Yes, we’re a week and a half away from the NFL Draft, which means misinformation season is well underway. Still, I couldn’t help but perk my eyes up at this report by’s Peter King in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column. According to him, the Texans love Patrick Peterson so much that they might consider trading up for him.

This subject was a big conversation point on Monday’s Vandermeer and Lopez program. John McClain says he doesn’t buy the report, and feels that if the Texans trade up for anyone, it will be Texas A&M edge rush linebacker Von Miller.

Personally, I don’t know whether to believe the report, but it wouldn’t shock me if it was true. Houston was awful defending the pass last season (breaking news, I know), and they’re going to scour both the draft and free agent markets for cornerbacks and safeties. Peterson is the top-ranked CB in this year’s draft, by most accounts.

The problem that the Texans face this offseason is the uncertainty over when free agency will actually start. In a normal league year, you would already know if Nnamdi Asomugha or Josh Wilson decided to come play at Reliant Stadium. Right now, Rick Smith has a hole at CB without knowing how or if free agency can fill help that void.

I would have no issue trading up for Patrick Peterson, depending on the trade value. Scanning the internet on the latest mock drafts, the former LSU star seems to be slipping to around #7 overall. Sitting at 11, would you give up a 2nd round pick, or a 3rd +5th, to vault up 4 slots? If Peterson is a blue-chip impact prospect in the Texans’ minds, then it’s a very defensible move.

The only element I worry about is giving up multiple picks; as I’ve said many times on the air, this defense needs five-to-six more quality players to improve to a decent/above-average level of play. If Smith and Gary Kubiak decide to pull the trigger on a trade-up for Peterson, they better be on the mark here.

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