Sex, Love and Relationships with Anna-Megan Raley

1. A woman cannot impregnate another person.

2. Men can use the restroom without completely removing their pants. A woman cannot perform the same task without some unfortunate consequences.

3. Men pay approximately $4.25 per garment for drycleaning. Women don’t get the same pricing and will pay at least $1 more for similar garments.

4. Women can’t get away with calling a man ‘crazy’ or ‘bipolar’ or blame hormones to remove blame during an argument with a significant other.

5. I guess a woman could propose to a man, but that seems pretty weird.

6. Not all men can grow full beards, and neither do women. Usually.

7. Women may not play golf at Lochinvar Golf Club in Houston.

8. Typically, men may adjust the car radio volume. Women should not attempt this without permission and supervision.

9. Men may have super hairy legs and underarms without being judged. Women (in this country) cannot.

10. Women cannot dunk a basketball. Candace Parker is not an exception, because the do not use a full-size basketball in the WNBA.

But who cares about this list? Women can have multiples of you-know-what and men can’t. So take that.

This list, composed by yours truly, has no scientific backing. But now that’s it’s on the internet it has to be true, right?

— SLR w/ AMR

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