By A. MIRANDA, CBS Houston
1087956651 Strategies And Resources To Maintain Your Neighborhood

Maybe, you didn’t have the financial luxury of living in an area with a home owners’ association or the free time to participate in a civic club. You probably took the risk of living in a reputable residence, where the people were notoriously reliable about their homes and gardens. You noticed, alongside the hard working yard enthusiasts, there are a few neighbors that do not keep up their homes.
The guy across the street, thinks his front yard is his own personal heavy trash dump, his drive way is more like an auto salvage and, the back yard, is an over crowded animal menagerie. You tried minding your own business, until their roaches started branching out to your home, their rats started tearing into your trash, and their overly-aggressive dogs started keeping you from getting into your own home. Their problems became your problems and continue to increase.

What can you do?

The first option, is to talk to the the neighbor and consider any issues that might be hindering him from making necessary improvements. Researching the City of Houston’s website or the Department of Family Protective Services website can help qualifying neighbors get necessary repairs, resources, medical help, and assistance to help resolve some of their problems.
If the neighbor is resistant, the city will follow a list of procedures, that will give the owner a fair chance to comply. If the owner fails to comply, the city will resolve the matter at the owner’s expense. By creating a sense of unity on your block, it sends the message to vulnerable neighbors there is help and defines what is unacceptable to difficult neighbors.

For more information:

Neighborhood Protection Corps online:
Department of Family Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, and Child Protective services cane be found @


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