Know Your Enemy
Fleas are parasitic insects. These creatures are known to spread disease and internal parasites to humans and animals. Their bites can cause allergic reactions and painful wounds. Fleas hatch from eggs as larvae. The larvae turn into pupae. Pupae mature inside a cocoon and then latch onto a host as an adult.

How To Get Rid Of Them
1. Eliminate flea eggs by vacuuming floor surfaces, furniture, and curtains with a seal-able bag vacuum cleaner. Dispose of the sealed bag in the trash can outside away from the house. Shampoo carpets, and use hot wash cycles for area rugs and pet bedding to remove flea eggs.

2. ‘Pyrethrum’ based flea killers in pesticides can effectively rid your home and yard of fleas. Select the type of pesticide that is appropriate for your pets, family or outdoor lifestyle.
Applying pesticide around your domicile will kill already established infestations and prevent new re-infestations.
Be aware, neighbor’s pets and wildlife can introduce more fleas into your home. Make sure you are not enticing these carriers into your yard with with unattended pet food and unsecured feeders.

3. Eliminate the parasites off your pets. Wash infested animals in ‘Pyrethrum’ based insecticides that are approved for their species, weight, height and size. Do not contaminate their food and water with these pesticides. Use flea combs and brushes to get rid of dead fleas and to dislodge living fleas during the bath.
For serious infestations on pets ask a veterinarian for topical pesticides such as Adams, Advantage, Frontline or Hartz. There are medicines and topical solutions that can be placed on your pet’s back and can repel and kill fleas for months at a time.

Home Remedies Include;

  • Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or Boron around your home and yard to create an uninhabitable nightmare for fleas. Diatomaceous earth is a bit messy but is very effective against fleas. You can place this as bedding in your pet’s kennel, carrier or places where your pet rests.
  • Placing neem, cedar, rosewood, eucalyptus, spraying concentrated lemon juice and lavender oil around your home will also keep fleas away. The draw back to these remedies is they will not be effective against a moderate to heavy infestation.
  • Using flavorless mouthwash products with alcohol is very effective at killing fleas and lice. First, shampoo the pet and then use a spray bottle filled with mouthwash to spray the dogs fur. Keep the alcohol based liquid away from eyes, nostrils, genitalia and anal region.
  • Misting your pet with apple cider vinegar diluted with water can repel mosquitoes, flies and fleas. The smell and taste will prevent parasites from wanting to dine on the treated area. Diluted apple cider vinegar can be used to mop hard surface floors and food preparation areas to repel fleas from inside the house. It is nontoxic to humans and animals.

If you are unable to control these parasites with the previous solutions, then its time to resort to professional pest control agencies.


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