Today’s urban myth comes via an email  titled  “New Rape Tactic”.

The  message reads:

This message is for any lady who goes to work, college or school or even driving or walking the streets alone.  If you find a young person crying on the road showing you their address and is asking you to take them to that address… take that child to the POLICE STATION!!  No matter what you do, DON’T go to that address.  This is a new way for gang members (MS13) to rape women.  Please forward this message to all ladies & guys so that they can inform their sisters & friends and family.  Please don’t feel shy to forward this message. Our 1 message may save a life.  Published by CNN & FOX NEWS (Please circulate).. **Please DO NOT IGNORE!

Judgement:  Please do not forward this.

Paste and copy a portion of this email into your Google search and your returned results will be flooded with  too many  reasons why this is not a very good email to spread.

Here are the top reasons why it should not be spread:

5.  According to, the variations of this email have been circulating  since 2005.

4.  There is nothing specific such as a crime report that can be linked to this email.  The Washington County Sheriff’s Office ,where this email first popped up, could not find any police reports about any crime involving children used as lures.

3.   Forwarded emails, such as these, can be an entry point for  a Trojan horse, virus, worm or other malicious programming that could wreck your computer. There purposes can range from collecting email addresses, using your email to send spam to your contacts, or just a mans to sabotage your computer system. You might already be infected if you opened this email. Your email might be automatically sending out spam that have a faux recommendation from you that says go to a phishing site.

2.  While MS13 has a long list of misdeeds, such as gang rape, and drug trafficking, it has not been known to employ child lures, yet.  Previously, MS13 rape cases involved victims that were at the wrong place /wrong time or they were an easily accessible target.

A 16 yr. old girl was raped after she decided to play hookie and attend a party where MS13 gang members were also in attendance.  Other victims were older than 50 and had known their attackers.  In numerous news reports,  MS13 attackers were opportunistic and looked for women and children that were easy targets. None of these reports discussed the use of a  child lure.

1. Back in 2005,  MS13 was one of the most talked about subjects in the media, political circles and crime enforcement communities. This particular email seems to be posted, primarily, in debunk sites,  forums  discussing  immigration laws and on technical sites about malicious content.  Scare tactic  emails create a focus on a particular group and only indicates one way a group may try to harm an individual.  The fact that this repost is, mostly, in forums, that seem to be centered around resisting political action makes this debunked email look more like an evil tool instead of a good intentioned warning. I could not find this email  passed around in any rape prevention virtual communities.

Truth is, it would be better to  circulate rape prevention instructions, advice and suggestions from actual rape victim advocacy groups, justice professionals,  rape prevention organizations and accredited  defensive training courses. The information found on in these organizations will do more to prevent and  protect against numerous types of attacks.

Ms13 already has a real reputation that could make glorified movie violence look tame. No one needs to add any fiction to it.

Sources for more information:

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    Great post – interesting stuff!

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