Does the world owe Gregg Doyel an apology? Following Miami’s Game 3 victory over Dallas on Sunday night, Doyel, a columnist for, had the audacity to ask Miami’s LeBron James why he seemed to be “shrinking” in the fourth quarter in the Finals, a term which he later told us he should not have used, especially immediately following a Miami victory. Photos From The Game

The question came after a Heat win in which James had done it all….except score in the final period. Miami prevailed anyway and the question seemed inappropriate at best, given what James does with and without the ball at both ends of the floor. Two days later, it’s no longer a bad question. James went scoreless in the fourth quarter of Game 4, taking and missing one shot, did not get to the free throw line even once the entire game, and scored only eight points, failing to reach double-digits for the first time in 90 career playoff games; no small factor in the Maverick’s 86-83 victory that evened the series at 2 wins apiece. Game 5 is Thursday night in Dallas.

rich qwl crop Rich Lords Notes After Mavs Win Game 4 Rich Lord, the smarter half of J&R

Four games into this best-of-seven affair and “The King” has scored a grand total of nine points over 48 minutes worth of 4th quarter play. Ouch. To be fair, James was not a total non-factor in Game 4, pulling down nine rebounds, dishing out seven assists and coming up with two steals while playing his usual tenacious defense.

However, last night he was outscored by five different Mavericks, including Jason Terry, who backed up his seemingly ridiculous “calling-out” of  James by completely outplaying him. Shawn Marion? Tyson Chandler? DeShawn Stevenson? They all scored more than James, as did Dirk Nowitzki, who shrugged off a lethargic first three quarters to score 10 of his 21 points in the 4th period, elevating his team once again.

Nowitzki needed scoring help from his supporting cast, and after rolling out of bed Tuesday morning with a sinus infection and 101-degree fever, he REALLY needed help. And he got it. With five Mavs in double figures and only Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh exceeding James’ eight points, Dallas got it done.115546537 8 Rich Lords Notes After Mavs Win Game 4

Once again, points off turnovers were a huge factor, but this time Dallas turned the tables by commiting just 11 while scoring 18 points of their own off 13 Miami miscues.

The best part about the Finals has been how closely each game has been contested. I expect more of the same as it now boils down to a best-of-three series with Miami potentially hosting two more games. It’s been about both stars and role players stepping up at both ends of the court with the game on the line in the final moments. Great stuff. Compelling drama. Clutch plays and, yes….shrinkage. Let’s not forget that in both of the Maverick’s losses so far, Terry has gone scoreless in the 4th period. It seems inevitable that over the course of the next few days, there will be more heroes and more goats. It should be a lot of fun finding out who’s who. Stealing a line from New York Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott….”Can’t wait!!”

  1. Marcelly says:

    Great quote and that’s exactly what I do. That’s why I can call mlseyf a buddhist. I rely on my own authority and have by now a clear view in this very practical matter about the truth, what really happened on that day and it was not virtuous. The virtuous thing is the wish of the people to know the truth and embrace the good. But I get the feeling that you use the quote as a smoke screen for that truth as if to say we can never know that truth, because all the critical comments are following blindly the will of others’ and we are deceived by appearences’, at least that is what you suggest. Furthermore a true reporter will go to any length to find that truth and thus interview the most critcal writers and scientist, the ones that make the most sense; if you do that your opinioin will change for sure though you do not have to share your private feelings, just report in the way the Buddha advises in this message; find your own truth, write it down without being deluded what the authorities say, and question their authority, using your own common sense’. By quoting Buddha you seem to steer away from hundreds of facts that are not accounted for, just like Rumsfeld announced one day before 9/11 that the pentagon could not account for 2,3 trillion dollars’. That alone raises BIG questions which are still not answered. I mean, show us the plane that hit the Pentagon, that would be easy IF it was a plane. Last thing, you remind me a bit of how Noam Chomsky waves away any question on 9/11, even by saying who cares . WHO CARES? So much for this highly revered authorative scientist. Well, enjoy your travel into this investigation and all the best, Martin

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