Schaub for that, and I can’t imagine that Johnson will let that happen again any time soon. The second was a bad decision on the part of Schaub. While you never want that to happen, it does.

The third turnover came from a running back who had never had a carry in a regular season game in the NFL until kick off of week 1. I expect him to mature as a running back while watching Arian Foster back on the field carving defenses once again.

Offensively the Dolphins will put up more points than the Colts did last week, but expect to see Chad Henne looking up at Mario, Antonio, Connor, and J.J. Watt. This is why I can’t see the dolphins winning on Sunday. Henne will not get into a rhythm throwing the ball, and the Fins stand no chance to win this game with their lame duck rushing attack.

Final Score: Texans 30 – Dolphins 26


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