By GAVIN SPITTLE (SportsRadio 610 Program Director)
gavin smile Aeros Game 7: You Need To Be There

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I get frustrated when people call my town a bad sports town. I grew up in Boston, so I know what rabid sports crazy fans are because I was one of them. But here’s the fact: They are rabid because it’s the best option in town.  Rooting for your team takes you away from shoveling away the snow so you can get out of the front door. They don’t need padding on the seats at the Boston Garden. Padding comes from your thermo-insulate jacket, guaranteed to keep you warm when it’s 15-degrees below zero, and gloves that you have to sit on throughout the game.

That’s why I’m glad I live in a warm weather city. Why are Houston, Dallas, L.A, and Phoenix considered “passive” sports cities? Because we have things to do and the sun is shining. You can wear a T-shirt year round if you want. You can wear a T-shirt four months of the year up north.

Enough about the weather in the Northeast.

We have not had a playoff team in this town for the last two years.  Three major sports teams and not a playoff game to show for. Even the Dynamo didn’t make the playoffs last year. This year, we have the Houston Aeros and on Tuesday night, there is a Game 7 against the Hamilton Bulldogs at the Toyota Center in the Western Conference Finals. A win by Houston puts them in the Calder Cup for the first time since 2003.

To me, there is no better Game 7 in sports than hockey. The human body doesn’t matter to these guys in Game 7. It’s bad enough to jump in front of a hard rubber object at 90mph but the fact that they freeze the puck to make it harder is outright torture.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand the game of hockey to have fun. Just know that two teams will put everything on the line to win.

The fact is that many of the Aeros played in the NHL the past year including Jared Spurgeon who skated in 53 games for Minnesota. Their coaching staff has won 3 Stanley Cups including Assistant Coach Daryl Sydor who won 2 with the Dallas Stars. Mike Yeo their head man has a good shot at a head coaching job next year in the NHL. Yes, he’s that good.

Don’t tell me that since it’s minor leagues that you won’t go.  Really, that’s the excuse you are going to use. Would I rather go to a Texans or Rockets playoff game, heck yah but I am in a playoff depression.  I need a fix of the playoffs and right now, the Aeros are taking my mind off of the doldrums.  I need to be a part of a playoff atmosphere and so do you. 

Go to Game 7 on Tuesday night and if they win, you could attend a Calder Cup game on Friday in Houston. Let’s make the Toyota Center rock.  Let’s put this passive sports town debate to rest and have some fun.

Comments (4)
  1. BobbyR says:

    Go Aeros!!!

    There is no way I will miss this game. If I die in a car wreck on the way to the Game, I am going to have a note taped to my body to take it to the game and set me in my regular seat and I will watch the game from Heaven above!!

  2. 3ccc3 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better BobbyR. I will be there with my cowbell ringin’!!!! GO AEROS!!!!!!!!

  3. jean says:

    If I could afford the plane ticket I would be there. I will be listening and cheering from home! GO AEROS!!

  4. Carole says:

    Congrats to the Aeros..cannot blame them for incompetent referring…a winning goal that should not have counted and the Dogs get burnt a second time with the no penalty shot call…its a shame it ended this way…it was a hard fought epic battle by two great teams and the teams deserved better then to have it won or lost by bad calls…Good Luck to the Aeros in the Calder Cup Final!!

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