By MIKE MELTSER, SportsRadio 610

While sitting at Minute Maid Park, I watch Bud Norris go for a no-hitter with two outs in the seventh inning. Lance Berkman smashes a deep drive to right, as Hunter Pence races back, reaches his outstretched glove over the wall….and can’t quite make the play. The fans boo, Berkman trots around the bases, and Norris collects himself to finish the inning. I look up at the beautiful new HD video board in right field, and there’s no replay at all.

This is something I truly can’t understand about live sporting events. Can anyone defend it? If you attend a game, don’t you want to see big plays show again on the video board? More importantly, what is the argument against it?

Watching a game in person means that you can’t see certain plays quite as well as you do on a big, flat-screen tv. Since the 1960’s, we’re used to the combination of huge play/immediate instant replay. That is, the exception of when you shell out money to actually come out to a game.

I realize it’s an opposing highlight, but the home run happened. You can’t take it off the board. A replay’s function is to give the fans a better sense of what happened. Sitting along the 1st base line, I didn’t have a great angle to see how close Pence came to robbing Berkman of a home run.

I’ve heard people suggest that controversial plays aren’t shown on the video boards, for the safety of the umpires. In this case, it’s a flat-out home run, sans any controversy. Berkman hit a HR, no controversy about it whatsoever.

The bottom line is, every big play is shown at Reliant Stadium. Good, bad, or embarassing, the 75,000 fans can see what happened multiple times up on the video board. Miss the Chiefs scoring a huge touchdown, on the same play DeMeco Ryans tears his Achilles? It’s replayed 2-3 times. Didn’t see Roy Williams torch Kareem Jackson? Watch it three more times as Williams goes basically untouched into the end zone.

See a former Astro hit a big home run that was nearly robbed on a fantastic play? Wait until you get home to see it.

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