What is metabolism ?

Metabolism is the group of chemical reactions used to process organic matter to gain energy and the way an organism uses that energy to grow, reproduce and maintain itself.

Your metabolism rate depends on your genetic ability to burn calories, the calories you ingest and the amount of calories you burn.

How do you to increase your metabolism?

  • Increase your body’s need for energy and you will increase your metabolism rate.
  • Increase the amount of exercise in your daily routine and this can increase the rate at which you will burn your caloric intake. Weight training, aerobic exercise, and resistance training can cause a spike in caloric need. Each pound of muscle added means 50 calories burned.
  • Increasing your intake of food from three large meals to six small meals can also increase your metabolic rate. Eating less can work against the body. The body thinks it is going through tough times and will store energy in the form of fat.
  • Feeding the body healthy small meals every three hours will make the body believe food is plentiful and it will then turn to burning the calories.
  • Another way to boost your metabolism is to eat more protein. Protein rich diets require more calories to digest. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates take longer to break down but do not require as many calories.
  • Adding more fish to your diet will help boost metabolism and will burn up to 400 calories daily.
  • Turn the television off at night and get more sleep. Sleep deprivation slows your metabolic rate.
  • Turn down the energy just a bit on your air conditioners and heaters. Your body uses calories to adjust your internal temperature. Having the heater or air condition do it for you will turn off your internal regulators and the need to burn calories. Our bodies tend to crave more food than necessary in comfortable neutral temperatures.

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