Rumor has it that the sex life declines after the wedding. Even though I’ve heard that complaint dozens of times, I’ve never been married and am in no position to agree. But let’s face it, we all know it’s a common occurrence.

We will eventually discuss the factors that might contribute to a man’s decision to withhold sex from his partner, but let’s focus on the female perspective and the reasoning for her anti-sex choices.

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Does she really have a headache? Or is she still ticked that you ignored her idea to run errands yesterday? Seriously, guys. Every night, a headache? Not getting any should be the least of your concern if her head is pounding everyday. Get that woman to a hospital.

She probably doesn’t have a headache. She probably has a heartache instead, and she blames you.

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Getting revenge can be oh-so-satisfying, but it screws you both if that form of satisfaction is sought instead of the physical kind in the bedroom.

If her nightly headaches aren’t actually headaches, then she’s holding out because of something unrelated to physical symptoms or contact. There’s a barrier, and her denial of intercourse is the only weapon she has. It’s her way to control and to manipulate.

It’s the “be a good boy or else” logic.

Or else what? Answer: No action, baby. 

This is the logic women use – you screw up, and screwing is the last thing you’ll be doing later. Sorry, ladies, this is wrong. Very wrong.

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Psychotherapist MaryJo Rapini explains how this method of torturing men can actually do more damage to the relationship than not. But she says men should step up to plate and apologize for their actions before the revenge attitude sets in.

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  1. Ahem says:

    Marriage is the most insanely abusive relationship a man can ever find himself in (his wife can unilaterally evict him, have him incarcerated, kidnap his children, steal his money, condemn him to lifelong financial slavery and deny sex while demanding sexual exclusivity…)

    This is why smart men play the field, and if/when they fall in love they insist on LTR’s and NOT marriage.

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