During a recent game between the Astros and Diamondbacks at Minute Maid Park, an unknown woman was caught on camera taking a ball from a sweet little girl.

The video is only 20 seconds, but it shows a ball being tossed by a player to a little girl and some awful lady ripping it out of the little girl’s hands. She then high-fives the person she was with, while the little girl runs away heartbroken.

The absolute worst part of the video is near the end when the woman turns away from the cluster of children and to her friends to show off her new possession. Lady, baseballs are cheap, and the Astros are terrible. That ball is nearly worthless, and you look like a jerk.

  • Can you help us identify this mean woman so we know who we are making fun of?

The story doesn’t end so poorly, though. Somebody posted this blurb about it on Reddit.com:

“This happened in Houston vs the DBacks. One of the Dbacks players tossed the balls into the stand and that ***** grabbed it. The play-by-play and color guy saw it, pulled some strings, and delivered the girl an autographed ball. The story had a happy ending, but would have been happier if that ***** caught a fly bat to the face the next inning.”

Good job, TV crew!