cbs traffic logo1 Utilize These CBS Houston Traffic Tools
One of the most unfortunate things about living in Houston is the spread-out geography and the long commutes to get from one side of town to another. These traffic tools could make that early-morning rush to work or afternoon crawl back home a little less troublesome.

traffic map Utilize These CBS Houston Traffic Tools


Color-coded to show flow of traffic, the map shows problem areas on all major Houston highways and freeways. The magnifying tool and arrows can be used to get a broader look at the traffic in the areas extending past Houston. CBS Houston Traffic


route1 Utilize These CBS Houston Traffic Tools

Insert general highway starting and ending locations, and let the route finder offer all possible routes to determine the quickest commutes and approximate drive times.
Start by clicking the ‘route’ tab on the traffic page and choosing which major highway or freeway you’ll need to use first. Click the ‘Send to Phone’ tab to take the retrieved route information along for the drive. CBS Houston Traffic
commute alert setup Utilize These CBS Houston Traffic Tools


Once a route is selected, enter an email address or mobile number to receive alerts of problems during preferred times. Schedule the alerts to fit any time of the day for any day of the week and receive them until the alerts are no longer necessary. CBS Houston Traffic


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