By JOHN P. LOPEZ, SportsRadio 610

Didn’t get to see the entire game? Couldn’t see the entire field, the trenches and all the significant off-ball developments from Texans-Jets?

Here are the 10 most Impressive Important Impressions you need to know:

1) Mario Williams  looked like Kramer in skinny jeans: OK, I stole that line from a listener, but it fits, so to speak. Mario was not comfortable yet as an outside LB and lacked burst.

2) Wade Phillips’ impact will be like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction. He fixes problems. No doubt, there’s a better approach, both on the field and between the ears of players. Speed has improved and Phillips’ attacking the QB was impressive to say the least.

3) Kareem Jackson will be picked on like the dorky kid on the playground: Jackson did not impress. Simple as that. He was thrown-at on two of the first three Jets snaps and gave up completions on both. Get used to it.

4) Kevin Walter will get his due. He may not have had a huge night, but Walter consistently got open as I scanned the entire field. His route-running was superb.

dsc 02352 10 Important Impressions from Texans Jets

(credit: Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Houston)

5) J.J. Watt will be a beast: That’s all you need to know. He disrupted protection packages and opened things up for linebackers like a veteran.

6) Special Teams were horrible. I realize Joe Marciano has an impressive resume, but don’t expect to put last year or Monday night as a highlight. Coverages and returns were awful. Simple as that.

7) Don’t worry about Matt Schaub. The offense was uneven and sluggish, but expect that to change. Schaub, especially when he gets all his weapons back, will thrive.

8) Barry Warner may have been — can’t believe I’m saying this — right about Brice McCain: It’s still early, but McCain did all he could to complicate things in the secondary — especailly as Kareem Jackson struggled and Sherrick McMannis was average.

9) Matt Leinart ws more than just a pretty face. Still, pray that Matt Schaub doesn’t miss a snap this year. Leinart looked better, but couldn’t connect on a long ball.

10) The best OLBs on the field were Jesse Nading and Bryan Braman. If the Texans had to build a defensive depth chart based only on Monday night’s game, these would be your starters. Braman attacked as if his hair were on fire. Nading’s burst was twice as impressive as Mario Williams.

lopez 10 Important Impressions from Texans JetsJohn P. Lopez can be heard on Vandermeer & Lopez, weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m.
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