By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

It’s not fair or accurate to say that everyone expected the Texans to roll up on the Colt’s 34-7 as they did Sunday. There were plenty of you out there that had your doubts, and rightfully so. I felt the same way, it wasn’t because I didn’t think the Texans were as good as advertised, I still think the jury is out until they play against a team that actually shows up.

I did, however think the Texans would get the best the Colt’s had to offer minus Peyton Manning, instead they got…Well, I’m not sure what they got, I know the Colt’s got their butt’s handed to them in every facet of the game, if the Texans former 2nd round pick Ben Tate wasn’t running a muck on the Colt’s defense, Jacoby Jone’s was slicing and dicing his way through the slow-footed, inept Colt’s secondary, and who could forget about Mario Williams showing up early and often!

I think we learned a number of things about this Texans team on Sunday, but we’ll learn much more over the next 3-4 weeks as they get set for Miami, New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

1) They found themselves a guy that’s going to solidify a pass rush for a long time in JJ Watt. (5 tackles and 1 QB hit and and a key fumble recovery).

2) They found out just how deep their back field is with Derek Ward, Ben Tate and Steve Slaton. ( only problem is they currently have just 2 healthy ones remaining after Ward injured his ankle Sunday.

3) Jacoby Jones “ON” button still works ( 3 catches, 43 yard TD punt return, 134 total yards), let’s just hope that “OFF” button doesn’t.

Those are my just my top 3. I know there were plenty other good hings that happened, like Cushing and Ryans being as active and disruptive as we could have hoped for coming off injury, Mario Williams showing out, picking up a couple of sacks, though I’ll refrain from giving that too much love, the guy is simply too good and too athletic for him not to have been such a force against a o-line that has 3 new starters and players out of position. James Casey showed why he earned the start at FB.

There were plenty of negatives too, the interceptions thrown by Schaub, Tate putting the ball on the ground etc. Things that can be corrected, and things that will not contribute to a win when going up against better defenses in the coming weeks, i.e. Saints, Steelers and Ravens.

Props to the Texans for giving the fans something to cheer about, props to the fans for showing up early and providing an awesome atmosphere on a very emotional day, and props for now, to the administration and coaching staff for getting things done this off-season. They’ve proven their worth and competence for one game, thus, in the words of Colt’s head coach following his teams beat down Sunday, “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”…let’s just hope the Texans are up to running the whole race, the Colt’s are still waiting for the official to signal “false start”. Problem is, their Achilles heel is Peyton Manning and may never get off the starting line with Kerry Collins.


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