The three-day weekend was a blessing during a time that I really needed to catch up on a lot of things away from CBS and the Chronicle. But the extended weekend means Monday and Tuesday are combined into one jam-packed, hectic psycho day. Yup, and I had decided Tuesday would be that day that I get back in the gym.

I’ve registered to run in the Running of the Bulls 5K, an event put on by the Houston Texans on Oct. 16. After a long day at the office and time well spent with Diva Dot at the Dog park, it’s time for me to head over to my gym and fight the urge to steer clear of the treadmill. But I don’t wanna….

The last thing I want is to be embarrassed on 5K Day in front of all the community relations staff of the team I’ve colored for six seasons. Getting off my lazy you-know-what…


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