The pain of acknowleging a failed relationship and going through the roller coaster feelings associated with a breakup can be brutal. Anger, rejection, denial, skepticism, depression, loneliness, confusion – all the emotions we hope to avoid seem to flare up in unison.

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Women seem to have it worse than men. I’ve been there. We’re emotional, sobbing messes and want to tell the whole world how we’ve been wronged.

Men, however, seem to run off into the sunset and live the bachelor dream or find a quick girlfriend replacement. Women might do the same, but, generally speaking, women are considered to be more emotional beings. Just like the scenes depicted in so many TV shows and movies, the crying girl runs to the mint chocolate chip ice cream for comfort and cry into a million tissues.

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Psychotherapist MaryJo Rapini, an expert on sex, relationships and intimacy, says that men typically handle breakups worse than women. Men’s reactions, if careless and irresponsible, could be devastating in the long run. 

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I’ve never observed what is supposed to be a ‘normal’ breakup, so it’s difficult to say how one should proceed. Is there a normal breakup? I have no idea. But Rapini sheds some light on how to handle life post-breakup. 

  • Sit together and talk about the breakup
  • Don’t badmouth your ex
  • Be surrounded with friends

See what else Rapini has to say. This is Part 1 of a four-part series that helps the brokenhearted find happiness after a bad breakup.

Thanks so much to MaryJo for her contribution to this piece and her passion for helping others. Stay tuned for more.

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