By RICH LORD, SportsRadio 610

To all our listeners who are Dads, here’s hoping that all of you got to spend quality time with your kids over the weekend in observance of Father’s Day. A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there that help make the world go ’round…mostly by writing checks! OK, seriously, as I said on the air last week…our Father’s Day weekend would be spent in Austin mostly helping our daughter, Katie, move her things out of her condo following her graduation last month from the Univeristy of Texas. A bittersweet weeekend, to say the least. Seems like just last week that I was carrying all that stuff into her dorm room on campus for her freshman year, and now she’s got a degree in Public Relations and is on the hunt for a fulltime job. (that’s a blatant plug and hint for those of you that might be looking to hire a bright, sharp, beautiful young woman to perform PR duties for your company….can’t help it; I’m a Dad)

It’s great to see her about to take the next big step in her life, but a little scary as well. One of her interviews was for a job in California. Completely selfishly, I’m pulling for any of the interviews she’s been on for jobs in either Austin or Houston, but would still be thrilled for her if she were about to begin an adventure out of state. After all, I’m the one who packed up that piece-of-crap 1974 Kingwood station wagon in 1981 and bid goodbye to my parents in Brooklyn, New York to drive to Texas and look for a job. At least she’s trying to line up a job in advance! I only found out in detail a few years ago how tough that decision was on my Mom and Dad. Now the shoe is on the other foot.  

Speaking of Dads, mine had a tremendous influence on my life. Little League coach. Scoutmaster. Taught me how to ride a bike, throw a baseball and drive a car. Gigantic sports fan as well as radio enthusiast. Gee, I wonder how that affected me? My Dad was a radio man in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was never a broadcaster on the public airwaves, but I still think it’s kinda cool that the son of a radio man wound up making a living on the radio. We lost him in 2002. Miss him every day.

Before the weekend, my wife Jenny, and Katie asked me how I wanted to spend Father’s Day. Of course I said that anywhere doing anything with the two of them would be fine with me. They asked me to choose a restaurant for lunch and it was a no-brainer: The Mellow Mushroom on The Drag near campus. Many of you probably know that I’ve recently dropped a lot of weight thanks to Quick Weight Loss Center. Being very selective about what you eat is a big part of the plan. Not this day. As you can see from the second picture, it was basically feeding time at the trough. Everyone deserves to go on a “wild hair” once in a while, right? Great day. Cherished every moment I got to spend with my wonderful family. I highly recommend that you give it a try. The family togertherness AND The Mellow Mushroom!

 Finally, a couple of quick thoughts. I was very saddened over the weekend to learn of the passing on Saturday of one Clarence Clemons, quite possibly the greatest rock and roll saxophonist that ever lived. He was the backbone of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band for decades and will be greatly missed. He was 69. He was also the father of four sons. I thought about them and how tough this Father’s Day must have been for them. Rest in peace, Big Man. Your music will live on forever.

I also came across a column on Sunday morning in the Austin American Statesman that I thought was very well-written and worth sharing. Jenny cried her eyes out when she read it. It’s not really a Father’s Day story, but there are definitely some fatherly thoughts and deeds contained in it….

     Congrats to Kevin Robbins on such a fine piece. Hope you’ll agree that it’s worth a few minutes of your time. Thanks for letting me share some thoughts with you. You know where to find me if you hear of any available jobs in PR! (there’s that Dad thing again)

rich qwl crop Rich Lord Recaps His Special Fathers Day Weekend Rich Lord, the smarter half of J&R

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