I’m sorry to drop this bomb on you men, but you are not fully developed when it comes to verbal skills. Shocking news, right? ( Women around the country are nodding their heads.)

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Sexual attraction is what draws men to women. (More information you already knew.) You notice her curves, watch her walk and determine if she’s confident and sexually attractive. She does the same with you. The sexual chemistry is there.

sex education1 Sex Good; Relationship Not

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In a relationship, the sexual chemistry is still important. What if the sex is good and relationship  is not?

In this video, MaryJo Rapini and I discuss that topic. I might have blushed a little with these topics, but it’s very informative. And while I’m usually a very polished interviewer, I certainly get stuck on asking a few questions. Perhaps I’m asking for a friend, or I could be asking from experience. We won’t delve into that today.

MaryJo Rapini’s Blog

headshot amr Sex Good; Relationship Not
Sex, Love and Relationships with Anna-Megan Raley

maryjo logo Sex Good; Relationship Not


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